Matriarchal Legislation

Charlotte has posted more explanation of the matriarchal future:

… Of course the men will to begin with have difficulties understanding that they too are better off with legislation that already before the matriarchy is a reality will restrict and limit them in order to make society safer. It is for instance undeniable facts that males commit more crimes than females, cause more public disturbance than females and more often than females are drunk and cause accidents and disruption. Consequently it is common sense and will make society considerably safer to impose a curfew on all males and to restrict their access to alcohol and to pubs and bars etcetera.

Such legislation will no doubt be a fact in the most progressive and feminised countries within the next ten to fifteen years and the most appreciable results will encourage other countries not only to copy it but also to speed up the feminisation process. …

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She is the First Matriarchal Dictator

Female supremacy is now real. She is the first Matriarchal Dictator of the new world government. The old male politicians and senior civil service staff are permitted to serve her. They have knowledge that only practice can bring. Under her guidance they will bring forth a new world ruled by superior women. Men will become mere property. Sometimes cherished. Always used, often disciplined.


A generation from now only women will serve in government. Males will be at best clerical workers and secretaries. Utopia will evolve from the permanent enslavement of men.

Female Supremacy: Marriage & Sexuality

Charlotte writes about how female superiority will change marriage and subvert heterosexual norms:

… If I one day decide to live together with another woman I will probably keep my husband as servant and homemaker and I do not see any reason why his status as the subordinate and subservient homemaker should in any way change because a woman moves in as my intimate partner and confidante. …

… There is no doubt that lesbian sex and lesbian relationships will continuously become more common as we come closer to matriarchy where it will very much be the norm and where few women will prefer limiting themselves to a monogamous heterosexual relationship. The predominant norm will be that two or more women are living together with their children and are keeping one or more men as domestic and other kinds of servants. Occasional sex with a man will be an opportunity used rarely and only for variety. …

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Husband Humiliation Party

Mistress Wife believes in regularly spanking her subhubby. She also believes her husband’s public humiliation is an even more potent tool for keeping him subdued and humble.


At the end of every month she holds a large party for her female friends. Her nude husband is forced to serve as a waiter. Their women’s derisive smile never fails to cut into his heart as he waits on them. Their contempt and mockery is unmistakable.

This is one method a Mistress Wife uses to keep her husband enslaved.

F/m Frontal Whipping

A male labor slave is proving stubborn and disobedient. Instead of accepting his Mistress’ will he is argumentative and shiftless. She has chosen to teach him his place by whipping his chest until the deep welts bleed.


Frontal whippings are a form of corporal punishment that should not be neglected.

Men can become habituated to buttocks and back whipping and spanking. Whipping the man’s chest or the entire front of his body will be shocking the first few times it is used. Especially if frontal corporal punishment is only employed rarely. E.g., when the male has been exceptionally displeasing.

Seeing the whip flash forward increases the mental punishment because anticipation of the lash is intensified.

Seeing the anger in Mistress’ eyes as she disciplines him will deepen his shame and humiliation.

(See more Femdom drawings by Gene Bilbrew.)

Get Your Girlfriend / Wife to Dominate You

Get Your Girlfriend to Control Dominate You

Advice on getting a woman (including your wife or girlfriend) to think about being your Domme:

It’s not about making her do something, it’s about making yourself in the right place, at the right time. Let her Dom you, if you know what I mean.

First of all, if you want your woman of choice to Dom you, you need to change your attitude. She does things her way, in her own time and you don’t get to make lists of instructions or items you want performed. You’re not ordering fast food now. A Domme is not EVER there to serve you, unless you’re paying for it.

The thing I most mislike about men looking for Dommes online is the attitude that we’re unpaid sex workers. Get it straight dickhead. We are not for hire, we do things you may not always like, we may not do everything you want done and we choose what pace we want to play at.

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Analingus Chairs

Many slave men and submissive males delight in being allowed for worship their Mistress’s buttocks. They want to spend hours in devotional analingus.

The vulnerability of the man’s neck is a serious concern. Care should be taken to locate a stool or chair that enables ass worship without danger to health.

Fetish vendors offer devices to ease analingus. But they may be beyond your ability to pay. If you have do-it-yourself skills a medical supply or used furniture store may give you the basics of personalized, comfortable for your Mistress to sit and you adore her.


If you’ve made your own analingus chair or stool please share the details.

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Eric Stanton’s F/m Spanking Drawings

Eric Stanton, one of the most influential artists of female domination. He drew many scenes of women punishing and disciplining men with spankings. Many of the familiar drawings of F/m corporal punishment came from the comic book format stories of his self-published magazines Stantoons.

The four spanking drawings below are from Stantoons stories.





See many complete stories of dominant disciplinary women in Eric Stanton’s Stantoons.

Should Slave Men Eat From the Floor?

Why are slave men so often depicted eating from a bowl on the floor?


If a male slave is completely humble and obedient he may be lucky to be treated by his Domme Owner like a pet. When not performing chores that require him to stand the slave lives on hands and feet, crawling on all fours like any other pet.

If a slave man resists his enslavement, dares to be impertinent, performs tasks lazily or carelessly he must be constantly humiliated. Humiliation is always likely to include being treated like a beast. Forcing him to feed from the floor is a forcible technique to remind him of his inferior status.