Orgasm Denial – The Woman’s Choice

I profited greatly from reading Akasha back when she was active on usenet (or Google Groups as many people now know of these discussion forums). Her guide is a classic and I quote words certain men should keep in mind when seeking to encourage their wife or girlfriend into female dominance:

Your fantasies may include chastity devices or more severe treatment or humiliation regarding your inability to have release. Back off. This is about having her enjoy the concept of controlling your pleasure, and she must start with what is fun and not complicated. Chastity devices can be expensive and bulky, and in practice are often hard to implement. If she really enjoys controlling you verbally, she may go down that path, so make sure she has fun. Men are often tempted to create their own rituals and rules regarding “not being allowed to cum” because they have done it for so long all by themselves with a make believe femdom, or someone they met on the Internet. DO NOT try to mold your mate into this person. Let her find HER style. Got it? Bottom line again — let her find out what works for her!

The Good Girl’s Guide to Female Domination

I Laugh at My Submales


By Domina Cambridge

I’ve heard other Domme ladies claim that humiliating a subman is bad for him. Whip him but don’t hurt his ego.

We all whip subbies to make them stop doing bad things. I hurt their bodies. And their feelings too. Whatever it takes to make the sub toe the line.

When a subby gets on my nerves I like to invite a Domme pal over. He has to sit and listen when I tell her how pathetic a wimp he is. We laugh at him. She makes fun of him and we laugh some more.

We laugh because he looks funny and wants to run away. Some subbies start crying like babies.

Humiliation is what the silly bastard needs.

The Ideal Femdom Future

The Maternal, Generational Matriarchal Ideal


Generations of families dominated by the women. Mistress Grandmothers, Domme Aunts, ramifying out to mothers sisters, nieces who have all taken charge of their men. The female makes all decisions. The woman disciplines and punishes the man when he’s naughty.

All males’ sex lives are regulated by their Mistresses. Chastity devices the norm. Men are sober, obedient, hardworking and humble.

Men know they are weaker, not as smart, nor as moral as the superior female. They understand that punishment; even bondage will regulate their lives. Those women will determine how they spend their time.

Women will enjoy more luxury and relax and men perform all the chores under their supervision.

With all the women in charge of all the women the world will be at peace.

Is this the female dominant future world that you dream of?

Male Subbies Lick Up My Pee


By Domina Cambridge

I use more humiliation than whippings with my submales. I love to see a sub’s face turn pink.

My subbies drink all my pee. If they aren’t at home I pee in a jar. Lately I’ve taken to not wearing any undies so I can give my subs a treat.


I just stop and pee on the floor. Then the sub has to mop it up with his tongue. One time there was so much pee I made him soak it up with his hair.

This is one of my fave ways to remind subbies that they are my inferiors.