Strap-On Sex & Submissiveness (F/m Psychology)

Female Led Gender Role Reversal

By Apollinaire

Since there does not yet appear to be a name for it, I will term it: “Pseudo-Homosexuality” and the males that enjoy it “P-H-airies” (ha ha, I’m only half joking, how about pseudo-fag?). This is the practice of a woman dominating a male with a phallus strapped to her crotch. I believe this is an appropriate name; a false or deceptive homosexuality. One might think that it is due to some homosexual impulse that the male is afraid to admit, however, upon closer examination I find it has less to do with actual homosexuality and more with submission, hence, “pseudo”. After all there are not many ways for a male to be in a more submissive position than with his ass full of his woman’s strapped on dick.

This Symbolizes the woman seizing the Yang role, penetrating, traditionally male, aggressive, dominant and forcing the male into the Yin position, yielding, traditionally female, passive, submissive.

I believe the desire for this scenario may also arise from the male having an absentee father and looking for the masculine identity in his mother. There is also a genuine awe, if not fear, stirred in the male when confronted by his woman wearing a strap-on. She is invincible in her masculine role. She will not loose her “erection”.

The male can’t hope to hurry up and get her off to get it over, no, he will just have to take it until she has done what she will. Knowing that he can never be as long lasting, also, tends to inspire a feeling of inadequacy.

I am sure there are still those who will insist this is simply a case of a male afraid to admit to homosexual tendencies. I can only say that I have been involved in a homosexual relationship, have no fear in admitting it, found it unfulfilling emotionally, and sexually unstimulating (compared to Femdom). The woman in a strap-on embodies not a male figure, rather symbolizes the ultimate in emasculation. She has taken the males very own masculinity and turned it against him.

I personally find this to be one of the most erotic of all activities in the Femdom genre. There can be no arguing who the “master” of that relationship is. The male becomes like a little girl or worse a fairy.

Teeth of Kali Chastity Device: Keyholder’s Manual

Control Male Orgasms With Pain

The purpose of the Kali’s Teeth security device is to remind the male that erections and orgasms are not permitted without consent of the Keyholder. It is a physical preventive device. Therefore, in the interest of orgasmic control training the Teeth of Kali Male Chastity Device should be worn for the amount of time abstinence is desired. It will be noted that unprinted intercourse will be impossible without serious injury to the penis. Proper use will not cause permanent injury.


Since the Teeth of Kali Male Chastity Device does not have a hinge, care must be taken in opening and closing the metal bracelet. Actually, the fewer times it is opened and closed, the better. Gently pull on ends of the bracelet until the gap is from 5/8ths of an inch to 3/4ths. Carefully squeeze the limp penis through the gap, placing the bracelet about halfway down the shaft of the penis. Go easy on this device to prevent damage to the device and/or the penis.


Make sure the padlock is small enough for the holes in the Teeth of Kali Male Chastity Device. The gap should be on the exact underside of the penis so that when the padlock is put on, it will not be easily seen. Unless the Keyholder wishes to display the lock, in that case the gap should be on the exact upper surface of the penis. The easiest way to put the padlock on (and take it off) is to hold it sideways and ease it through the holes, then lock it and turn the lock forward.


Tested males have relayed a few of the effects of wearing th Teeth of Kali Male Chastity Device. Erections are possible. However, if the male persists in letting himself get erections, for whatever reason, the teeth will, indeed, leave tiny-tiny marks. Once the bracelet is removed, these marks will form tiny tiny scabs which will shower off after 3 or 4 days, leaving no sign. If the male can keep his mind on proper thoughts, the scabs will not even appear.

As already mentioned, erections do happen. The intense pain of using the device, however, ensures that they will not last long, even in the most extreme of masochistic males. Intense mental training provided by the Keyholder over a period of time is desirable. This, and the Fear of pain, of course, can actually help a male stop his penis from becoming erect once it has started to. Stopping it in mid-stream, so to speak.

It’s all in the mind really. This is where the true value of the Teeth of Kali Male Chastity Device as a training device shows forth. Coupled with audio lessons in orgasmic control, techniques provided by the Keyholder and repeater tapes; real, lasting change can be achieved. The Teeth of Kali Male Chastity Device is much more than a preventive, security device – it is a complete program in i orgasmic control when used properly.

The male can be tested on effectiveness of his control over his own erections in a number of ways as he wears the bracelet. These include rigorous tease techniques, visualization of sexual enjoyments woven through the spoken word , intimate services to the Keyholder providing certain Tantric services to the Keyholder that do not include the penis. However, the device should be worn during everyday activities, employment, etc. It should only be removed by the Keyholder for permitted orgasmic activity.


It is preferable that the Keyholder maintain custody of any keys to the Teeth of Kali Male Chastity Device device when it is in use. However, the male should have an emergency key when out of the Keyholder’s supervision. This key should only be used in an actual emergency. A quick examination of the penis upon the male’s arrival will determine if the device has been removed without permission. Additionally, it will be very difficult for the male to remove and put the device back on exactly as the Keyholder applied it. A variety of techniques can assure the exact placement of the Teeth of Kali Male Chastity Device.

The Keyholder may desire to remove the Teeth of Kali Male Chastity Device in order to allow the male to become aroused without discomfort. Periodic teasing to erection enhances the use of the Teeth of Kali Male Chastity Device. Care should be taken not to allow the male to orgasm during these teasing exercises unless the Teeth of Kali Male Chastity Device will be removed for at least 24 hours. These permitted orgasms should be few and far between to ensure the success of the Teeth of Kali Male Chastity Device program. After adequate teasing without orgasm, the male should be allowed a lengthy ‘cooling off period’ before the bracelet is locked back on. This allows the erection to subside. If the Teeth of Kali Male Chastity Device is put back on immediately after teasing, the male might be so aroused that he might be able to ejaculate before the penis becomes erect once more. Testing has shown that perhaps a half hour of inactivity or a cold shower would suffice. The male should be monitored closely during this ‘cooling off’ to make sure he does not ejaculate.

The male can do rigorous physical work while wearing the bracelet. In fact, after awhile, he will almost forget he has it on. That is, until he starts leering at an attractive Woman or engaging in some other such unauthorized male pursuit. Then the Goddess will bite… and hard!

Submissive Husband’s Strap-On Lesson

By Gary

I have only gotten into a fight with a Woman one time, that was my ex-Wife, Christina, during our dating and courtship period, before She took me in marriage, and before I knew my place like I should have. I learned my lesson once and for all.

It was right after She had me move in with Her, and She introduced Her strap-on into our relationship for the first time, informing me that She was going to use it to have Her way with me. I protested, and my insubordinate attitude understandably infuriated Her. We got into a heated quarrel over my misguided attempt to refuse Her strap-on. The argument escalated into a fight, and frankly, She stomped my manly little ass and mopped the floor with me.

That fight ended with me sitting on the floor reduced to tearful manhood, and rubbing my aching balls. Meanwhile, She stood over me with Her Hands on Her Hips, telling me exactly how things were going to be. Needless to say, I was in a much more humble attitude at that point, and had become a much better listener. I timidly agreed to Her terms and conditions, then She said firmly, “Fine then,” and pointing the way, ordered me with “Now get your pussywhipped little ass in the bed and keep your fucking mouth shut.”

I meekly obeyed, then She demanded, “Now, are you man enough to know your place and do as you’re told?” My quivering reply was, “Yes, Honey.”

Then, She asked sternly, “Are you man enough to take my Lady Dick up your sissy ass now?”

I said, fearful of angering Her again, “Yes, Honey, I’ll do whatever You say.”

She said, “Damn right you will, because now you know who wears the pants in this relationship, don’t you?”

With trembling voice I answered, “Yes, Honey, You do, Your are the Boss, and Your rule the roost, and I will do as You say.”

She said, “Good, now that we understand each other,” then She proceeded with rubber glove to lube my wimp ass, and mounted me, humping and pumping my now forever submissive behind to Her satisfaction, and did so whenever She wished throughout the balance of our relationship and 14 year marriage.

There was never any doubt She was the Head of the house in our marriage, and I was Her properly submissive and obedient husband.

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Should Men Be Castrated?

When once politically omnipotent will the supreme women castrate men?

© Ribleright

Gelding a man will stop testosterone production. He will become passive.

Contrary to popular conceptions many castrated men still desire sex but unable to produce sperm cannot reproduce. And lessening testosterone reduces muscular development making a slave man less useful for hard and demanding labor.

Who knows what decision these superior women will come to.

Men Are Furniture: Male Slave Chair

When a man becomes the property of a superior woman his life becomes on of service.


Whatever his old self-image he is now valued for utility, meeting his Mistress Owner’s needs.

Males become mere objects and a common form of utilitarian objectification is using a male slave’s body has human furniture. A woman can turn a man into a chair. It affords a place to sit wherever she is.

Such grueling service keeps a slave man alive to his status as woman’s property.

She is Better Than You

She is stronger than you. She has more physical endurance. She is smarter than you. More quick witting. A more profound thinker. She is wiser and more intuitive. She is more honest and ethical.


Accept your place. As a male your only desire should be to serve your female superiors. You ask nothing because you deserve nothing. You obey quickly and unhesitatingly.

When she disciplines you with painful whippings you are thankful. Your suffering will make you a better slave of womankind. That is the best you can ever be.

She is everything. You are nothing.

Worship her.

Superior Woman’s Use of Male Chastity

Charlotte writes about male orgasm denial and sexual manipulation to condition and control a male:

.. This mental emasculation is the result of long firm and consistent training that has taught him not only to feel inferior and to be ashamed of his sexuality but also to fear his sexuality as a dark, dangerous power that if unrestrained jeopardises his safety and his good living as a good little domesticated male and therefore he experiences the chastity device as humiliating to have to wear but also as a security device ensuring that his sexuality will not be able to take control of him. It is much like the aching welts on his buttocks and back thighs ensuring him of being safe and secure in my care and therefore despite the pain and shame providing him with a comfortable and reassuring feeling of belonging and being controlled.

I doubt that he still would want to abuse his sexuality by masturbating if he got the chance to do so; he is too aware of his inferiority and too ashamed of his sexuality to want it but he knows that the physical urge and temptation would probably be irresistible and this frightens him and makes him appreciate the chastity device that effectively restricts his sexuality and spares him from temptation. …

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