Point Of Enforced Chastity: Affirm the Willful Exchange Of Power


I like subtoy’s response. It’s about what the woman wants. My Queens loves the look of my penis trapped inside of a cage, balls purple or blue from both chastity itself, and the additional pooling of blood in the genitals caused by the device (just make sure it is not too tight!). It does not matter if the cage is plastic or metal. I have to say, the look of my penis in a ringed metal tube and my testicles popping out underneath is so much sexier than the naked penis.

I also have to agree with Richard, Roadrunner. The point of the “enforced chastity” is to affirm the WILLFUL exchange of power. My wife has thanked me more than once for giving her the power over my orgasm, and the key to my chastity cage. She knows I love her to the point I would give up my “right” to orgasms and even full erections to make her feel good. If the situation were reversed, and she offered to wear a female chastity cage and give up her right to please herself to me, I would be honored and turned on as well, but it happened the other way around, so I am happy with that.

An unknown side-effect of wearing a chastity device is the constant sense of arousal you develop, especially the longer you go without orgasm. With self-control only, you get some arousal from your own mind and the physical need to ejaculate. But when your penis is in a tube, you are reminded of this situation more often, AND the tube itself squeezes and caresses your penis as you get hard and soft and hard again. In fact, this effect is so intense at first that newbies to chastity usually have to slowly build up the ability to withstand it by wearing chastity for a day, then a day off, then 2 days, a day off, and so on. Otherwise it can become mentally overwhelming to be that physically frustrated.

It’s not about a lack of self control or the woman’s faith in our case. It’s symbology, aesthetics, and additional stimulation (mental and physical). After spending the last last two years inside of a chastity device (on and off), I’m almost to the point I want it on 24/7/365 with exceptions for cleaning and those times my Queen needs my penis for her amusement (whether I cum or not is irrelevant). It’s about her. If a woman has to put a man into a chastity device to keep him faithful, one or both of them have issues that need to be resolved before any kind of domination play happens.
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Queens Pet: The Great MCD Debate

How Women Should Spank Men

Female Led Spanking Guide

Women Who Spank Naughty Males)

The F/m spanking routine described below is taken from The Spencer Spanking Plan, which mostly focuses on husbands punishing wives.

If the husband is to be whipped, he is directed to go to his room and get ready for the punishment. He must obey without a word of complaint and without uttering a word of argument.

He should undress, then stretch out full length on the bed, face-downwards. He must wait in this position, until his wife enters the room — whether she comes in immediately or keeps him waiting several minutes as some women do.

As soon as she enters the room, and without speaking, she begins whipping him. Her job is to whip him efficiently — effectively — but humanely. She must carefully observe all the rules, but she can, at the same time, make the session quite effective and truly beneficial.

Some women use a wooden paddle only. Others employ a strap. The great majority use both: the paddle first — to warm up the skin good — then the intelligent application of a leather strap. A man’s belt is often used. Many wives require that the paddle and/or strap be placed ready for use when the man takes his whipping position.

A modern whipping does a man good for several reasons First of all, there is the beneficial humiliation it causes. It is an act of complete submission. Just to stretch out obediently and get ready for the punishment does him good. Before the paddle is applied a single time — before a single stroke of the strap is delivered — the discipline starts being effective and beneficial for this very reason! It is an act of surrender, and being a willing gesture of submission, it does more good than millions of spoken words would possibly do!

Don’t think for a moment that modern women are not learning how to make their whippings effective, too! Just because they are using common sense rules that safe-guard the practice from assuming any aspect of brutality — don t think for a single moment that they are administering “play whippings” or that they can’t make the discipline something to be sincerely dreaded!

Are there any details or nuances that you would add?

Submissive Male Behavior Modification (F/m Psychology)

Submissive Male Training and Conditioning

By Apollionaire

I use the term “Behavior Modification” to cover a wide range of practices all with the common purpose of making the male conform to your will by the use of rewards and punishments. It is important that you associate in your males mind, pleasure with the things you want and pain with the things you don’t want. The actual “behavior” is really irrelevant. What is important is that you eventually define completely for the male what IS a reward and what IS a punishment and that he agree with you. Frequently change the rules without notice. Demand unconditional and immediate obedience.

To completely control your male’s behavior you must control his mind, what he believes, his self image. Review every day with him how he feels and what he believes. Encourage him to be honest, reward him for it. Be sure you approve of all his thoughts and feelings.

Perhaps make a “Creed” for him to recite to you every day. Include in it a firm statement of all the things you want your male to believe and feel. (I am the slave of so and so, my sole purpose is to serve her pleasure. It is my joyous pleasure to clean her house, cook her meals and wash her clothes. I serve her well. I love to make her happy. I always do as I am told. etc. etc. etc.)

For example, as a punishment, a good old fashioned spanking (corporal punishment) or when you have fully trained your male in the area of semen retention, as a punishment force him to masturbate to ejaculation while you berate him for his inability to control himself.(Make sure it is as incomplete of an orgasm as possible, i.e. stopping all stimulation just before the point of no return, just enough to cause minimal ejaculation and loss of erection) Or, as a reward, have the male wash your panties, rub your feet, back, lick your pussy, suck a used tampon or some other choir.

If your manner demonstrates that you truly believe the activity is a reward or punishment, your male will likewise believe it. The transition must be gradual though. As I am not a hard core masochist, I have never been able to associate physical pain with being a reward, though it is certainly possible. There are nevertheless, certain activities that, by their nature are intrinsically either reward or punishment. It would be unrealistic to push these boundaries too far and expect much success.

I think that at a deeper level this is appealing because the male can give up responsibility and therefore guilt. I do as I am told therefore I am not responsible for my actions. I certainly can’t feel guilty over that which I have no control. The freedom from guilt permits the male to explore his submissiveness and fully surrender his will to the woman.

I omit here, for now, many aspects of Sadism/Masochism, primarily because I know people who are masochistic and not at all submissive. I also know individuals who are only interested in inflicting pain and could care less about dominating. In short my experience tends to lead me to generalize that S/M is more physically and less psychologically oriented. (So far as any powerplay is concerned, that is. Obviously what gives them the desire is rooted in the mind.)

These are some of the underlying factors I perceive as a male. They are the underlying factors I believe to reflect my own personal psychological reasons for finding the mentioned activities to be such a powerful stimulant to Jing. (why it gets me so hot)

I am sure it is so for other males as well. I would be most interested in hearing from women who also find this arousing and some of the deeper reasons why they think that might be so arousing to them. To hear the woman’s point of view.

F/m Guided Masturbation: Ruined Orgasms, Male Milking

Once a month this Mistress removes her submissive man’s chastity device. This his chance to achieve an orgasm.


The submissive man’s Mistress has strict rules about the time his chastity device if off. He is not permitted to touch his penis. Only she is. As with everything else in his even masturbation is under the guidance of the woman that that he submits to.

When she begins to masturbate the malesub, the Mistress checks her watch. He is permitted a set number of minutes in which to orgasm. The duration of time is adjusted by the man’s behavior during the month. She may allow him as much of five minutes masturbation or – if he has been wicked – a single minute.

If the male does not orgasm within the allotted span he is out of luck and will have no further chance at sexual fulfillment until the next month.

Sometimes he is just about to ejaculate when the time ends and she removes her hand. This causes a ruined orgasm.

When he is unable to cum during the period allowed since his chastity device if of his Mistress often decides to drain him of sperm by milking him with a prostate massage.

Woman Spanks Man: 9 Rules

Nine Rules for F/m Spanking Punishment Sessions


I- At the beginning of an F/m relationship the Mistress should give the submissive male a clear outline of actions that will cause him to be punished. The Mistress may want to explain which behaviors will most determine the quantity and quality of a spanking. But she need not over specify.


II – The submissive man should understand that breaking discipline will always cause his Mistress punish him.


III – Over time the spanking rules may evolve. If only that spankings my increase in painfulness if the same offence is repeated time after time.


IV – The spankee is kept naked during his punishment. This will enhance his sense of vulnerability.


V – Spankings are most appropriately performed when the Mistress has calmed from her angry. A judicial mood will enable her to select the exact level of deserved punishment.


VI – Prior to the first stroke the Mistress will explain to the submissive man why he deserves punishment.


VII – Some Mistress may want to include ritual and ceremony. Formality and duration emphasize the seriousness of the submissive man’s failings.


VIII – The spanking instrument(s) used and the mode of their employment is solely at the Mistress’ discretion.


IX – At the conclusion of the punishment session the submissive man will explain to his Mistress his understanding of why he deserved to be spanked. Then he will thank her for taking time to correct him.

(Spanking art by Nomad.)



There’s more debate about safewords than one might anticipate.

Some tops feel they have such harmony with their bottoms they can always safely judge the latter’s condition. A few clearly think it violates what they see as their right to omnipotence in M/s relationships and scenes.

Some bottoms hate they because it spoils the illusion of being truly helpless and subjugated. There are probably those who forgo them to please or placate their dominant.

For others the lack of a safeword violates the limits of risk aware sadomasochistic play.

And some of us – having found ourselves in dangerous situations that couldn’t have been known in advance – adopt them with reluctant acceptance of the need to play in a manner than minimizes the possibility of trauma or serious injury.

Do you require a safeword? Did you always? Would you refuse to play with someone who refused to either adopt or allow one?

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Females Should Rule The World

Robert Hardcastle writes:

Females should rule the world. I am a man that truly knows this

Robert, just how do you know this?

I think a female led world with us men submissive to them should be the way we all live. Women should be in controle of everything from the family to the highest goverment agencies. Once women do they should take our (men) rights away.This way women will have the power they should have.Now if i could finde a woman like this to give control to.

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