Darkside Goddess Kali

The Service of Mankind Church of the Darkside Goddess Kali calls itself a “religio-erotic gynosupremic” community.

This is the female supremacist fantasy carried to its nuttiest extreme:

We believe that wars, severe natural disasters, famine plagues, and the general suffering of innocents can be avoided by appeasing the Darkside Goddess by our rituals of male atonement for the sins of all mankind.

To end earthquakes, typhoons and presumably poverty and roadside litter men must be made to “to endure hardship, torment and abasement.”

Interpretations of the Kali myth apt to startle the most inventive Hindu theologian.

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Lifestyle Submissive Male Rules & Regulations

By Mistress Christianna

1. The submale must always practice traditional courtesy which men have shown Women in polite society, whether in private or public. Stand when She enters the room. Sit (or kneel) as soon as She is seated.

2. Be totally attentive: open doors, wait at table so that She begins eating first, always ask permission to leave Her presence.

3. The submale should never speak unless spoken to, or unless anticipating the needs of his Mistress.

4. The submissive will never sit with legs spread or slouch in a way typical of untrained males. Good posture and decorum is a sign of respect.

5. The submale will never stare at a Woman without Her permission. Unless the Woman seeks eye-contact, the submissive will keep his eyes lowered at all times.

6. When walking with his Mistress, or any Woman, the submissive will keep his gait in step with hers, which usually means taking smaller steps. The submale should always be at least a step behind; but not too far, because he must open all doors.

7. Respect is shown by a submissive as long as he never fails to forget his lowly role in life. The submissive must always be pleasant, never argue and never pout.

THE submale’s NAME

8. The submale should be given a new name by his Mistress to symbolize his submissive state. If the submale is a sissy, it should be a feminine name. Other names may be “made up” words that sound humiliating or which are amusing or pleasing to the Mistress; for example, names typical of pet dogs or cats.

THE submale’s BODY

9. A submale surrenders control to his Mistress. He surrenders control of his body, how he spends his time, how he dresses, what he eats, where he sleeps, the friends or acquaintances he is allowed to keep. In all aspects, the Mistress controls the submale.

10. Because a submale’s purpose is to please his Mistress, more than anything else She owns, he must learn to control his response to sexual stimulation for the greater enjoyment of his Mistress. his orgasm is the only that the submale has left to control for himself. Failure to control his orgasm is disobedience. Disobedience requires punishment.

11. If the Mistress prefers simply to torment the submale and deny him release, then the submale must control himself to provide Her than pleasure. He must dedicate himself to abstinence and thank his Mistress humbly for removing the pleasure of ejaculation, thus allowing him to dedicate his lost pleasure to Her.

12. If the Mistress demands satisfaction through sexual intercourse, the submale must be able to control effectively his own orgasm so that it is timed to the pleasure of his Mistress. His purpose is not to please himself but to please Her.

13. In all cases, the submale must remember that his orgasm does not belong to him — his orgasm belongs to his Mistress. It is Hers to use, however she sees fit.

14. The submale should be as clean-shaven as the Mistress requires: from the top of his head to his toes, body hair should be present only if the Mistress allows it.

15. The submale may wear long hair, styled to imitate the superior styles of Women, only if the Mistress permits.

16. The submale may never touch his own genitals without the permission of his Mistress. When washing, he must use a washcloth or brush, never his hands.

17. The submale will allow himself to be pierced or tattooed as required by his Mistress, if safely and professionally done.


18. The submale is the personal property of the Mistress. his possessions are Her possessions.

19. The submissive should always be saving to purchase “big ticket” items that his Mistress wants to buy. This means the submale is always on a strict allowance, kept by his Mistress.


20. Feminization is training in submission. Wearing items of Feminine attire separates the submissive from and puts him outside of the world of the macho male. Wearing feminine attire doesn’t make the male like a Woman; this is impossible.

21. Standard attire is pink or white panties, an extra-absorbent pad (normally used by those suffering from incontinence), and panty hose worn under male clothing.

22. Whether a woman knows what the submissive is wearing or not, feminization pushes the submissive closer to the company of women and away from the company of men. This is good for the submale, because it creates greater opportunities for him to be of help to Women, to serve them, and to model his behavior on their own superior behavior.

23. Feminine items can also be used as punishment — corsets, girdles and foundations. These should be selected by the Mistress for maximum discomfort.

24. If the submale is a sissy or TV, very feminine clothing should be reserved for rewards; drudge clothing — plain white panties, plain lingerie, housecoats, aprons, etc. — should be required as normal attire.

25. The submale should never buy his own clothing without the guidance of his Mistress. He should buy what pleases her, not what he likes.


26. The submissive will use only Feminine hygiene products: soaps, shampoos, lotions, deodorants, etc. and will be clean and properly groomed at all times.

27. The submale will submit to enemas, or self-administer enemas, on demand by the Mistress.

28. When urinating, the submale will always sit on the toilet; no exceptions.

29. For good health, the submissive will enroll in a dance aerobics class. As an alternative, the submale will prepare his own dance aerobics routine and perform it for his Mistress for Her amusement.

30. The submale must diet as required to maintain a correct weight for his height and should drink at least six 12-ounce glasses of water each day.

31. The submale must submit to eating only “submale food” selected by his Mistress whenever she requires it.


32. When a meal is over the submale must be quick to clear the table and wash the dishes.

33. The submale must always give his Mistress the first choice of everything — She picks the section of the paper to read first, the channel on TV to watch, the restaurant to go to, the movie to see, the friends to entertain, etc.

34. The submissive must always keep his own quarters spotless, as directed by the Mistress. All furnishings and interior decoration will follow Her taste.

35. The submale will perform all household chores for the Mistress, to include:

  • sweep and vacuum all floors and carpets
  • mop and was all floors
  • dust and polish all furniture
  • make the beds every day
  • wash and fold all clothing and linens
  • iron
  • handwash all lingerie
  • scrub bathrooms
  • clean kitchen
  • cook simple meals; assist in all cooking
  • wash dishes and put them away
  • set the table
  • shop for groceries and put them away
  • take out trash and sort recycled items
  • run all errands as directed
  • perform yard work; plant flowers as directed

Femdom Prayer

Male Slave’s Prayer to His Mistress

Femdom Prayer

Mistress is my Goddess, I shall obey
She leads me to fulfill Her will
She makes me understand my male inferiority

She accepts my submission
All that I do will be in Her divine name

Though I am unworthy
And can never be worthy
Mistress’ rod and whip will teach me
She teaches me my place with pain

Her perfection and flawlessness humble me
Her rules I will follow all of my life

Submit your F/m prayer.

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Do Submissive Men Need a GuideBook?

Once I ran across a thread talking about the desirability of a handbook for submissive men.

When I outlined Rules for Voluntary Slaves I pretty much summed up everything I could think of.

Sure, it is a fairly generic list. But more specific strictures would have to be spelled out in terms of the two people and their relationship.

Relationships vary considerably: lifestyle 24/7, people who play with their life partners, female led relationships, those who engage in scenes with people met at fetish parties. And the individual mix of temperaments and fetishes there’s no way a rulebook could possibly fit most, much less all.

My list was just a specialized way of saying that a man who wants to submit to a woman needs to keep respect and courtesy at the front of his mind.

When some men write about their sense of woman worship and their hoped for relationship I find myself baffled some days.

I remember one guy writing that showing women respect was part of his contract. And read many who speak of treating women civilly as if it is some conversion they just underwent.

Were these guys hardcore sexist creeps in their earlier life? Women – other people in general – should be treated with courtesy and respect whenever possible. Those qualities are the oil that keeps society and social life running smoothly.

Of course respect would be interpreted as deference.

Being deferential seems a given in a relationship that includes power exchange. I’m not persuaded that it is a virtue when shown to women you don’t know (excluding obvious places like a fetish party if the rules of deportment are known).

And to subject a clerk at Starbucks with you humility is, well, I think a bit daft. Since she doesn’t have a context you are more likely to trouble her by seeming a creep than impressing her with qualities that are invisible and possibly unwelcome. Even many dominant women aren’t charmed to see the submissiveness turned on before there’ s been an introductory exchange and she expresses interest in your submission.

I’ll hazard a guess that if a man treats everyone with kindness and respect he’ll make a better impression on the dominant women he meets.

Once in a relationship if you feel you need the kind of guidance that a handbook would offer then it’d be a good idea to think of a contract for establishing the structure of the D/s part of your time together.

Worshiping His Girlfriend

To the world at larges they are girlfriend and boyfriend. Inside the walls of their home they are Mistress and slave.

The young man has dedicated himself to his Mistress girlfriend’s service. He has found happiness in striving to please her. Acting as her servant.

Here he bows before her in deep worship, praising her as his superior. Thanking her for allowing him to be in her presence.

At night before he falls asleep he says a prayer to her as his Goddess.

female led girlfriend worship

Romantic Submission

For me romantic love and submission are hopelessly intertwined, in fact I can safely say they are one and the same. That is not say I cannot enjoy a good whipping from a recently met acquaintance, but I believe that is more masochistic than submissive.

In that love, romantic or otherwise has an element of putting another’s likes, interests, satisfaction ahead of one’s own, of submerging one’s self, it is submissive. Generally love is not looked at and defined as submission. The emotional rituals of courting in a vanilla relationships are very similar to those establishing a D/s relationship.

However, in a vanilla relationship one doesn’t get all the wonderful kinky stuff. Too often people define D/s in terms of bondage, whips, chains and etc, but those are a fun expansion of one’s sex life. If dominance and submission were not a part of our emotional and psychological make up we would not have individuals who identify themselves as sub or domme.

My guess is if someone finds romantic love incompatible with submission, for him, at the current time, the two are incompatible. My problem is I’ve always found romantic love impossible without submission.

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Train Children in Female Superiority

By Bootlicker

(Editor’s note: don’t not read this as actually suggesting you chould do this to your children.)

If — for the sake of discussion — parents really want to orient their children to gender domination, this may be the way to go (example for creating a bias toward female domination):

The father practices and demonstrates submission to the mother, and any female children, sisters of the young male) from birth. The exact limits and protocols need to be worked ut carefully by the mother and father.

Similarly, the daughters should see, from their earliest memories, that father, a male, is submissive to mother, as the natural way that males behave. At some age (worked out by the parents in advance — perhaps about six? when they can start to understand what’s happening) the parents include the daughters in the female domination pattern.

The son[s] should be indoctrinated from birth, so the idea of submission to female authority is totally ingrained in them. They will be taught by the Mother and older sisters, and see the example of the father behaving submissively (as well as older brothers).

Parents will have to explain that others in the outside world do not act this way in public, but that this behavior is correct within the privacy of the family. Within the home, it should be made clear that a whipping is the punishment for disobedience to Female Authority, including simply failing to please any Female, Mother of Sister.

The matter of actual sexual information should probably be delayed until later both for Daughters and for sons, just as most professionals would advise. For example, the Daughters would be initiated into whipping Their slave-father naked only when they are beginning to reach puberty. Mother explains it all to Them; father explains to the son that males wear restraints at the pleasure of those Females who are given specific authority and ownership of an individual male. At Her pleasure, the owned male obeys without question. If the Ladies of the family wish it, the young male may receive instruction from Them in the art of oral servitude.

All this may have to be a mere fantasy for most of us, and will be a schizophrenic madhouse in any case. But learning by example in the home, that this is the natural way to behave, is the most effective and probably the least pathological way of spreading the belief in gender superiority.

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Darren shares the vow he made to the woman he calls Sir:

I come here tonight to tell you that I am yours. Nothing else I can tell you would explain my love and devotion to you more clearly. I am, and ever will be, your servant, mind body and soul. I have made it my mission this past year and a half to serve you, obey you and worship you to the best of my abilities. Sometimes I have succeeded and sometimes I have failed, but I have always sought to serve you as best I can. I now affirm to you tonight, before the eyes of gods and men, that this endeavour will be the focus of my life, that your happiness will be the gauge for my success or failure and that your will and desires will be my own. I ask you to be my friend, my lover, my Owner, my guardian, my protector, just as you have since the day I met you. And in return, I offer you a willing servant, a listening ear and a friend and companion whose love and devotion to you knows no bounds. I love you Sir, and my life and service are yours.

August 19, 2005

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Worship Empty Boots?

By bootlicker.

MKINYK … but the shoe or boot without the Domina’s foot in it just isn’t the same. It’s a matter of priorities and motivation, perhaps: one adores the Dominant Woman for Her Superior Self. Therefore, one adores the feet of the Woman because they are Her feet, and this worship shows that the sub, the slave, is lower than the lowest part of Her sacred person. Next step, one worships the boots on those precious feet, as a further abasement before Her divine presence. This represents a step lower and more distant from Her feet, to the protective coverings for them. “Fetish,” of course, means mentally substituting some object or process for the person whom you love or adore. So with retifism, or boot/shoe fetish, the brain transfers that love to Her boot. Our brains are crazy and they do weird things; that’s just one of them. But in this bootlicker’s foggy mind, it still has to be HER boot, ideally on Her foot, for it to be a valid shrine. Just any old shoe won’t do. Hair-splitting issue: Mistress tells Her slave to clean Her collection of 100 fetish boots in Her closet, whilst She is off doing whatever it pleases Her to do and ignoring Her devoted, selfless and long-suffering bootlicking slave boy. She’s not actually there, wearing the boots, but they are HER boots, and probably smell of Her foot-sweat, so that counts. But it is true that this “remote-control retifism” stretches the slave’s devotion. Or tests it. Or, maybe, gives the worm an opportunity to prove to Her and to itself how deep his devotion really goes, and to reassert (!) his wretched abasement.

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A Mother’s Advise to a Daughter Who is Getting Married

By Joanne Dunne

Daughter dear if you listen to me.
Your married life pleasant can be.
A perfect marriage daughter dear.
Is one where he will only shed a tear.

Rule him with an iron hand.
Only you will command.
Keep him under strict control.
Serving you will be his only role.

Humiliate him before your friends.
For his mistakes he must make amends.
Spank him morning, noon, and night.
It will keep him on the path that’s right.

Dress him in sexy lingerie.
It’s sure to brighten up your day.
Make him cook, and clean the house.
To prove that he is a loving spouse.

Keep him locked in chastity.
Sexual plesure is only for thee.
Take yourself a lover or two.
Tease him with what you won’t let him do.

Sit upon his upturned face.
That is for him a proper place.
Let him service you orally.
Giving tou pleasure is his duty.

Put him in a frilly dress.
As he kneels for your caress.
Him with a strap-on you’ll fuck.
His reward for being your sissy cuck.

Make him kneel and worship your feet.
As with a whip his ass you beat.
Treat his as your lowly slave.
Only he will be bound by the wedding ring.
This is how you should behave.

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