Female Led Cuckoldry

Cuckoldry Is a F/m Retish

If you are a conventional wife (girlfriend) and your husband (boyfriend) as begged you to cheat on him and have sex with another many and you are confused and horrified you might find the following useful for context.

Cuckolding among female-dominant couples differs from the original definition of cuckolding in that many of these men are voluntarily “cuckolded” by their wives, sometimes as part of the husband’s sexual fantasy and sometimes because they gain genuine sexual arousal through being humiliated by his wife being better sexually fulfilled with a potentially superior male. In some cases the husband may instigate and nurture his wife’s sexual infidelity.

The husband usually finds pleasure through that of his wife (or what he perceives to be her pleasure), and they (the wife and extra-marital participant) may both enjoy attempting to actively include him in the act of cuckolding as much as possible through serving her. Some common themes include praising her appearance, attempting to stimulate her sexually at the same time as the additional participant, and generally being engrossed in her enjoyment, usually while masturbating or involving himself in some sexual act with his wife during their activity.

Some less-common themes might include grooming his wife for her “date”, homemaking, or oral sex following the conclusion of sex with the other man. When this oral sex follows ejaculation, it is termed a creampie or cleaning up.

You can find additional information at Wikipedia: Cuckold.

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Gender Parity & Female Domination

I’ve seen it said that as one of the main goals of female liberation is met there be more female led relationships.

I.e., that as women and men are able to live as socioeconomic equals more women will come to be or – or accept that they are – dominant in their marriages, romancing and dating.

I could also imagine it argued that as the sexes become social, political and economic equals some of the forces that make some men submissive and others dominant will diminish.

Reader, what do you think?

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Boy Adores Girl

There have been times when fashion photographers have toyed around with an impersonal kinkiness. I think the photos reproduced below are more affecting, more touching if you will than the usual sort that are thought to imply or hint at female domination and male submission.




The models are João Zavaski And Bruna Erhard. The photographs were taken by Hugo Toni.

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Maledom vs. Femdom


Now, clearly it *does* matter to some people whether the person who’s dominating them is male or female, and the question is, why? Is it only because their sexual preference is one way or the other? If so, then again there should be just one domination, and anything that was valid for male domination would be valid for female domination, for the most part.

Intuitively, I don’t feel this is true, but I’m a horrible test case. Still, at least one person has looked explicitly at this question, and produced a short article on the difference in *style* between female and male domination. (I think his nick is “Master Kinx.”) As well-written as it is, though, it’s only one viewpoint. I’m interested in what people on this newsgroup think are the major *inherent* differences.

This is a complex question; there are lots of possibilities and issues to consider:

  1. Take heterosexual relationships: maledom/femsub on one hand, and femdom/malesub on the other. How do “typical” approaches differ? How are they affected by the presence or absence of simple vanilla sexual desire? (People and relationships being what they are, there is bound to be a huge amount of scatter, so any distinction will be of course very general and very broad.)
  2. Take malesub relationships: maledom/malesub vs femdom/malesub. How do *these* differ, assuming the participants are homosexual in the first case and heterosexual in the second?

Male vs Female Domination

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Submissive Men on the Internet

Submissive Men Online: Authentic or Immature

Real Submissive Man

[Some men] merely want the fantasy of being
dominated, without the annoyances and difficulties that actually make
submission worth while. I’m sure they would happily lick your boots or
sniff your panties or gag themselves for you; the form without the
emotion. You’ve probably met a lot more of these type of people than I
ever will and so probably have a better idea of what they would do.

Sure, some of them may just be immature people with adolescant fantasies
of a 6’6″ muscular woman dressed in shiny PVC wielding a crop and demanding
a craven slave to humiliate himself. Some may just see you as a sex
object (“look Beavis, I sent an email to a Domme! It was good!”).

It would not surprise me if all of these types so far would be
disappointed and not respond when they realise you just want a pack of
chocolate Smarties (the UK type which is also in Canada, not the US candy
type) rather than a something more kinky. I’ve seen a fair few of these
on IRC. Does what they do/want fall under the BDSM umbrella? I won’t
say “no” to that question. It doesn’t float my boat nor that of most the
people I respect, but that’s just really YKINMK.

We have another class; those who truely believe they are ‘do anything’
submissives. They may be so desperate for a D/s relationship that they
go overboard and write messages that are indistinguishable from the above
class. Sometimes they get into relationships and take a collar then a month
or so down the line realise something is missing and the relationship ends.
I’m no expert here, but I get a feeling that they are putting the cart before
the horse; trying to build a relationship on top of D/s where what they really
want is a relationship _with_ D/s.

Finally we get the mature type; those who realise you are a real person with
real needs; who may only know you through your fiction and your writings
but consider you trustworthy and are willing to help you out with a request.
They may be in a relationship already, or be alone, but they are stable
enough and happy enough and mature enough to talk to you without any
expectations. These are the kind of people I like to talk to online and
at munches because they can talk rationally about what they do and I can
discuss and learn from them.

However, the question isn’t about that type, but about the others.
I think it’s inevitable that something like BDSM will atract the
immature. We, here on the newsgroups and on our personal sites, are
pretty open with our sexuality, and to the immature sexuality == sex.
People may read your story of putting Hasek into a straight jacket (it
was him, wasn’t it? Tori considers him the “most flexible”) find
themselves getting an erection and come begging to you “please please
put me in it, I’ll do anything” .

These people don’t fit _into_ my scene at all; they are on the periphery.
But then I’m not the famous Akasha and I’m not a Dom. I don’t have my
own groupies. I’m just Tori’s slave. I don’t get people mailing me at
random wanting to tie me up (choruses of “shame! shame!” :-)). These people
are possibly more intrusive in your life.

(From an old usenet discussion.)

Do You Care If a Man is Your Boss?

Question: male or female boss?

I’ve been woefully negligent in using this site to address themes facing women. Possibly because in the distant galaxy I come from women are people.

Even if you aren’t sexist, heterosexual female dominance can be colored by gender qualities. If only so very faintly.

Does your desire to dominate men – even if just in the bedroom – affect your feelings about the gender of your employer? If their virtues and values are equal do you can whether your boss is a man or a woman?

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