Forced Feminization

Some people who want to be turned into sissies want someone to force them to be sissyfied. To force them to do what they want to do. But how to achieve such contradiction?

There’s always blackmail:

I share your interest in forced feminization and I have to say that to truly force someone to do something he or she doesn’t want to is probably beyond the scope of bdsm or at least most bdsm relationships.

Someone suggested taking poloroids of you all dressed up. However unless she would actually show them around and you are truly frightened of her doing so, pictures don’t sound like much of a threat.

There’s always reality:

A friend and I played with this once. We went to the mall, picked out a pair of panties for him, Had him change in the men’s room there and wandered around the mall for a while. It was really intense for him – he’d never done such a thing before. He was embarrassed and self-conscious, seriously blushing and this isn’t the kind of guy who blushes. And hard as a rock the whole time.

On the other end of my experience is the guy who wanted me to throw out all of his male things and make him live as a woman. The twist there, I thought, was that he was trying to force me to feminize him. That was weird. Not my kink.

I also met someone who said he was into forced fem, but on talking to him, there was nothing “forced” about what he wanted, but that’s the only name that fit most of his kink. He wanted to be the femsub of a femdom.

Forced feminization questions

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Taking a Man’s Strap-On Sex Virginity

F/m Strap-on Sex as Humiliation

Sooner or later .. a submale in training must face the sacrifice .. or earn the glory .. depending on one’s perspective .. of being taken by Mistress. To put it, not indelicately, to be fucked like a whore .. by his Mistress.

You see .. he does not truly belong to me until this happens.

Is it fair? Of course .. why not?

I require him to send me in advance a new base mount dildo .. you see he selects the size. My only requirement is that it be at least as big as he is. Perhaps this isn’t too much. But whatever he has .. he has never hesitated to use it .. or dream of using it .. on any women dumb enough to allow him to! Therefore it is only right and just .. that he has the privilege of knowing the feeling and terror of rape … himself. Now who could argue with that logic?

So here is how it is done.

When I fuck a submale .. I put a leather cock ring harness on his cock (it has a D-ring at the tip) and snap a leash on him. Then I put on my strap-on and equip it with the new dildo which he has previously provided me with.

I bend him over and position him just right .. take the leash and run it between his legs and back behind me .. and then pull it up over my shoulder .. and cinch it tight. It locks him into place and holds him steady .. for mounting and fucking as long as I want.

There are some variations .. but it’s much like tightening the cinch on the horse’s saddle.

A hard cock doubled back is very compromising. So compromising, that I do not even need to otherwise restrain him. Although I do gag him with my panties .. just removed.

How long .. well at least through several orgasms for me. If he flinch .. hops .. or struggles .. well I just haul back on that leash even harder .. and RIDE him hard and long .. until he’s more than just worn out .. he’s used up .. whipped down.

Do I really whip him? Yes, and even more if he cums while he is being fucked .. or afterwards without permission.

Does he cry? Usually .. though his screams and sobbing are muffled through my panties-cum-gag. I like to see him cry though. Its good for a submale to be broken to tears .. because I never allow a sub to hide emotions .. any emotions .. from his Mistress. Lubrication? perhaps .. but did he ever lube the women first?

This is where I let him dwell on the mental terror of rape .. At the most .. I let him do sucking drills first .. and he is allowed to suck and wet the dildo .. as much has he can or wants, but only with his mouth and tongue.

His mouth? Yes .. he has made or dreamed of making a woman suck him .. has he not? Good that he realizes just how big that dildo is .. after all he picked it out .. didn’t he?

Is this a big event for him? Yes it is .. only the whippings required to break him and bond him .. and his later moment of being branded (if he ever earns the privilege) .. and one other event (which must be left untold for now) can match this occasion for sheer emotion .. humiliation .. and degradation.

And when it is over, he is bonded ever closer .. and he will beg for more … crawling .. walking may be difficult for a while :) to me .. kissing my feet .. and figuratively clinging to my skirt ..

He IS mine.

Oh, I should add .. that he has been cleansed and purged by one or more warm soapy humiliating enemas in preparation for his taking by Mistress. Yes, I lube the dildo .. but out of his sight or knowledge.

You see, I want that feeling of the terror of rape to permeate his mind as I take his submissive virginity. Well, actually, maybe I do … but maybe I forget sometimes … in all the pleasure and power.


I am currently developing another F/m site.

A few months ago I created Femdomocracy for fantasy vignettes focusing on female superiority and supremacy.

The site I started a few days ago is mean to feature less exotic, more down to earth vignettes – lots of F/m spankings.

This is a temporary note to invite you to get acquainted with:


Public Slut

You’ve met the Domme of your dreams. Your days with her are satisfying. Your nights drenched in sensual sadomasochistic thrills.

Then comes the evening when she tells you that you will dress up like a girl, go to a bar with her and let the world behold you as a female slut.

Are you thrilled? Or appalled?

Do you comply or demur?

If your refusal is met with the warning that not going out en femme means she’ll never see you again do you start shaving your legs or do you walk out?

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Feminization (or Sissyfication): some men just wear a bit of female lingerie. At the other end men dress as “sissy maids” and perform all the household tasks while so dressed. This form of role reversal is thought to focus a man on submission. For men with suppressed gender and sexual orientation issues it is probably therapeutic.

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Do you think of masculinity as bad: immoral, distasteful, inferior – whatever?

Or as one of the qualities with which you attract women. An attribute that is a proper complement for her femininity?

Or is it just simply something normal and conventional but of no great import.

Manliness: shameful, wonderful, unimportant?

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