Female Led Cuckoldry

Cuckoldry Is a F/m Retish

If you are a conventional wife (girlfriend) and your husband (boyfriend) as begged you to cheat on him and have sex with another many and you are confused and horrified you might find the following useful for context.

Cuckolding among female-dominant couples differs from the original definition of cuckolding in that many of these men are voluntarily “cuckolded” by their wives, sometimes as part of the husband’s sexual fantasy and sometimes because they gain genuine sexual arousal through being humiliated by his wife being better sexually fulfilled with a potentially superior male. In some cases the husband may instigate and nurture his wife’s sexual infidelity.

The husband usually finds pleasure through that of his wife (or what he perceives to be her pleasure), and they (the wife and extra-marital participant) may both enjoy attempting to actively include him in the act of cuckolding as much as possible through serving her. Some common themes include praising her appearance, attempting to stimulate her sexually at the same time as the additional participant, and generally being engrossed in her enjoyment, usually while masturbating or involving himself in some sexual act with his wife during their activity.

Some less-common themes might include grooming his wife for her “date”, homemaking, or oral sex following the conclusion of sex with the other man. When this oral sex follows ejaculation, it is termed a creampie or cleaning up.

You can find additional information at Wikipedia: Cuckold.

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Craziest Cuckold Comment Ever!

Promiscuous Wife

The reader of one of my other blogs wrote to share the one true way of practicing cuckoldry. I’d have to credit him with coming up with some of the silliest and most foolish Femdom nonsense I’ve ever read.

The Mistress-Wife would stop taking birth control medication. Since she is continually serviced by a series of bulls the result would serial pregnancy.

The goal of this scenario is to force the submissive husband to support children that he didn’t sire and to drive him into poverty. The man’s wacked-out vision neglects to consider that the woman may not want perpetual pregnancy or poverty.

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First Church of Female Supremacy

It has been ages since I first ran across the First Church of Female Supremacy aka the Cybelians.

A cult – of sorts – pushing female led marriages. Among the cult’s dogmas are these mandatory aspects of Cybelian marriage.

The first statutory aspect is that the man has absolutely no freedom – while at home he must always be naked and collared, the collar to be of the lockable variety. The second statutory aspect is that the man has no status other than that of a toilet for the woman’s use

When I first discovered them the Cybelians seemed humorlessly fanatical about the piss business. It was like sharing bread and wine are for Christians. They’ve also come to push sissyfication and cuckoldry.

Other aspects of a Cybelian marriage which are a matter of choice include cuckoldry – wherein it is the wife’s option to have sex with as many other men as she chooses, compliant physical punishments, humiliation, and extended restriction of freedom. Details of all these options can be found in the Cybelian Marriage Manual, available as an eBook direct from this website.

Human male castration tool.

Aside from the marriage manual there’s a host of ebooks for sale. Topics include ancient secrets known only to the Cybelian elite, golden showers, extreme female domination.

I’ve always thought that the church and its messy interlocking set of websites exist to lure in the most sexually frustrated of men. Lonely submissive men make easy targets.

The name comes from the ancient cult Cybele: religious ecstatics who castrated themselves. Ancient castration device on the right.

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Cuckolding Relationship: 12 Rules

Mistress Cuckoldress’ Rules


  1. Discretion maintained: outsiders will not know of cuckolding relationship.
  2. Cuckoldress will choose her sexual partners. The submissive cuckolded male must accept her choices.
  3. Cuckolded male’s presence at sessions between Cuckoldress and boyfriend/bull will be decided by the Cuckoldress.
  4. Submissive cuckolded partner agrees to accept any offering as his own children.
  5. Cuckolded male will remain faithful to the Cuckoldress. If he is permitted orgasms it will be with her only.
  6. He will provide the Mistress Cuckoldress any sexual services she demands without any expectation of his own sexual fulfillment.
  7. If it pleases the Mistress Cuckoldress the cuckolded submissive man will adopt articles of feminine attire. This may range from his wearing panties to full-blown enforced transvestism.
  8. The cuckolded male may assume the role of sissy maidservant when bull/boyfriend is present accepting the superior male as Master.
  9. Cuckolded male may be required to sexually service bull/boyfriend.
  10. Sissy cuckold’s services may include licking up all semen from the two superior persons bodies.
  11. If the cuckolded male’s behavior is unsatisfactory this Mistress Cuckoldress may spank, whip or punish him in any way she deems appropriate.
  12. All rules are wholly at the whim of the Mistress Cuckoldress who reserves the right to modify them at will.

Cuckold Theoretics


Cuckoldry as a fetish

Unlike the traditional definition of the term, in fetish usage a cuckold is complicit in their partner’s sexual “infidelity” and takes masochistic sexual pleasure in it. Cuckolds in the fetish sense also need not be male, and need not be married, although some level of pair-bonding intimacy or commitment in their relationship is necessary. Among fetishists, the pose of reluctance—the victimization of the cuckold—is a major element of the paraphilia. (Which may be the reason for the use of the term “cuckold,” with its connotations of victimization and inadequacy.)

In the fetish cuckolding subculture, it is most common for the female to take on the sexually dominant role and the male the submissive role, however, female subs, sometimes referred to as cuckqueans, also exist. The wife who enjoys cuckolding her husband is frequently called a “hotwife,” or a cuckoldress if the man is more submissive.

Fetish cuckolding can have a wide range of expression, from pillow-talk fantasy between monogamous partners to extreme “alternative lifestyles,” depending on the couple. It is also often mixed with other fetishes in practice, such as voyeurism, denial, etc.

Cuckolding can also be mixed with other non-monogamous relationship arrangements with which it has substantial overlap such as Swinging, wife-swapping, open relationships, and polyamory, etc. It is distinguished from these concepts in that the cuckold’s thrill in their partner’s acts is specifically masochistic; as such it is considered a category of BDSM fetish.

Theories in psychology

Psychology regards cuckold fetishism as a variant of masochism, the cuckold deriving pleasure from being humiliated. In Freudian analysis, cuckold fetishism is the eroticization of the fears of infidelity and of failure in the man’s competition for procreation and the affection of females.[citation needed] In his book Masochism and the Self, psychologist Roy Baumeister advanced a Self Theory analysis that cuckolding (other forms of sexual masochism) among otherwise mentally healthy people was a form of escapism. In this theory, cuckold fetishists are relieving themselves of the stress of the burden of their social role and escaping into a simpler, less-expansive position.

According to these theories, the cuckold fetishist seeks pleasure both from the act of being humiliated and by giving pleasure to his lover(s). But cuckolding can be summed psychologically as “distributing sexual humiliation to the cuckold”.[citation needed] If a couple can keep the fantasy in the bedroom, or come to an agreement where being cuckolded in reality does not damage the relationship, they may try it out in reality. However, the primary proponent of the fantasy is almost always the one being humiliated, or the “cuckold”: he usually convinces his lover to participate in the fantasy for him, though other “cuckolds” may prefer their lover to initiate the situation instead. The fetish fantasy does not work at all if the cuckold is being humiliated against his will.

Humiliation is “the feeling of being put down, made to feel less than one feels oneself to be.”[15] Psychologist Evelin Lindner calls humiliation “the nuclear bomb of the emotions”, claiming it is an order of magnitude more powerful than any other, causing everything from interpersonal conflicts to international terrorism.” According to psychoanalysis, any feeling can become sexualized if it is somehow favorably associated with sex, especially in childhood. Because humiliation is such a powerful emotion, if an individual sexualizes it, they can in turn obtain intense sexual feelings.

Theories in evolutionary biology and psychology

In evolutionary biology, the term cuckold is also applied to males who are unwittingly investing parental effort in in offspring that are not genetically their own. As noted above, the term cuckold is derivative of the mis-directed parental investment of birds who direct parental investment to the eggs that cuckoo birds have laid in their nests.

In his somewhat controversial[16] book Sperm Wars, biologist Robin Baker speculated that the excitement and stimulation of the cuckolding fetish emerges from the biology of sexuality and the effects of sexual arousal on the brain, although it is important to note the word “cuckold” does not appear in the book “Sperm Wars”. According to one of his theories, Baker believes that when a man thinks that his female mate may have been sexual with another man, the man is prompted by biological urges to copulate with the female in an effort to “compete” with the other man’s sperm. Baker is also one of the few proponents of the theory of Killer Sperm, the idea that sperm compete not only for first access to the egg but by “attacking” other sperm. Although this idea appears frequently in cuckold fetish material, very few biologists share this view.

Baker and his proponents views conflict with the hypothesized foundations for sexual jealousy in evolutionary psychology, which is rooted in the idea that men, specifically, will react jealously to sexual infidelity on the parts of their mates. Infidelity is also the number one cause for divorce.

Different forms of cuckolding

Some cuckolds derive excitement in being control of the adulterous relationship the female partner has by having a say in every aspect of their relationship they are commonly known as Dominant cuckolds.

Cuckolds who choose not to have any say in the adulterous relationship where only the adulterous partner chooses the new partner and the circumstances and type of relationship maintained are known as Submissive cuckolds. Submissive cuckolds love the aspect of the female being in control of their relationships and can derive pleasure by any mild to extreme torture whether its physical, emotional or financial in nature. Most of these cuckolds like being forced to do sexual acts or other acts which can normally be insulting and degrading, while the female is encouraged to boast about the physical superiority of the male lover. In these relationships usually the female partner would or is expected to view the cuckold as a resource to use financially and otherwise (like helping in house work, taking care of the kids etc.,), but less as a physical partner. Many cuckolds in this relationships enjoy being denied a physical relationship with the female.

Entrance into cuckolding

Cuckolding is usually initiated by the male partner in the relationship but also in many instances are introduced by the female partner too. Most important ingredient of a successful cuckolding relationship is the trust the couples have on each other. Most relationships with lack of strong bonding between the cuckold couples are likely to lead to the failure of the marriage or relationship. Cuckolds view the physical relationship between the female and the lover to be similar to the female playing a game of tennis or other entertaining activity, with the added benefit of pleasure and excitement for the cuckold and see it as a non threat to their original relationship. These cuckolds view the act of their spouses going to dinner with her lover as a bigger threat than them having a physical relationship and they view the dinner to be romantic and emotional while the physical relationship as an entertainment gateway.

Other variations cuckolding

Active cuckolds – These cuckolds like to be present in the room the physical bonding of the female partner and her lover takes place. They mostly do not join in, but derive pleasure on watching the female enjoy the bonding. Some cuckolds enjoy taking photographs and videos of these acts and derive pleasure by sharing them online. Some submissive cuckolds also like to be tied up so that they are unable to move and feel helpless to do anything but to witness the act.

Passive cuckolds – These cuckolds by their choice or their partners are not allowed to enter the place of bonding. These cuckolds are very imaginative in nature and would expect their female partner to share their experience with their lover to them and they derive pleasure by imagining every aspect of their partners encounter. One of the important aspects of such cuckolds are that they enjoy the act of getting their spouse ready for the date as a very important part of their routine.

Pros and Cons of cuckolding


STD’s are a very real risk these days, Hence a barrier method of protection can be used when the medical history of the new lover is unknown.

Pregnancy risk, as no contraceptive method is 100% safe. The couple should have an arrangement where they mutually agree for a plan of action should the pregnancy occur, whether they would be to keep the pregnancy or to abort it. If the couple decide to go ahead with the pregnancy who will be ultimately responsible for the financial and emotional cost of raising the child should also be discussed in advance. Many would be cuckolds are encouraged to sign financial agreements with their spouses (usually with more benefits payable to the female) which determine what happens should the female get pregnant and a child is born and also what happens if the husband decides to leave the wife after starting the lifestyle. A financial agreement acts like a 2 edged sword, as if the cuckold is not keen on signing it, it is a clear sign that the cuckold is not really prepared for the lifestyle and pursuing that direction is likely to lead to the failure of the marriage or relationship. If the cuckold signs the agreement it benefits all parties as it avoids litigation costs should the situation occur. Many cuckolds are also encouraged to have a vasectomy done to avoid the confusion of who the biological father is if the pregnancy occurs.

Emotional risk, There is a possibility that the male partner can get jealous about the amount of attention his partner is getting from her lover and the female partner is likely to reduce the attention or importance she gives to the husband/male partner. The relationship is likely to fail in this scenario if the cuckold is not able to handle this situation. There is also a risk that the female partner might get emotionally attached or attracted to the lover she is mating with and may ultimately lead to the failure of the primary relationship. Once the child finds out his father is not biological this may cause future problems and or complications in the child’s life which may lead into adulthood.


Cuckolding can be an experience which couples can enjoy, if the maturity of their relationship can handle it. The primary couples can bond better and become closer by the act of cuckolding. This lifestyle can also suit couples who were previously considering divorcing on physical grounds by keeping the marriage intact while exploring the world outside. Example would be couples who are separated for employment reasons or couples where the prospective cuckold has impotency issues.

Via Wikipedia’s Cuckold page under the ShareAlike license.

Cuckolding’s Secondary Purpose

The primary reason a woman cuckolds a man is to obtain superior sexual pleasure. In addition to more thrilling orgasms the dominant woman can use it as a tool induce proper feelings of lowliness in her submissive male.

Flaunt it before him. Make certain that your sub knows of ever assignation. Relate to him in detail the pleasures that you enjoyed through the efforts of another man.

Emphasize how xex with the mother man is so much more satisfying than the inadequate love making he once offered you. Make him feel that not only is he inferior to women. But he’s the least able and desirable man.

Humiliate your sub male is to force him to observe you with your lover. Finally force him to service the bull. His very bones will ache as he perceives his contemptible status.


Cuckold Parenthood

Robert asks:

I am in a very happy marriage for three years. My wife locked me up in a chastity belt since our wedding day. I have been orgasm denial for the past three years, never entered my wife at all. I have accepted that I will never inter her, nor have an orgasm again for the rest of my life. She sees other men, and I clean her out orally.

We have talked about having a family for the past six months now, and our wedding anniversary is coming up in one month. I am thinking about offering to my wife, as a anniversary present, to be knocked up by another man so she can have a baby and start our family.

My question to you is, would my anniversary present to my wife be reasonable, and am I wrong in my willingness to have my wife get pregnant by another man??

I would like to know what your thoughts are on this.

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Spanking & Mouthsoaping Punishment

Feminized Cuckolded Slave Husband

One man’s account of fellating a soap dildo:

My wife mistress has perfected her mouthsoaping technique. When I am guilty of verbal disobedience in the form of swearing, ignoring her, chauvinism etc. she orders me to appear in the bathroom in my maids uniform. I must bring the dildo that I carved from a large bar of soap. It is the same size and shape of her hung lover Charles who often visits our house to make love to her and help punish and humiliate me.

I wear my maids uniform as a symbol of subservience. I must suck the dildo like a fag while she verbally scolds me. Usually she alternately inserts the soap dildo in my mouth and ass. I have to wiggle my ass like a whore and tell her how much I love receiving anal sex and sucking cock. It is worse when Charles is there to watch and laugh. Usually she lets me jack off during a soaping when the soap dildo is in my ass up against my prostate. She knows how much I love this. She enjoys boasting to her friends and lovers that I am never allow to come except by a manual self jackoff or cocksucking with another male slave. She also can boast that she has spanked me at least once a month since our wedding. Always on the bare and I am always put in helpless bondage when I receive a spanking. That way she controls the severity of punishment.