Domme Wife Spanks Her Husband Daily

This dominant wife regulates her submissive husband’s life. He has a list of domestic chores that he must perform by certain times on certain days. Neither tardiness nor sloppiness are tolerated.


Before she sends him to bed each evening he must strip naked and stand before her.

If his performance has been completely satisfactory she congratulates him and gives him a firm but not harsh maintenance spanking.

If his performance as her servant was in any detail faulty, he receives a hard disciplinary spanking. The pain and duration are in proportion to his failure.

Her discipline insures that he is a husband who knows his place.

Kinky Dominatrices


Dominant women may wear t-shirts and jeans or expensive designer dresses. Most Dommes prefer clothing that matches conventional tastes. There are also dominant women who enjoy donning the full panoply of dominatrix costume. Women that convert a basement into a dungeon.

Some men stress their preferences for a housewife Domme so strongly that they condemn women who fit the dominatrix stereotype as fakes. Not ‘true’ Dommes.

This is self-important moralizing. The only bad dominant woman is one who exploits a man’s submission unfairly.

Don’t fuss and fret about how others dress or run their lives.

Dominatrix’s Chair


She may not be beautiful in the Hollywood sense.

Nor is she wearing sexy boots or fetish wear.

Her chair is really just plain wood, perhaps worn with age and in need of repair.

Any chair or stool a woman sits on is her throne. And man belongs on his knees before her.

A woman’s authority is not in clothing, elaborate dungeons or sex toys.

Her superiority is inherent. A proper man recognizes this and treats her as his superior. Accepts her has his ruler.

Learning to Dominate Men

Discovering her dominance a woman may be unsure how to proceed. Most especially when it comes to exercising her sadistic impulses or learning to use corporal punishment to discipline a man.


There are books. A plethora of them nowadays. But text is of limited use in learning to handle a whip with skill and precision.

And the web is clogged with useless folklore and bad advice as well as good.

Finding an experienced Domme is the ideal solution. There are online meeting places like Alt. Even a distant dominant woman can aid you via webcam.

Craigslist if you are comfortable with it.

Munch groups where real – often surprisingly ordinary – kinky people meet in real life is the best choice of all. Dominant women happy to help a novice are sure to be found.

A professional dominatrix would surely be willing to help you. That is the expensive option. And unless she has some sort of references you can’t prejudge her competence.

Female Dominance & Bitchiness

Cruel Female Led Mistress Wife

The Dominatrix Bitch Stereotype

don’t think there’s anything incongruous about being nice/fair/laid back and being domly. I don’t think it’s necessary to be bossy or bitchy. It’s fine if that’s how one is or how one likes to play, but if that’s not how one is (or likes to play) I don’t see any reason to put that persona on.

Bitchy just isn’t my style (which is not to say I don’t get bitchy, it’s just not a scene or d/s dynamic I enjoy – it’s the “bad day at work” kind of bitchy). In my first domly experiences I thought bitchy/cruel/demanding was what doms were, and I tried to be that, but it just made me uncomfortable. I’m generally pretty laid back. I found out pretty early on that fellows who like to be forced or who had a “cruel dominatrix” kink were not good matches for me. It did shake my nearly-nonexistent confidence in my domliness that so many fellows I met had this kink, and I just wasn’t comfortable going there. Thing was, if I was with a guy who wanted me to be the bitch-dom or who wanted me to force him to submit, my desire to be domly with that guy just evaporated. I started seriously questioning whether I was domly at all. It felt right in my head, but it sure wasn’t working out that way in actual practice.

Along the way I met some fellows who did not have the kink for force or “cruel dom”, and things started to gel. I discovered that there were fellows out there who responded well to my style, and that willing (even enthusiastic) submission pushed all the right buttons for me, and with these guys I was very domly indeed.


IMHO, seeming dour, supercilious or bitchy isn’t better. For the record, in my experience dominants who act like domineering assholes don’t represent what enlightened dominant men and women aspire to be. Most of the dominant women and men that I’ve seen at play parties or at the conventions, etc. seem to all be trying to be nice, like I am. They reserve their bully behavior for private scenes in the dungeon, as do I.

I do not let myself get pushed around. I’m fully capable of taking command, and I often do it with a smile on my face. That’s my style. I like to play with people who like my style, so I act like myself instead of some stupid porno stereotype. This way, if they don’t like my style, they know right away to stay the hell out of my life. :)

I’m not a bully, I’m not a whore, I’m not Xena, and I’m not royalty on holiday. Acting like any of these feels very phony to me and I won’t be doing it. Besides, it’s not necessary to ever be posturing. Plenty of tops never do it and they get along just fine.

There are lots of subs who seem to think a dominant should act bossy all the time to be believable, but they’re clueless. Don’t let ignorant subs pressure you into playacting for them. If you want to be theatrical because that comes natural for you, then that’s different. I get theatrical when I play, but I certainly don’t live that way.

(From an old Usenet discussion)

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How Many Males Does A Woman Need

By JudyK

It amazes me why so many sub men seem to think that their Mistress should only have him as her property. Do they not understand that once they are collared, they are her property. One would not expect her to own more than one chair, therefore they should not expect her to own more than one male. How many males should a woman own? The answer is simple, as many as she wants, or feels she needs. I own four, all live in my home. One is my sissy housemaid, the others have high paying jobs, their salaries going into my bank account. This allows me to live in a lifestyle that as a superior woman I am entitled to. I am not legally married to any of them. All are locked in chastity. Sexual pleasure is for me only, not for them. They service me orally. They know that their only reason to exist is to serve me in any way I choose.

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Female Sadist’s First Steps

The joy of the woman who has discovered her dominant nature. That her sadistic pleasures aren’t crazy and sometimes serve the useful purposes of training her slave men.

Each fresh discovery of punishment and humiliation an individual joy.

  • Making him wear his first feminine clothing.
  • Preparing his anus for a life of strap-on dildos and butt plugs.
  • Amazingly diverse and painful forms of bondage.
  • Multitude of spanking and whipping implements.
  • Small penis abuse (what matter the penis’ physical dimensions).
  • The thrill of locking the male slave in his first chastity device.

The man may have once been her boyfriend or husband. No more. Sex now consists of tease and denial. He’ll learn the heartbreak of the cuckolded man.

This young female sadist is reading a Femdom guidebook She’s less than half way through it. The rest of the text combined with her teeming imagination promise future sufferings for the helpless man.


The book on the table is Take Charge. A superficial check of Amazon didn’t show a copy. It may be a volume in the Library of the Imagination.

Special Courtesies

Drawings of polite men.

It always bugs men when someone links heterosexual male submission to being polite to women.

  1. When I’m out in the world I see no signs that it is a problem.
  2. People should be polite to others regardless of gender, race, religion, sports team affiliation.

Still a dominant woman is in a privileged position and can require special courtesies, hommages, gestures from the men who serve them. What special touches or extra acts of politeness do you expect (or require)?

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Should Women Buy Their Male Slaves?

Considing the low quality of the vast quantiy of men who offer themselves as slaves on the internet a woman may want to ease the acquisition of slave property and use a male slave dealer.

If you purchase a man from a reputable vendor you can be assured his health and wellness have been thoroughly tested. A male slave with a bad heart would be a poor investment.

The venfor will have subjected the slave to obedience training and conditioning. For a busy dominant woman that may be a valuable time saver.

Some Mistresses will not want a slave who has had any pre-training. Retrainig the slave to her own idiosyncratic form of female dominance would be boring and time consuming.

By prearrangement the owner of the slave market can find a slave who matches all your physical requirements but is virgin to female domination. Many women enjoy giving a slave his first whipping, attaching the first chastity device.

Slaves while in a certain sense worthless are expensive purchases. The woman should weigh all her options and take her time to insure the buys the best slave possible.

male-slave-sold-to dominant-woman

Illustration by Emma S.

Female Led Relationship Mistress’ Creed

Dominant Woman’s Pledge

Female Led Relationship Mistress Art

Above all else a Mistress Cherishes Their submissive, in the knowledge that the Gift the submissive Gives Them is the Greatest Gift of all.

A Mistress is Demanding and takes full advantage of the power Given to Them, but Knows how to Share the Pleasure that comes from that Precious Gift.

A Mistress is in Control of Themself First and Foremost, so that They may Control others.

As a Stern and Demanding Mistress, They can cause Their submissive to Cry real tears.

As the Consummate Lover, They will then Kiss the tears away, Without stepping out of character.

In times of Trouble, a Mistress will leave the roles behind, to be a supportive Friend and Partner, Never forgetting that this is still a Loving Relationship between Two caring Individuals.

A Mistress is quick to Understand the Differences between Fantasy and Reality.

A Mistress would Never ask a submissive to put Them before their Career, or Family, just to satisfy Their own pleasure.

To win a submissive’s Mind, Body, Spirit, Soul, and Love, a Mistress knows They must first win their Trust.

A Mistress will show Their submissive Humor, Kindness, and Warmth.

A Mistress must always show them that Their Guidance and Tutoring is Knowledgeable and Deserving of their attention, that This is a Person they can Learn from, and that they can Trust Their Direction.

A Mistress is Romantic enough to be Protective and Chivalrous. When called upon, They will Fight for Their submissive’s Honor.

A Mistress proves to their submissive that They are Someone they can Lean on, and Depend on.

When it comes time to Teach Their submissive their lessons of obedience, They are a Strong and Unyielding professor.

A Mistress will accept no flaw. Nothing less than Perfection from Their student.

Never does a Mistress use Discipline without a Good Reason. When They do punish Their submissive, it is always with a Knowledgeable and Careful hand.

A Mistress is Always Open to Communication and Discussion; Always Ready to Hear Their submissive’s wants and needs.

A Mistress is Patient; taking time to Learn Their submissive’s Limits, and knowing that as their Trust of Them Grows, so will they.

A Mistress Never has to demand ritual behavior from Their submissive. Their submissive responds to Them out of the Want of Pleasing Them. Compliance comes from the Wanting to please, Not the Fear of Punishment.

A Mistress Understands the Fragile nature of Mind and Body and Never violates the Trust Given to Them.

A Mistress is Secure enough to Laugh at Themself and the Absurdities of Life. Open Minded enough to Learn new things. Strong enough to Grow.

A Mistress’s tools are Mind, Body, Spirit, Soul, and Love.

A Mistress Understands that Each partner Gains Most from Pleasuring the Other.

And Both of Them know that Love and Trust are the Only Bindings that Truly Hold.