How Many Males Does A Woman Need

By JudyK

It amazes me why so many sub men seem to think that their Mistress should only have him as her property. Do they not understand that once they are collared, they are her property. One would not expect her to own more than one chair, therefore they should not expect her to own more than one male. How many males should a woman own? The answer is simple, as many as she wants, or feels she needs. I own four, all live in my home. One is my sissy housemaid, the others have high paying jobs, their salaries going into my bank account. This allows me to live in a lifestyle that as a superior woman I am entitled to. I am not legally married to any of them. All are locked in chastity. Sexual pleasure is for me only, not for them. They service me orally. They know that their only reason to exist is to serve me in any way I choose.

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Female Sadist’s First Steps

The joy of the woman who has discovered her dominant nature. That her sadistic pleasures aren’t crazy and sometimes serve the useful purposes of training her slave men.

Each fresh discovery of punishment and humiliation an individual joy.

  • Making him wear his first feminine clothing.
  • Preparing his anus for a life of strap-on dildos and butt plugs.
  • Amazingly diverse and painful forms of bondage.
  • Multitude of spanking and whipping implements.
  • Small penis abuse (what matter the penis’ physical dimensions).
  • The thrill of locking the male slave in his first chastity device.

The man may have once been her boyfriend or husband. No more. Sex now consists of tease and denial. He’ll learn the heartbreak of the cuckolded man.

This young female sadist is reading a Femdom guidebook She’s less than half way through it. The rest of the text combined with her teeming imagination promise future sufferings for the helpless man.


The book on the table is Take Charge. A superficial check of Amazon didn’t show a copy. It may be a volume in the Library of the Imagination.

Special Courtesies

Drawings of polite men.

It always bugs men when someone links heterosexual male submission to being polite to women.

  1. When I’m out in the world I see no signs that it is a problem.
  2. People should be polite to others regardless of gender, race, religion, sports team affiliation.

Still a dominant woman is in a privileged position and can require special courtesies, hommages, gestures from the men who serve them. What special touches or extra acts of politeness do you expect (or require)?

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Should Women Buy Their Male Slaves?

Considing the low quality of the vast quantiy of men who offer themselves as slaves on the internet a woman may want to ease the acquisition of slave property and use a male slave dealer.

If you purchase a man from a reputable vendor you can be assured his health and wellness have been thoroughly tested. A male slave with a bad heart would be a poor investment.

The venfor will have subjected the slave to obedience training and conditioning. For a busy dominant woman that may be a valuable time saver.

Some Mistresses will not want a slave who has had any pre-training. Retrainig the slave to her own idiosyncratic form of female dominance would be boring and time consuming.

By prearrangement the owner of the slave market can find a slave who matches all your physical requirements but is virgin to female domination. Many women enjoy giving a slave his first whipping, attaching the first chastity device.

Slaves while in a certain sense worthless are expensive purchases. The woman should weigh all her options and take her time to insure the buys the best slave possible.

male-slave-sold-to dominant-woman

Illustration by Emma S.

Female Led Relationship Mistress’ Creed

Dominant Woman’s Pledge

Female Led Relationship Mistress Art

Above all else a Mistress Cherishes Their submissive, in the knowledge that the Gift the submissive Gives Them is the Greatest Gift of all.

A Mistress is Demanding and takes full advantage of the power Given to Them, but Knows how to Share the Pleasure that comes from that Precious Gift.

A Mistress is in Control of Themself First and Foremost, so that They may Control others.

As a Stern and Demanding Mistress, They can cause Their submissive to Cry real tears.

As the Consummate Lover, They will then Kiss the tears away, Without stepping out of character.

In times of Trouble, a Mistress will leave the roles behind, to be a supportive Friend and Partner, Never forgetting that this is still a Loving Relationship between Two caring Individuals.

A Mistress is quick to Understand the Differences between Fantasy and Reality.

A Mistress would Never ask a submissive to put Them before their Career, or Family, just to satisfy Their own pleasure.

To win a submissive’s Mind, Body, Spirit, Soul, and Love, a Mistress knows They must first win their Trust.

A Mistress will show Their submissive Humor, Kindness, and Warmth.

A Mistress must always show them that Their Guidance and Tutoring is Knowledgeable and Deserving of their attention, that This is a Person they can Learn from, and that they can Trust Their Direction.

A Mistress is Romantic enough to be Protective and Chivalrous. When called upon, They will Fight for Their submissive’s Honor.

A Mistress proves to their submissive that They are Someone they can Lean on, and Depend on.

When it comes time to Teach Their submissive their lessons of obedience, They are a Strong and Unyielding professor.

A Mistress will accept no flaw. Nothing less than Perfection from Their student.

Never does a Mistress use Discipline without a Good Reason. When They do punish Their submissive, it is always with a Knowledgeable and Careful hand.

A Mistress is Always Open to Communication and Discussion; Always Ready to Hear Their submissive’s wants and needs.

A Mistress is Patient; taking time to Learn Their submissive’s Limits, and knowing that as their Trust of Them Grows, so will they.

A Mistress Never has to demand ritual behavior from Their submissive. Their submissive responds to Them out of the Want of Pleasing Them. Compliance comes from the Wanting to please, Not the Fear of Punishment.

A Mistress Understands the Fragile nature of Mind and Body and Never violates the Trust Given to Them.

A Mistress is Secure enough to Laugh at Themself and the Absurdities of Life. Open Minded enough to Learn new things. Strong enough to Grow.

A Mistress’s tools are Mind, Body, Spirit, Soul, and Love.

A Mistress Understands that Each partner Gains Most from Pleasuring the Other.

And Both of Them know that Love and Trust are the Only Bindings that Truly Hold.

Newly Dominant Woman: Relax

You’ve discovered that dominating men is something you enjoy. Perhaps feel you need to do. How, you wonder, should you go about being a dominant woman.

That depends on you. As an individual you will evolve your own habits and style.


  • Dress up in fetish wear
  • Jeans and a t-shirt
  • A pretty dress


  • Play parties
  • Your home
  • His home

Submissive Men

  • Serial hookups
  • Men you like
  • Men you love

Fitting F/m Into Your Life

  • 27/7, Lifestyle
  • Only during explicit BDSM sessions
  • Informal, fades in and out

And there are many other possibilities. Don’t let someone sell you on being who you aren’t.

Some women are dominant without being sadistic. Others are pure female sadists who enjoy inflicting pain but don’t care for Mistress/slave roles.

At the beginning your guide is what you think and fantasize about. Over time your habits and practices will be shaped by what you have discovered actually gives you the most satisfaction.

Rather than worrying about being perfect at the very beginning, just relax and enjoy the ride.

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Female Led Christmas

You might find the story of the man who bought a CB-3000 as a Christmas present for his wife interesting.

Woman Spanks Submissive Santa Claus

I have no proposals for arcane and bizarre F/m Christmas rituals. Why should there be any?

This post is to direct you to a small collection of Femdom Christmas Cartoons. A new illustration be added every day for the next several days.

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M is for Mistress (Female Led Alphabet)

Mistress: The most common honorific for the head of a female led relationship. A submissive man’s Mistress is the arbiter, decider, ruler of his life Controls his behavior including his sexuality. The guides him with tenderness and discipline. He repays her with obedience adoration and love. He worships her as teh focus of his life.


More drawings of dominant women by Leone Frollo.

How Much Control?

Childish submissive men.

If you are the head of a female led relationship how much does your dominance pervade the life you share with your husband or boyfriend.

Do you feel he requires – as opposed to desires – considerable control, like a child, a brat?

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Ideal Mistress

By Herbootlicker

(Left as a comment on one of my other blogs. One day I’m going to dig out the best of what he’s written and post it here. Shouldn’t be left hidden and buried.)

Ideal Mistress: I’ll know Her when I see Her, at least I think so. But the problem is that I’ve been disappointed so many times, I begin to doubt that She even exists in the real world. However, hope keeps me going.

Real problem is, you don’t know until you try — at least a little experience — and you have to invest time and emotional capital in the experiment. Nevertheless, the list, if only to clarify one’s thinking.

Intelligent, able to think things through so She doesn’t get either of us into a hole we can’t escape. Basically, She should know when the limit has arrived, before the safeword can be spoken: that is to say, trustworthy. Safewords, like parachutes, should be for unexpected emergencies, not for pilot error.

She must need to dominate as much as I need to submit; we should fit together like spooning in bed, on all levels. Truth to tell, a little switching now and then, if only for educational purposes, isn’t a bad idea — but not too much of that, either. Variety is spicy in all realms of life.

A sense of humor, so She doesn’t take it all too damn seriously. It’s a game, like tennis, bridge or chess: while in the zone, you play hard and try to beat (!) your mate, but then you declare an end and go back to real, if vanilla, life for a while, until it’s time for a rematch.

(At the same time, it isn’t a battle: while in domspace or slavespace, one plays the role honestly. As Her slave, I truly believe that I must serve, submit and suffer. And as Owner, She expects it and enjoys being pampered and worshiped — and does not hesitate to use the whip if Her slave does not stay in character.)

Clever and imaginative, so She can invent new variants on the basic theme. One nice little trick: inverse psychology, or the Br’er Rabbit syndrome: “Please, Mistress, not the cat, please!” “How dare you talk back to Me, dog! Twenty lashes with the cat, then, not ten, and you will thank Me after each one.” (It’s a form of topping from the bottom, yes, but She has the option of doing whatever She pleases, regardless of what Her slave says.)

Physically and mentally able to appreciate all the pleasure that a truly selfish Mistress can demand of Her slave, without worrying about hurting his feelings or making him resentful. That includes the pleasure of making him suffer as entertainment for Her — in other words, She should be a rational sadist, if I may coin the term: intelligent enough (I said that already) to know how far to go, and brave enough to go there, knowing I’m right with Her.

Oh, yes, and I hope She doesn’t mind wearing stiletto-heel boots and allowing me (note: not demanding or screaming, but graciously permitting Her slave to serve) to lick them to a high polish. Flat-heel boots are almost as good, but there’s something about a 5” stiletto heel! And please, Mistress, if this slave does not perform to Your satisfaction, use Your whip to train me.

I don’t know about the cuckold angle: that gets beyond the limits, I think, for me, because it ruins the relationship. Maybe an occasional affair, but not getting carried away. And it’s hard to stop for some people. Nor do I feel comfortable with an actual sale to another Owner, for whom I don’t have the same committed devotion.

These, like permanent and really serious mutilation, are for fiction, not life.

Discreet. That’s the only way to make sure some blue-nosed busybody doesn’t mess it all up. Rich wouldn’t hurt either, but that may be too much to expect in a practical sense. The last criterion is the one most of us think of first: Beautiful. I see so many absolutely stunning Ladies walking around, and I’m sure that fewer than 1% probably could meet all these expectations and hopes. Even the on-line beauties (I can’t begin to list them, but every man has a portfolio in his head) probably come up short in real life.

Yet still we dream, and some day, we may find the Goddess who fulfills 90%, and go for it, using our well-exercised imaginations to gloss over the other 10%. Just maybe, She will be pleased to change a tiny bit to become, after all, The Perfect Mistress and Ideal Dominant. As RLS famously wrote, “what’s a heaven for?”