BBW Female Supremacy

Her visible power and superior strength keeps this slave man mindful of his inferiority. He knows that it is an honor to be permitted to serve a superior woman. Her swift and stern discipline – brutal lashings with her cane – keep him also conscious that when he service is not perfect she will correct him with pain.


Artist: suneeeel.

Footstool Punishment

Mistress Owner has sentenced her slave man to serve as her footstool. He often does that. This is for punishment. She demands that he remain in position under her legs for the entire evening.


He is not strong enough to support the weight of her powerful legs for so long a period. She knows this. When her slave collapses Mistress Owner will punish him with that failure with a brutal cane whipping.

Artist: suneeeel.

She Wants a Submissive Man Who Is Like a Good Dog

A Submissive Man Like a Pet


Years ago a dominant woman wrote:

With D/s being such a new concept for me and with only my imagination to help me develop what that lifestyle could mean for me, lots and lots of thoughts have crossed my mind. As posted in my delurk, I’ve made a lot of major changes in my life over the past six months or so. I’ve begun dating but it’s not as much fun as I remember it being 15 years or so ago. That’s probably because of my higher standards in what I’m looking for in a partner; a submissive partner. So here’s a thought that occurred to me one afternoon while running my dogs at the nearby regional park. At this, the loneliest time of my life, my dogs are my truest companions. I was thinking that if I could find a submissive man with the traits that my dogs possess, and a few of the more obvious ones, of course , I’d be one happy camper! Think about it, they’re cute and cuddly, for starters. The 120 pound 15 month old Shep/Rott often sleeps with me and even though it’s a tight fit in a single bed, it’s comforting having a warm body there. If he’s not in my bed, he’s lying on the floor next to me or in the doorway. My other dog is a 12-year-old lab mix who is the most obedient and loyal dog you will ever know. For the sake of good storytelling, I will combine their traits into one character.

He greets me in the morning by nuzzling my face and showing genuine enthusiasm for whatever attention I can muster at 4:30 AM. He watches intently as I get ready for work. He even asks for a little toothpaste to freshen his breath! His eyes express his complete sorrow at the realization that I’ll be gone for the day — again. I feed him, rub his ears, scratch his belly and give him fresh water before I leave for a grueling day at work. He sends me off with a lick on my hand and walks me to my car.

He’s always excited to see me at the end of the day. He greets me at the back gate with a hug and kiss (well, he jumps up on me and licks my face – close enough!). He nuzzles my hand as I walk through the back yard. He gets something for me to toss so we can play for a bit. We truly relish one another’s company. His devotion wipes away any stress I’ve endured through my workday. He never holds a grudge from a previous disagreement.

He lies at my feet while I check my e-mail and catch up on reading SSB. I reach down and rub his ears and pat his head. I find him so irresistible at times, that I lay on the floor next to him and just cuddle and rub his belly. He likes to be patted with a good amount of force on his lower back just at his tail. OK, he likes a good spanking, what’s wrong with that?!? He likes his nose rubbed and his ears massaged. He likes a fair amount of rough play and I’m eager to give him that.

He’ll do tricks for me when I offer a reward. He does tricks even when I don’t offer a reward. And he always eats my cooking without a single complaint!

I reward his loyalty and unconditional love with trips to a nearby wilderness area for an afternoon of running without his leash and collar. I toss the ball and he brings it back. I toss the ball again and again and again. He brings it back every time and nuzzles my hand as a sincere thank you for this time we have together.

He plays in the snow as I shovel. Sometimes he goes with me in the car when I run errands. Other times, I leave him tied up in the yard or locked in his kennel.

On occasion, this boy won’t do as he’s told so I must discipline him and although it’s difficult for me to hurt him either physically or verbally, I also understand that this is the only way for him to learn how to be a better dog. He chose to ignore my verbal commands yesterday at the park and was even bodacious enough to growl as I administered his discipline. His defiance though turned to sweet submission once he recognized I wouldn’t be frightened by his attempt at intimidation and he dutifully climbed into the back of the van.

At a recent visit to the vet, he misbehaved quite arrogantly and the vet sold me on a special collar to help keep him under control. The collar is designed in a figure-8 to apply pressure on the bridge of his nose and on his neck, right behind his ears. This pressure is similar to that applied by a pack leader to other members of the pack to demonstrate dominance. When I put this collar on him, I have a completely submissive animal under my complete, yet loving, control. It’s such a simple, yet effective tool.

He is by my side almost constantly when I am at home and he misses me terribly when I am away. He never fails to respond when I call his name either by coming to me or just wagging his tail. He’s sleeping next to me right now and as I call his name, his tail pounds on the floor with glee at that small bit of attention.

When I’m sad, he offers his big furry shoulder to cry on. He holds his paw out for me to hold. He licks my tear soaked face. He offers more comfort without ever uttering a single word than any human I’ve ever known. He barks at would-be trespassers and scares them off. I believe this boy would die for me.

In return for his unconditional love and devotion, I provide him with a safe environment to live and play in, all the food he can eat, special biscuit treats, fresh water, toys to play with, and I tend to his emotional and medical needs. I clean up the yard every week so he has a fresh place to make a mess . And I return his unconditional love and devotion without a moment’s hesitation.

Save for the obvious shortcomings, my dog is my perfect companion and possesses _most_ of the qualities I seek in a submissive partner. I hate when women say that men are dogs and mean it in a nasty context! I love men AND I love dogs! I plan to spend the rest of my life with them!

(From an ancient Usenet posting.)

Domme Wife Spanks Her Husband Daily

This dominant wife regulates her submissive husband’s life. He has a list of domestic chores that he must perform by certain times on certain days. Neither tardiness nor sloppiness are tolerated.


Before she sends him to bed each evening he must strip naked and stand before her.

If his performance has been completely satisfactory she congratulates him and gives him a firm but not harsh maintenance spanking.

If his performance as her servant was in any detail faulty, he receives a hard disciplinary spanking. The pain and duration are in proportion to his failure.

Her discipline insures that he is a husband who knows his place.

Kinky Dominatrices


Dominant women may wear t-shirts and jeans or expensive designer dresses. Most Dommes prefer clothing that matches conventional tastes. There are also dominant women who enjoy donning the full panoply of dominatrix costume. Women that convert a basement into a dungeon.

Some men stress their preferences for a housewife Domme so strongly that they condemn women who fit the dominatrix stereotype as fakes. Not ‘true’ Dommes.

This is self-important moralizing. The only bad dominant woman is one who exploits a man’s submission unfairly.

Don’t fuss and fret about how others dress or run their lives.

Dominatrix’s Chair


She may not be beautiful in the Hollywood sense.

Nor is she wearing sexy boots or fetish wear.

Her chair is really just plain wood, perhaps worn with age and in need of repair.

Any chair or stool a woman sits on is her throne. And man belongs on his knees before her.

A woman’s authority is not in clothing, elaborate dungeons or sex toys.

Her superiority is inherent. A proper man recognizes this and treats her as his superior. Accepts her has his ruler.

Learning to Dominate Men

Discovering her dominance a woman may be unsure how to proceed. Most especially when it comes to exercising her sadistic impulses or learning to use corporal punishment to discipline a man.


There are books. A plethora of them nowadays. But text is of limited use in learning to handle a whip with skill and precision.

And the web is clogged with useless folklore and bad advice as well as good.

Finding an experienced Domme is the ideal solution. There are online meeting places like Alt. Even a distant dominant woman can aid you via webcam.

Craigslist if you are comfortable with it.

Munch groups where real – often surprisingly ordinary – kinky people meet in real life is the best choice of all. Dominant women happy to help a novice are sure to be found.

A professional dominatrix would surely be willing to help you. That is the expensive option. And unless she has some sort of references you can’t prejudge her competence.

Female Dominance & Bitchiness

Cruel Female Led Mistress Wife

The Dominatrix Bitch Stereotype

don’t think there’s anything incongruous about being nice/fair/laid back and being domly. I don’t think it’s necessary to be bossy or bitchy. It’s fine if that’s how one is or how one likes to play, but if that’s not how one is (or likes to play) I don’t see any reason to put that persona on.

Bitchy just isn’t my style (which is not to say I don’t get bitchy, it’s just not a scene or d/s dynamic I enjoy – it’s the “bad day at work” kind of bitchy). In my first domly experiences I thought bitchy/cruel/demanding was what doms were, and I tried to be that, but it just made me uncomfortable. I’m generally pretty laid back. I found out pretty early on that fellows who like to be forced or who had a “cruel dominatrix” kink were not good matches for me. It did shake my nearly-nonexistent confidence in my domliness that so many fellows I met had this kink, and I just wasn’t comfortable going there. Thing was, if I was with a guy who wanted me to be the bitch-dom or who wanted me to force him to submit, my desire to be domly with that guy just evaporated. I started seriously questioning whether I was domly at all. It felt right in my head, but it sure wasn’t working out that way in actual practice.

Along the way I met some fellows who did not have the kink for force or “cruel dom”, and things started to gel. I discovered that there were fellows out there who responded well to my style, and that willing (even enthusiastic) submission pushed all the right buttons for me, and with these guys I was very domly indeed.


IMHO, seeming dour, supercilious or bitchy isn’t better. For the record, in my experience dominants who act like domineering assholes don’t represent what enlightened dominant men and women aspire to be. Most of the dominant women and men that I’ve seen at play parties or at the conventions, etc. seem to all be trying to be nice, like I am. They reserve their bully behavior for private scenes in the dungeon, as do I.

I do not let myself get pushed around. I’m fully capable of taking command, and I often do it with a smile on my face. That’s my style. I like to play with people who like my style, so I act like myself instead of some stupid porno stereotype. This way, if they don’t like my style, they know right away to stay the hell out of my life. :)

I’m not a bully, I’m not a whore, I’m not Xena, and I’m not royalty on holiday. Acting like any of these feels very phony to me and I won’t be doing it. Besides, it’s not necessary to ever be posturing. Plenty of tops never do it and they get along just fine.

There are lots of subs who seem to think a dominant should act bossy all the time to be believable, but they’re clueless. Don’t let ignorant subs pressure you into playacting for them. If you want to be theatrical because that comes natural for you, then that’s different. I get theatrical when I play, but I certainly don’t live that way.

(From an old Usenet discussion)

Originally posted 2011-01-28 11:34:43.