Submissive Men With Small Penises

Women sometimes choose men with tiny penises. A male with a small cock tends to develop submissive feelings as soon as he discovers his sexual inferiority. He has few of the illusion of the traditional masculine male. Thus he falls very readily under the authority of a strong woman.

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A small penis enhances punishment spankings. Mistress can remind him of his inadequacy. His shame will make the lashes or blows of belt, cane or paddle seem more intense.

Submales with tiny penises adapt readily, sometimes gratefully, to a life or chastity and orgasm denial.

Small Penis Humiliation Stories 1

It was in an Advocate sex advice column that I first learned of Small Penis Humiliation. One man wanted other men to humiliate for having a small cock.

Think the fetish odd and surprising I made a short note about it on one of my blogs.

Comments from Small Penis Humiliation fetishists flooded in. Almost a hundred. I thought I’d share some of their confessions with you over the course of several posts.

I have a tiny dick and balls – especially flacid. When my first girlfriend put her hand down my pants she laughed her head off.

I have what my girlfriend considers a huge cock 7 and a half inches but i think its average. I love sph and it turns me on for a girl to laugh at my penis and say how small it is etc even tho i aint small. Not saying i’d like a small cock cuz i think its important to pleasure my girl but its still a turn on to be humiliated but i’d never be able to tell my gf this cuz i reckon she would think i’m weird.

I did think that penis size doesn’t matter before but recently i bought my wife a sean michael’s dildo (it’s about 10 inches long and about 7 inches around (2.25 inches) thick. I myself have a 5 1/4 inch penis and i’m not very thick. My wife was a virgin before we met and she never has had any other dick in her other than me. She always thought i was good size. When i showed her this big black dildo she was almost taken aback. SHe has seen sean michaels in porn movies before and couldn’t believe the size of his dick. I thought i would suprise her with his realistic dong. After some apprehension she tried it out but man did we have to move slowly and use alot of lube as he is very thick and long. It took about 15 minutes but after this she was able to take his cock to almost completely to the balls. She moaned and screamed like i have never seen her do before. SHe yelled to me that she wanted that more of that “big black dick” in her. SHe continued to buck her hips and tell me how much she loved the size of it and while she did that she was sucking me off. She deepthroated me all the way. She came with such a ferocity that she never does with me. After she came i pulled the big black dildo out and climed on top of her and put myself in her. I couldn’t feel anything as she was so wet and stretched out. She just layed there and had an emotionaless expression on her face. She later admitted to me that she only faintly felt me in her. Since this night we have used the dildo out some more. She almost never cums with me in her, but she has earth shattering orgasms with this huge dildo. SHe has even told me on occasion after fucking that “big black cock” that to her “the bigger, the better it is”. So now i am a believer that size really does matter. Every once in while, while we are out i see her scoping out black men. She may never admit it but i think she now wants to go black. My wife was a virgin when we met and she was very satisfied with my 5 inch dick until i brought that huge black dildo home and she tried it out. Now i can’t make her cum with my dick and all she wants is black dick. So beware guys and be sure before you turn your wifes, girlfriends on to this lifestyles as there may be no turning back. Has this happened to anyone else.

I’ve been married to my wife for almost 10 years. We just started SPH about a few months ago. She has been with 11 other men (that she admits) before me and has had 3 children (2-from previous marriage, 1-with me). The first time we were together, I can remember thinking “this loose pussy has been around” but, much to my suprise, it felt much better than any other girl I’ve ever been with. I’m actually on the small side of average (5″-thin) but curve upwards. We have always had an adventuous sex life with multiple orgasms. We use dildos that are 12″ long and as big around as my forearm, and if she is turned on enough and relaxes, she can’t take every bit inside. Definately the biggest pussy I’ve ever seen (including online). It always amazes me that she can still come with my little dick. I’ve been trying to get her into the SPH, and she just recently started doing it towards the end of out sex sessions. I cannot explain in words how unbelievable it is to enter her with my inadequate dicklet after she has had a monster dildo in her. I’ve even entered her while a big dildo is in her. The most she’s taken so far was 2 10″ dildos and my 5″ at the same time. She did once comment that although she’s never been into anal, she likes it with me because I’m so thin. Especially while she has a monster in her “canyon” at the same time. We did try the swinging thing once. I couldn’t handle her being with another guy at the time, but I think I can now. Sometimes, during sex I imagine that night and her getting pounded by that other guy’s 9″ fat dick and get totally turned on. Anyway, fellow small guys, get you a woman that loves sex so much that she’s up for anything. Get her to fall in love with you. And stretch her waaaaay out. And this SPH fetish will work even without the dirty talk part of it.

Feel free to share your own confession or fantasy using the comment form below.

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Small Penis Humiliation

Small Penis Humiliation and Submissiveness

When the sissy cuckold is regaling blog readers with accounts of his fictitious life of humiliation he usually assures us that his [insert cloyingly icky slang for penis here] is pathetic. But from what I’ve seen via my various sites while many submissive men want their cocks mocked most men into small penis humiliation aren’t submissive.

They crave a fairly narrow range of embarrassment scenarios. Ideally in public. Hopefully involving young women. Typically they imagine asking for impossibly small condoms or being laughed at on beaches or by nurses.

But the humiliation doesn’t involve any change in role, shift in status.

Small penis humiliation is one of the most phallocentric fetishes. The guy’s cock is the center of attention. Women are talking about it. In most accounts of SPH the subject mentions his instant erection at the moment of humiliation.

That men enjoy having their penises laughed at without becoming submissive isn’t a flaw. They seem quite gleeful in their fetish. Not miserably frustrated.

Originally posted 2009-02-28 01:44:38.

Sissified Orgasm Denial Cuckolded Small Penis Humiliation Chastity


Cruel Bitch Keyholder Mistress Wife

Males should be denied orgasms because

  • Women are superior
  • Men are inferior

Males should be allowed orgasms:

  • Never, ever
  • Only ruined orgasms
  • Thinking about this excites me so much I have to go masturbate

Teeth of Kali Chastity Device

The best male chastity device is:

  • CB-6000 with points of intrigue
  • Teeth of Kali bracelet
  • Barb wire with duct tape

Males should be cuckolded because:

  • Women are superior
  • Men are inferior

After my wife cuckolds me I want to:

  • Eat the creampie
  • Take her and the bull out to McDonalds

Chaste Sub Hubby Sissy Bitch

Submales should be feminized and sissified because:

  • Women are superior
  • I like pink

My penis is so small:

  • I clean it with a Q-tip and a magnifying glass
  • My penis is smaller than your penis!

Dear gentle reader: what do you think?

How Do I Shrink My Penis?

Truth may or may not be stranger than fiction. Some people can’t even tell the difference between the two. Here’s one fellow’s unlikely question for knowledge:

Dear friend,

I’m trying to find accurate information on the effects of long-term chastity on penis size. It’s not easy. My lifestyle Domme has me permanently locked in a Gerecke device. With changes we had made at a local machine shop, it’s impossible to violate.

My hope is that i can find medical info which confirms your observations. It would be wonderful if my mistress and i can take pleasure in watching my “Pee Hole” as She now refers to it, slowly diminish and become useless.

Also, do you know where to find out about the effects of restricting nocturnal erections and how that may relate to reducing the size of the penis?

Thanks so much,

In response to Lori’s Tube.

Guest Posting

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As some of you know this is but one of the many sites that I run or publish. The time and focus I can bring each site varies, some sites go through periods when I ignore them altogether.

I’m not feeling particularly inspired or motivated in terms of the material appropriate to Female Led Relationships Net.

In some aspects of the blogosphere it is common for people to write guests posts. Most often it is a means for the author of the guest post to get additional visitors to her own blog or site. (A link to the writer’s blog or website is always posted at the end of the article.)

I thought I’d invite – solicit – guest posts here. Perhaps you want some extra traffic. Or want to say something you don’t feel would really fit your own blog. Or you don’t even have blog but have a thought or feeling that you’d like to share. Perhaps after you write something you’ll decide to start a blog.

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My Micropenis

From Dear Prudence on Slate the story of a man whose life consists of actual small penis humiliation:

The problem is that I have had a horrible time with women, and it pretty much always comes back to the same problem: I have a very small penis. I have a condition called micropenis, and it has been the cause of the end of a few relationships. One of my ex-girlfriends couldn’t stop giggling and said, “Aww, it’s so cute!” the first time she saw it.

His whole story and Prudie’s response: My tiny package is wrecking my love life.