Young Woman Learns How to Spank a Man

Learning to Disicipline Her Husband

There is a place where woman’s mastery of the male is unquestioned.

When a young woman has selected the male who will spend his life as an obedient and submissive slave husband she approaches an older woman. A mature dominant woman wise and experienced in the control and discipline of submales.

Often she is the young woman’s own mother or future step-mother. More affluent brides hire a professional consultant.

The professional Disciplinary Mistress teaches the young Mistress to be the nuances of F/m corporal punishment. Control of intensity and quality of punishment spankings.

With the consultant’s advice the young woman selects the male’s first chastity belt. Selects dresses, cosmetics and wigs for the sissificatiion of the groom. And if she is a sadist those special toys for evenings entertaining herself tormenting the helpless slave husband.

older woman led spanking trainer

More Jay Em woman-led spanking art.

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How Women Should Spank Men

Female Led Spanking Guide

Women Who Spank Naughty Males)

The F/m spanking routine described below is taken from The Spencer Spanking Plan, which mostly focuses on husbands punishing wives.

If the husband is to be whipped, he is directed to go to his room and get ready for the punishment. He must obey without a word of complaint and without uttering a word of argument.

He should undress, then stretch out full length on the bed, face-downwards. He must wait in this position, until his wife enters the room — whether she comes in immediately or keeps him waiting several minutes as some women do.

As soon as she enters the room, and without speaking, she begins whipping him. Her job is to whip him efficiently — effectively — but humanely. She must carefully observe all the rules, but she can, at the same time, make the session quite effective and truly beneficial.

Some women use a wooden paddle only. Others employ a strap. The great majority use both: the paddle first — to warm up the skin good — then the intelligent application of a leather strap. A man’s belt is often used. Many wives require that the paddle and/or strap be placed ready for use when the man takes his whipping position.

A modern whipping does a man good for several reasons First of all, there is the beneficial humiliation it causes. It is an act of complete submission. Just to stretch out obediently and get ready for the punishment does him good. Before the paddle is applied a single time — before a single stroke of the strap is delivered — the discipline starts being effective and beneficial for this very reason! It is an act of surrender, and being a willing gesture of submission, it does more good than millions of spoken words would possibly do!

Don’t think for a moment that modern women are not learning how to make their whippings effective, too! Just because they are using common sense rules that safe-guard the practice from assuming any aspect of brutality — don t think for a single moment that they are administering “play whippings” or that they can’t make the discipline something to be sincerely dreaded!

Are there any details or nuances that you would add?

Woman Spanks Man: 9 Rules

Nine Rules for F/m Spanking Punishment Sessions


I- At the beginning of an F/m relationship the Mistress should give the submissive male a clear outline of actions that will cause him to be punished. The Mistress may want to explain which behaviors will most determine the quantity and quality of a spanking. But she need not over specify.


II – The submissive man should understand that breaking discipline will always cause his Mistress punish him.


III – Over time the spanking rules may evolve. If only that spankings my increase in painfulness if the same offence is repeated time after time.


IV – The spankee is kept naked during his punishment. This will enhance his sense of vulnerability.


V – Spankings are most appropriately performed when the Mistress has calmed from her angry. A judicial mood will enable her to select the exact level of deserved punishment.


VI – Prior to the first stroke the Mistress will explain to the submissive man why he deserves punishment.


VII – Some Mistress may want to include ritual and ceremony. Formality and duration emphasize the seriousness of the submissive man’s failings.


VIII – The spanking instrument(s) used and the mode of their employment is solely at the Mistress’ discretion.


IX – At the conclusion of the punishment session the submissive man will explain to his Mistress his understanding of why he deserved to be spanked. Then he will thank her for taking time to correct him.

(Spanking art by Nomad.)

Husband Humiliation Party

Mistress Wife believes in regularly spanking her subhubby. She also believes her husband’s public humiliation is an even more potent tool for keeping him subdued and humble.


At the end of every month she holds a large party for her female friends. Her nude husband is forced to serve as a waiter. Their women’s derisive smile never fails to cut into his heart as he waits on them. Their contempt and mockery is unmistakable.

This is one method a Mistress Wife uses to keep her husband enslaved.

Eric Stanton’s F/m Spanking Drawings

Eric Stanton, one of the most influential artists of female domination. He drew many scenes of women punishing and disciplining men with spankings. Many of the familiar drawings of F/m corporal punishment came from the comic book format stories of his self-published magazines Stantoons.

The four spanking drawings below are from Stantoons stories.





See many complete stories of dominant disciplinary women in Eric Stanton’s Stantoons.