Husband Humiliation Party

Mistress Wife believes in regularly spanking her subhubby. She also believes her husband’s public humiliation is an even more potent tool for keeping him subdued and humble.


At the end of every month she holds a large party for her female friends. Her nude husband is forced to serve as a waiter. Their women’s derisive smile never fails to cut into his heart as he waits on them. Their contempt and mockery is unmistakable.

This is one method a Mistress Wife uses to keep her husband enslaved.

Eric Stanton’s F/m Spanking Drawings

Eric Stanton, one of the most influential artists of female domination. He drew many scenes of women punishing and disciplining men with spankings. Many of the familiar drawings of F/m corporal punishment came from the comic book format stories of his self-published magazines Stantoons.

The four spanking drawings below are from Stantoons stories.





See many complete stories of dominant disciplinary women in Eric Stanton’s Stantoons.

Female-Led Corner Time

Female-Led Disciplinary Ritual

This Mistress Wife is a firm believer in corner time for submissive males,

For his daily maintenance spankings her sub husband stands in a corner for 30 minutes before she spanks him. And another 30 minutes after the spanking.

Mistress says this procedure insures that the sub male isn’t able to take his daily discipline casually.

When she spanks him for misdeeds his time in the corner is raised to a full hour before and after his punishment spanking.

Female Led Corner Time
Drawing of submale standing in the corner by Westfield.

Does your Mistress use corner time to discipline you?

Slave Boyfriend On the Spanking Bench

A dominant young woman has taken control of her naturally submissive boyfriend. He is now her obedient slave.


Frequently she takes him to the spanking bench and straps him down. With her cane she delivers hard, hot, stinging blows that leave welts in his skin. She films the all punishment sessions. Later she watches and can better enjoy the expressions of anguish that passed across his face as she whipped him.


She makes him watch. Seeing her boyfriend cringe at the sight of himself beg and whimper makes her laugh.

He doesn’t know that she shoes the movies to her girlfriends.

Punishment of Single Men

A suggestion for the disciplining of unpartnered males (marriage has become lesson common and really isn’t a fit criterion).


For failures in deportment and laziness the male is to be punished with a bare bottom spanking.

For misbehavior connected to sex and sexuality the male genitals are spanked to force the connection between that kind of conduct and pain.

You probably have your own preferred divisions and disciplinary methodology.

Sissy Wimp’s Punishment

Brutal punishment and discipline like this has turned a once proud man into a servile sissy wimp.


His Mistress is genuinely merciless. If he drops anything, forgets a chore, is slow in responding, imperfect in protocol she beats him. There are no days without at least a couple of very harsh whippings.

Intensely sadistic she enjoys putting him in situations where perfect performance is impossible.

The shocked woman observing the whipping is getting her first lesson in female domination. Her stunned amazement will pass. Then she will begin an education that will change her relationships with men forever.

When she returned husband will be incredulous, disheartened but finally subdued.