Dominant Women’s Club

Dominant Women’s Club Punishment Session

Assemblies and groups of dominant women may gather to offer one another encouragement, advice and share their experiencing in controlling and disciplining submissive husbands and boyfriends.

A group setting can be used to deepen the punishment of an especially disobedient, rude or otherwise unsatisfactory submissive male.

The submale will feel extra shame when his nudity and vulnerability is exposed in public. His ears will burn as the women talk about his body. Offer the spanking encouragement and force in punishing her submissive man.

The observing women should retain an neutral detached tone, as if it isn’t a human being that is being spanked and whipped. This will increase the punished male’s awareness of his own lowliness and unimportance.

After his spanking the submale may be allowed to serve the gathered ladies refreshments. To wait on them as a servant.s


Mature Spanking Domme

Submissive men have worshiped this mature Mistress for decades; since she discovered her pleasure in dominance and punishment as a girl.


Even in late maturity, she turns most away. Only the most sincerely humble are allowed to serve her. She has never lost her taste for spanking men. Whip, belt, hairbrush, paddle all seem like natural extensions of her arms.

The male across her lap feels honored as her hairbrush smashes into his butt. He is so thankful for the pain of her discipline.

Maternal Spankings

Strict mamma punishes her sons for irregular, disrespectful and inappropriate behavior with hard spankings.


Disciplinary mom teachers her two sons to behave with regular spankings.


The sitting brother seems to be having intense and confusing feelings as he watches his mother spank him.


Regularly disciplined and spanked males will grow up to be good husbands.

Punishment Nuns

Nuns have been disciplining naughty males for centuries. They know corporal punishment better than everyone else. They induce sure repentance.

These nuns belong to a semi-secret order dedicated to punishing misbehaving young males. Men spend a week with them. When they go home they are respectful, chaste and well spoken.


Woman Spanks Him Ruthlessly

This dominant woman’s harsh cane whippings have taught her boyfriend to fear her. To heighten the effect of her punishment of him she has invited women to watch and laugh at his suffering. You might expect him to flee. But he worships her for how she ruthlessly exercises power over him. He will do anything, suffer any punishment to maintain her willingness to allow him to serve her.