F/m Over-the-Couch Paddle Punishment

A female led household has no need of use for bondage gear or dungeon apparatus. The willful, erring submale can bend over, lean on or hold on to sturdy pieces of furniture. Here we see a male punishes while bending over a couch, perhaps the most useful item in your home for corporal punishment.


Disciplinary instruments are often inexpensive and ready to hand. A hard paddle with holes drilled through delivers strong impact to a man’s buttocks without straining the dominant woman punishing him.

Husband Returns Home Late

This husband has arrived home after the time set by his very dominant wife. Her hairbrush will make his buttocks burn and sting. You would think living with a disciplinary Domme Wife would cure him of misdemeanors.


(I post this because it is probably my favorite Jay Em drawing. The husband’s facial expression is priceless.)

Pin Cushion Punishment

This can be used to replace or intensify spanking the male.


By your preferred method, sterilize one to four dozen pins. Bind the male to be punished securely. Slowly press the pin to the slave’s buttocks (other areas can be used but with caution).

Press the pin in just enough to prick the man’s skin. Do not push the pin in deeply. The object is to cause pain but not injury.

The sting of the pin can be used in place of the sting of the belt. Alternatively, it can be added to a spanking whether before or after depends on the Domme’s overall preferences.

Regardless when cleansing his buttocks with rubbing alcohol to sterilize his skin another wave of pain will result.

Dominant Women’s Club

Dominant Women’s Club Punishment Session

Assemblies and groups of dominant women may gather to offer one another encouragement, advice and share their experiencing in controlling and disciplining submissive husbands and boyfriends.

A group setting can be used to deepen the punishment of an especially disobedient, rude or otherwise unsatisfactory submissive male.

The submale will feel extra shame when his nudity and vulnerability is exposed in public. His ears will burn as the women talk about his body. Offer the spanking encouragement and force in punishing her submissive man.

The observing women should retain an neutral detached tone, as if it isn’t a human being that is being spanked and whipped. This will increase the punished male’s awareness of his own lowliness and unimportance.

After his spanking the submale may be allowed to serve the gathered ladies refreshments. To wait on them as a servant.s