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Robert asks:

I am in a very happy marriage for three years. My wife locked me up in a chastity belt since our wedding day. I have been orgasm denial for the past three years, never entered my wife at all. I have accepted that I will never inter her, nor have an orgasm again for the rest of my life. She sees other men, and I clean her out orally.

We have talked about having a family for the past six months now, and our wedding anniversary is coming up in one month. I am thinking about offering to my wife, as a anniversary present, to be knocked up by another man so she can have a baby and start our family.

My question to you is, would my anniversary present to my wife be reasonable, and am I wrong in my willingness to have my wife get pregnant by another man??

I would like to know what your thoughts are on this.

Originally posted 2008-05-21 02:32:59.

How do you feel about it, what do you think?


  1. sentinell says

    i think you and your wife should see a psychotherapist.why should you raise up an another mans child when you are capable of making a child with your wife.i dont really think you or your wife are happy at all.i think you hate each other.not having orgasms is take advantage of your wife and she takes advantage of you…too much hate from both sides.really its difficult to explain this to you why this may think that you love your wife but in fact we cant love a sadist.your image about women is a strict demanding,punisher…your kid also will be unhealthy…you should know that when a child sees reversibles roles in a family can develop schizophrenia sometimes…nice ha:).its fun to play bdsm sometimes or to devote our life to our wife but there are more healthy ways to do live in the edges of a black and white yourself from this and share the love

  2. femsup says

    You offer Her a present of giving Her permission and allowing Her to have other men.Sounds like you are in charge here.Admit it its all fantasy.

  3. nathanyl says

    Although this sounds like a great fantasy, I have to agree with sentinell. Sounds like (if this is all true) you have pushed the boundaries of fantasy too far. There is also more than a touch of hypocrisy about it all as if you are truly a cuckold than surely your wife could allow herself to become inpregnated by one of her lovers and you would never know.

  4. closetsub says

    Wow! Sounds like you’re already living your fantasy. Why take a chance on adding kids?
    No, wait! That’s my fantasy. I don’t even KNOW you. GET OUT OF MY FANTASY!

  5. cuckold0303 says

    Dear Robert,

    Congratulations you did find a wife that let you live your fantasy. My wife and I started later (unfortunatly) and after we had kids but I can concur; this is a realy fantastic life-style.

    Many cuckold (and cuckold wannabees) have fantasies of rasing kids concieved by the sperm of another man. In my opinion this is somewhat dangerous.

    First of all you have the real father, eventhough he might be a stud, bull or sperm contributor in the beginning, it also can be that (even later in the life of the child) he wants to be involved with the kid. This can lead to very complicated situations that are hard to predict but probably never without doing damage to your relationship with your wife and/or kid.

    Second there is the kid itself. In one way or the other the kid, at some point in Her/his life will need to find it’s own roots. By having childeren of my own I can say that kids inharit a lot of characteristics of their natural parents. If they feel, in their adolescence that some of that is not right (and there are very many examples that this can happen) you are in trouble as a family. She/he can start a hunt for the real parent and might discover things you never wanted Her/him to discover. All in all a dangerous situation.

    Third is you wife; having a baby together is a mental bond between parents that is something special. If another man “knock her up” you’ll never have that bond. This also can have a negative effect on raising a family and might endanger your relationship.

    But Robert, there is no problem without a solution. You mentionned you are orgasm-free for 3 years now. Do you still produce semen? I believe you do! So therefore Your wife can train you in being milked (see other forums for instructions). When she collects you semen from a milking of which you have hardly any sexual pleasure, you can inject your sperm mechanically into your wife. In this case there is still no intercourse and you still can fulfill you kids wish!

  6. Roadrunner says

    You and your wife with your selfish fantasy’s would put that kind of baggage on a helpless child are sick. If your wife wants a child get out of that chasity bullshit and breed her youself

  7. Daydreamer says

    In my first marriage, we had one child and wanted no more. I had a vasectomy. After we divorced, I met another woman and proposed to her. She knew about my vasectomy and we decided it was no real impediment. The alternative would be a sperm donor.
    We considered two options. Have a male friend impregnate her or use a medical clinic. The first aroused both of us. She was devoted to our marriage and didn’t want another man, but she could safely satisfy her secret urge.
    We chose the friend option. He was a childhood friend I’d known for decades and with whom we’d shared sex fantasies. This being the ultimate one. She liked him.
    So the deal was made. He would visit us to spend the night the night with her. Success! Twin daughters. As it happened I was offered a job in another state which took us away prior to their birth. We made him their god father.
    He did the appropriate things a god father would do: Cards, gifts, and the occasional visit. Never did he attempt to intervene as their legitimate father.
    The timing was right, my wife’s bio clock ran out, so we did not repeat the event.
    Neither of us have any regrets. We are devoted to each other, I’m not cuckolded again.

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