First Church of Female Supremacy

It has been ages since I first ran across the First Church of Female Supremacy aka the Cybelians.

A cult – of sorts – pushing female led marriages. Among the cult’s dogmas are these mandatory aspects of Cybelian marriage.

The first statutory aspect is that the man has absolutely no freedom – while at home he must always be naked and collared, the collar to be of the lockable variety. The second statutory aspect is that the man has no status other than that of a toilet for the woman’s use

When I first discovered them the Cybelians seemed humorlessly fanatical about the piss business. It was like sharing bread and wine are for Christians. They’ve also come to push sissyfication and cuckoldry.

Other aspects of a Cybelian marriage which are a matter of choice include cuckoldry – wherein it is the wife’s option to have sex with as many other men as she chooses, compliant physical punishments, humiliation, and extended restriction of freedom. Details of all these options can be found in the Cybelian Marriage Manual, available as an eBook direct from this website.

Human male castration tool.

Aside from the marriage manual there’s a host of ebooks for sale. Topics include ancient secrets known only to the Cybelian elite, golden showers, extreme female domination.

I’ve always thought that the church and its messy interlocking set of websites exist to lure in the most sexually frustrated of men. Lonely submissive men make easy targets.

The name comes from the ancient cult Cybele: religious ecstatics who castrated themselves. Ancient castration device on the right.

Originally posted 2009-01-17 14:18:08.

How do you feel about it, what do you think?


  1. Lovecutefeet says

    Does anyone know more about them? Do they have local parishes/services? I don’t want to contact them before knowing a little more.

  2. Enoch Soames says

    Not a thing. You are going to have to be man enough to contact them if you want to know more about the Cybellians.

  3. Timind Tortured Tom says

    Please discuss the supreme female as the head of a household and mother. In particular, how does she raise/train her children, especially male children?

  4. says

    femdom is a tool of feminism to enslave men and make them weak and submissive.The funny thing is those who do femdom many a times revert back to other extreme does’nt take much intelligence to understand that this BDSM is only asexual perversion designed to cause pfysical and mental trauma to people and those causedegeneration of society.Masonic(freemasons) writers for more than last 200 years have written feminist and femdom sexual utopia in protestant countries under the secret guidance of catholic Jesuit preists.They promoted feminism and these sexual perversions only to destroy your protestant nations.Freemasonry is a secret society developed by Jesuits to enslave men and women of protestant countries through feminism and femdom and thus destroy protestantism secretly,results of which you can clearly see in mainline protestantism today.That is why you see masonic lodges only in predominantly protestant areas,never in catholic areas.

  5. Becky says

    I like what Elise Sutton wrote in comment on this Church. She noted that the Cybelian order is 6,000 years old! It shows that men’s desire to worship women has always been there and will always be expressed one way or another.

    The notion that femdom is a trick of feminists to get back at men is simply not supported by reality. Most femdom relationships are initiated by men and most female led marriages, such as mine, last a long time and are very fulfilling to both spouses.

  6. John says

    I myself have been castrated by my former lady. She pased away from cancer 2yrs ago & I hope to find another lady to serve with all my heart!

    • faceunderu says

      Thank you John for your inspiring post

      If my owner gave her consent for me to be castrated, I would be only too pleased to have everything hanging down from between my legs removed, and then with her permission I would dispose of the offending material by swallowing same.

      • John says

        I orginally was very demeaning towards a lady. When I met my former Lady, she brought the balance into my life through my submission. I had no idea that castration would be in my future. It wasn’t till after 4 yrs of submission did any of talk of this come about. We discussed many times my feelings & emotions of submission. I did have my testicals tied off for awhile. Thats when I felt the slight emotional change in myself. I remained in that stage for 6 months. Then, we discussed that if I could feel more. We decided to insert my testicles up into myself & tie my sac off. By doing that, the testicals were not able to remain cool from the body. Which inturn,slow the producing of hormones. This was done for 9 months. I really saw & felt more Physical as well as the emotional changes overcome myself. It was during that time investigated Castration. We then set a special date & evening! We went to a Quiet & secluded location. After some pain medication finally made me numb all over. She used a burdizzo & broke the cords. They were then put back up in myself & my sac was zip tied shut. I can’t explain how calm & the next months became in my life. After that memorable night, It was a 19 months we found she had terminal cancer. She passed away 6 months shortly later. I just wanted to share that with everyone. I never looked back to my old self.

  7. says

    I have been a Domme and a Feminizer since I was 17. No male got me into this as is suggested by Elise Sutton.

    As a young Girl I would make my Brothers Dress as Girls and I would make them up. I started this practice because They told me Girls are Stupid. I have always been Controlling as far back as I can remember. At 17 I kicked my Kink into full gear. I forbid my then Boyfriend to bed me unless he was Dressed as a Girl in full Drag and sweetly Perfumed. I had a Lesbian affair at 20 yes it was nice and all, but sex with Fem Boys turned me on more.

    I fully Feminized my Husband and two of his friends who were Twin Brothers. Online I have Feninized Scores of Sissy Boys and Men.

    I do not follow any Feminist group, nor am I a member. Hats off to them if they ever come join me. However I am intrigued by the Cybele Lifestyle. at age 11 I dreamed I was the Goddess Cybele and had many followers.
    My liife is Definitely Female led as you can see, but to Castrate is out for me. I use Herbs and Lotions and Creams to give my Girls Breasts and shrink their Genitals till they are of no use any way. That is Castration enough. I would not Cut but if a male chooses to cut his balls of in honour of me. That I would accept.

  8. faceunderu says


    Thank you for your post in which you say,

    “but if a male chooses to cut his balls of in honour of me. That I would accept.”

    If I were your slave, I would gladly hohour your Majesty by submitting myself for total castration.

    faceunderu, a Woman’s toilet.

  9. vidyan says

    I am a sub/slave. I wish to be owned and used by a superior women. I seek submission and willing to relocatee

  10. Greg says

    Looking for a Black Cybelian Woman to serve as Her husband,I will follow all the rules,including serving as Her full toilet.

  11. Joeymars1 says

    I like being told what to do by women!I would like to be a male in an all girl city being told what to do. AS long I’m not beatened or punished brutaly for no reason I think it would be better off for me to serve the gals rather than live like I do today being without any women in my life! Yes I could be happier in this kind of life!

  12. zen heliotrope says

    collared nude housework? Love it! Toilet service? Partial sometimes love it! Your naked collared hunk would love it when you bring home your friends, male and female, so I can serve them cocktails, dinner, light their smokes for them and wait on them in general. I’ll even give them a nice striptease and sing them a romantic song like a good bitch. obviously I’m not a sissyboy. I’d make them so jealous, you’d be so proud…

  13. Frank A says

    if there were such a church in my area i would attend it from time to time. is a golden shower like being sprinkled with holy water?

  14. Douginpanties says

    I am serching for a readhead greeneyed girl who is beautifull & once maried wants to have my children & then once she is done having kids & sex with me she will have me castrated & cut off my penis & make me stay home as a wife to raise our children!

  15. kaio says

    from a fetlife group (written by the woman behind cybeblah):
    “It strikes me that the World is now ready for a female Pope. A strong, powerful and intimidating woman, who would sort out all the problems of the World. There are very few candidates who are of that calibre. One is Hillary Clinton. The other is me. Hillary Clinton is not quite strong enough, as witnessed by the occasional exercise of her tear ducts. That leaves only me.”
    Well… how can you take this “church” seriously? She obviously have serious mental illness (and so the followers). I feel so sorry for her (and them). Ahaha

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