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Affairs of a Mistress

I thought it might be possible to inveigle a few of you to share a female led relationship* true story or two. Nothing is more helpful and really more interesting than what people actually do.

Happy or sad; the relationship of a lifetime or a pleasant interlude. As brief or as long as you feel like.

* Whatever term works for you.

Originally posted 2009-01-03 10:57:00.

How do you feel about it, what do you think?


  1. says

    I have now been dating my submissive boyfriend for over a year and a half. Our relationship has evolved in that time – I was kinky when we met, but not at all sure about being a dom. (In fact, I had adamantly denied being a dom in many prior conversations.) But it’s evolved very much into my being the dominant in our relationship.

    We basically do 24/7 d/s, which some people imagine as meaning that you have scenes all day every day, but it’s not like that at all. Most of the time we are just “normal” together, though he wears his collar whenever we are at home alone (unless there’s some reason not to, like he just got out of the shower).

    A couple of weeks ago we finalized (for now) our contract, which we’ve been working on for a long time together. You can see the whole thing here if you’re curious. It’s what works for us – helping us to balance our mutual obligations and understandings.

    I’m writing this all matter-of-factly, but what’s incredible is that I’m having the very best sex of my life, with an absolutely wonderful and delightful person who is also, as we say, a “kinky sex monkey.” And, really, what could be better than that?

  2. says

    As I mentioned on another forum, it’s not so much a sexual or BDSM thing that makes the relationship I have with Mrs. Mule an FLR.

    As in aerial warfare , the pilot with the best shot, takes the lead and the other flies wing to protect.

    That is how our relationship falls out.

    Mrs. Mule delegates those tasks I do better than her to me. Mostly this is with the family finances. By default she leads otherwise.

    Take for example buying our house, surely one of the largest events in our recent history. I was able to tell her the mortgage payment we could make, and backed that off to a house price.

    She did everything else including selecting the floor plan, the lot, and negotiating with the contractors. About the only thing I got to specify was a dedicated circuit for the computer room (realizing I’d probably use the full 15 amps) and a Jacuzzi big enough for two 6-foot people.

    In other areas it falls to opportunity. She does most of the cooking. Not only is she a better and more imaginative cook than I am, but she also gets home hours before I do. If we waited for me to get home we’d be eating at 10:30 at night. However, I do have my specialties and prepare them on the weekend.

    In any case, I do get the cleanup detail and kick her butt out of the kitchen when she gets in my way!

    She paints the walls, I iron and vacuum. She plants flowers, I yield the shovel and pick axe.

    She is responsible for the pool, but I do a lot of the maintenance under her supervision (in the nude, of course).

    I do a lot on my own accord, since I do not want to burden her with every decision. I love her to much to do that to her.

    In the bedroom it’s like a an angel food cake: 98% vanilla, 2% topping. :-)

  3. thomas says

    it’s true, my wife is my mistress as well, that’s why i love her so much, she loves to tell me what to do ,in and out of bedroom, and what i were , are sex live is all her . as for orgasom’s that’s all for her. as she will say when i should have one. and one thang is becouse we having sex don’t mean orgasom for me ,as she love”s to stop my before i do. it was hard to stop at first, you know when you have it in her going to town she hasa orgasom and then out of nowhere she pulls it out and say let’s stop ,and she said you want me to be a mistress i get to stop when iam now after 12years iam loving it, as she started doing more stuff as a mistress. as now i clean house mow yard cook and make sure her bathwater ran. as well as work away from home. i do were hardness and i love them. my cumming days ,is once a month most of the time , as she also had a boy/f that she say has a bigger one and that my mouth has a cleaning part of slave. so now i love to read other wife/mistress stores, so i tell her about them as iam cooking. after my work is done and she out ,i have free time to read them . thank you for leting me tell you a lettle about us.

  4. RonsWorld says

    In my case I had always found dominant or domineering women attractive but ended up marrying a woman who had no interest in taking the leadership role in our marriage. We divorced after twenty five years of marriage and after that I has a few unsuccessful relationships before I met my present wife.

    I was at a party where she was in a very heated discussion and I was really impressed by her feisty and belligerent attitude. One thing led to another and we became lovers and of course eventually married.

    Right from the start of our relationship she was completely clear that she wanted to be the leader. I told her that this was exactly the kind of relationship I had always dreamed of and that I was more than comfortable taking the submissive role. Later she told me she was really skeptical about my proclamation but felt encouraged that maybe she had met someone that fitted with her wishes.

    We run our lives pretty much as any normal couple would except that she is the controlling person. We do consider that we have a 24/7 FLM but we don’t have any rituals or anything like that. Her leadership encompasses every aspect of our lives and we do have quite an intensive interaction because we make our living through two small businesses we own. She 100% controls all things financial but we do discuss other issues even though she always makes the final decision. She also delegates which duties I have to perform and which she does.

    In our sexual life she is always the instigator and the leader of sex between us. She does allow me to ejaculate but has always indicated that she prefers it when I don’t. On the other hand she is very comfortable that I masturbate when my arousal becomes frustrating.

    Another of her desires that she voiced before we married was that she didn’t want a husband that was jealous by nature. She told me that if I married her I must accept that she probably would not want a completely monogamous relationship but did expect me to remain faithful to her. The outcome was that she has had a number of lovers during our marriage. She has always been totally open about them and has even had one of her lovers come to stay with us as well as going on short breaks with him. After the breakup with her last lover, which happened almost a year ago, she has,as yet, not looked outside our marriage again.

    To summarize; We live a quite strict FLM lifestyle but it does not involve anything particular ritualistic or the use of force or discipline even though she can be bad tempered at times and has been known to slap me during a moment of rage. It is strict in that she is totally sovereign in all decision making. It surprises me even now that there are moments when she hands down a demand and I feel a twinge of resentment. We usually talk through those moments and I always feel better afterwords.

    To finalize, I think we are both exceedingly content that we have mutually found partners that fit so perfectly with our personalities and lifestyle desires. More importantly for me, I love her dearly and feel I must be the luckiest man in the world.

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