L is for Loving Female Authority (Female Led Alphabet)

Loving Female Authority: one of the distinctive qualities of female-led relationships is the benign inequality between male and female.It is affection for him that prompts the woman to take charge of the man’s wife: to guide him, lead him and even to punish him. The submissive man responds with grateful adoration. An FLR is a form of romantic authoritarianism the prompts happiness between two people with complementary personalities.


More F/m illustrations by Karl Franz Kuna.

Originally posted 2013-03-16 07:52:49.

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  1. j cano says

    it is the humble opinion of this slave;slave should always be naked when in doors.
    slave should always be chaste,keeping it aware of Mistress” control over it.
    slave should be plugged re’enforcing it’s surrender into slavery.
    slave should always crave to serve.

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