Real Submissive Men Wash the Dishes

It is a submissive man’s role to perform all household chores, cleaning, ironing, scrubbing, polishing and – most often depicted – washing the dishes.


Disciplinary wife expects mindfulness from her sub husband.


Westfield drawing of a Mistress Wife to keep him naked, in heels and doing his household chores.


Another Mistress Wife and her sub hubby household slave.


Eric Stanton wife uses her belt to insure her husband does his chores properly.


If a woman isn’t satisfied with her husband’s performance a yank on his ear will grab his attention.


Mistress Girlfriend gets her boyfriend on the right path. See more implied female domination.


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Do you wash the dishes for your Mistress? Are you her household slave or houseboy?

How do you feel about it, what do you think?

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