Woman’s Human Male Pet Slave

Female Led Chaste Human Male Pet

He has been his Mistress’s human pet slave for several years now. His him life is a almost shapeless infinity as the property of a strict but affectionate Woman Owner.

He crawls after her kneeling or lying at her feet when she sits. Usually she doesn’t mind if he licks and kisses her shoes and boots. Occasionally she kicks him away and her curls up on the floor next to the objects of his devoted ministrations.

Since being allowed to wear his Mistresses collars the pet has never been permitted to say a single word. He whimpers playfully to beg a treat hoping she will give him a tiny cookie or cracker. When – mirable dictu – she allows him up on the couch to rest his head in her lap his soft sighing is almost a purr.

Nowadays he barely verbalizes even to himself. He mind if filled exclusively with the image of his Mistress Owner.

Happiness when she is near. A pang of loneliness when locked in his cage when Mistress leaves the house to go work or run errands. The pet doesn’t mind the cage. The cage is his home. When his Mistress is absent his life is empty, blank. When she pets him or scratches him behind the ear the surge of pleasure almost shuts off his brain.

His Mistress wants to keep her humble pet in good working order so his gloves come off once a week so he can exercise his fingers. By happy coincidence he can do this by cleaning her house.

Aside from household chores her slave pet is allowed to rise from his hands and knees to use the bidet.

As a pet slave he has been totally chaste. He has never been allowed an orgasm. Nor will he ever in the future have one.

Once a week his Mistress Owner takes off his chastity belt. Then she milks him. His life is so empty of events that licking up his ejaculate afterward has become a treat.

As is the spanking that follows. He’s not ever sure why he is being punished. He’s grateful that his Owner is giving him attention.

Her human pet slave: perpetually humble, loving and worshiping.

I don’t know the name of the artist of this human pet drawing.

How do you feel about it, what do you think?


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