Worshiping His Girlfriend

To the world at larges they are girlfriend and boyfriend. Inside the walls of their home they are Mistress and slave.

The young man has dedicated himself to his Mistress girlfriend’s service. He has found happiness in striving to please her. Acting as her servant.

Here he bows before her in deep worship, praising her as his superior. Thanking her for allowing him to be in her presence.

At night before he falls asleep he says a prayer to her as his Goddess.

female led girlfriend worship

How do you feel about it, what do you think?


  1. chrissy says

    Women are Goddesses, deserving praise, worship and prayers. males are happiest when they learn to accept their place in life, making them better able to appreciate the joys of serving and worshiping a Woman. males are privileged just to be in a Woman’s presence.

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