Female Led Archie

An idle mind is a devilish thing. This morning I found myself thinking about Archie Andrews, Veronica Lodge, Betty Cooper and female-led and femdom relationships.

Ultimately the girls have always proven to be the decision makers:

Female Led Archie Andrews

You have the two sexist stereotypes. Vernoica is vain, selfish, capricious – very much a Mistress / Dominatrix stereotype. She almost always wins the battles for Archie’s adoration. Betty, capable and compassionate, – the nurturing female – often stays home alone.

Female Led Sexism

There’s also my hero, Jughead. Jug has traditionally held himself aloof from feminine charms.

Female led jughead

A bonus cover for the feminization / sissyfication folks:

Feminized sissy jughead

While Archie Comics are bought almost exclusively to young girls (I sell them) they’ve surely sparked some very interesting fantasies in young males.

Images © Archie Comics

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