Female Led Marriages: Inequality

FLR Matrimony

F/m Wedding by Sorenutz

Female led marriages are inherently unequal because they are authoritarian. The Mistress Wife is the Head of the Household, CEO of the family; she’s the boss.

The submissive husband has vowed to love, honor and obey his wife. He accepts all of her decisions. He complies with her will. He is the junior partner in a female led marriage.

Mistress controls sub hubby’s diet, determines how much money he may spend on himself. She also decides how he may – or may not – spend his free times. She may forbid him to socialize with anyone she thinks a bad influence.

The dominant wife has the right to punish her inferior spouse. Spankings are the most common form of husband discipline. With cane, switch, belt, tawse she delivers painful lessons in obedience. He is thus taught to never be tardy and always promptly perform his chores.

Mistress Wife is the dictator of their submissive husband’s sex life. She rules what he may do with his penis, how often. Whether or not he may orgasm. If ever. When the man is being kept completely chaste she milks him (allowing him to eat his own cum as a treat).

How do you feel about it, what do you think?


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