How do you feel about it, what do you think?


  1. Rick says

    Inot only belive in Wife Worship I live it every day Cybelian Lifestyle.I drink Her nectar,Lick Her ass accept Her Tortures and Her Whippings,I am Her Cuckold Sissy Slave.I suck Her Lovers Cocks to get them hard so They can Fuck Her. She Keeps me Locked in 24 / 7 Chastity and Feminizes me as it is Her right to do so I am just a lowly male any ways. SHe is my Divine Goddess. I was not one of these whimps that just lets Women walk all over him, and it was a 5 year battle for Her to finally enforce Her will.Now I truly see how wrong I was to fight Her.Now I do everything to make those stuborn years up to Her.

  2. Topcat says

    This is just my opinion of course, but I think you are one sick pup rick. I also worship my wife. The key word is wife. I do what she wants and get her what ever she wants yet I don’t feel I am buying her and she doesn’t feel bought. I treat her like a lady and she loves it. I feel that marrage is a 50/50 proposition and I do my share with laundry, dishes and since I get home from work before her supper is always ready. When it comes to sex, Ilet her take the lead because thats the way we both like it. However doesn’t want any other men and heaven help any that make a wrong advance. If she can’t do anything about it herself I will. She likes doing thing with me in that sense because she knows it embarrasses me and she gets a kick out of it. However in this I am not allowed intercourse with any other women, That is where we both draw the line.

  3. raffaello says

    I would consider doing what you do for… a week? With someone else? But “life” is to be lived, I supose!

  4. says

    One day all babies will be created in by science in labs. Then only female babies will be born except for a few men to be used for slave labor. Unwanted, accidental male fetuses will be aborted.

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