House Husbands

There are submissive men who say they live the life of a 1950s housewife, homemaker. Their wives earn all the money and the men are financially dependent on them.

And there are men who confess they envy this status.

But I don’t know if I’ve seen dominant women saying they want a man like this.

Have you?

Originally posted 2008-05-01 08:59:43.

How do you feel about it, what do you think?


  1. doris says

    I would love to be in this poistion as my wife’s househusband. There would be such a feeling of worth and accomplishment to keep her house perfect and to be recognized as her househusband. This would be fantastic. I can’t see a downside.

    • Howard says

      Nice as an erotic fantasy but in the real world we all need an equal balance of responsibility for the home, work interests and fun in our relationships. I think of it as being normal and sensible to do more housework when my wife is working harder than me but she does more when Im away more. We also make it erotic sometimes and a chance for her to do a bit of ritual humiliation of my efforts (with a bit of spanking thrown in, which charges things up a bit) but I dont think either of us wants the whole job all the time. Housework is housework, really. It needs doing but its mostly not that erotic.

  2. nathanyl says

    I have seen some extreme Femdom stories and letters on Elise Sutton but don’t recall seeing any woman actually wanting a househusband as such, I think households are a very personal domain for women and they would still prefer to clean and maintain it themselves.

    I have role played being a househusband though for a month it was a turn on but I wouldn’t want it permanently.

  3. womynrule says

    Imagine a female lawyer coming home to her husband dressed as June Cleaver. It just might amuse her. As gender relations shift, these kinds of relationships just might be happening next door. But, you are right, many women might want a hand in things and to give direction on how they want the house kept. No problem for Mr. June, he can simply dust as she directs. And if is in shape and wears just an apron, so much more for her to enjoy having the dusting get done as she relaxes or prepares her briefs…and he irons too! What’s not to like!

  4. Chris says

    Women want equality, and many of them enjoy taking care of the family, whether cooking, or whatever. They also perceive the role as traditionally feminine, and a male who wants that role might seem too feminine for them, and/or lazy, if he doesn’t want to work outside the home. Women want other people to respect their husband, and might feel that won’t happen if he’s a househusband, and most couples live much better when both are employed. This will be very rare.

  5. says

    I would love to have a 1950’s housewife to come home to, and even better if it was a person I loved and wanted to fuck. (I do not want to be a housewife myself.) I had a similar relationship (minus the fucking) with my previous roommate, who I supported in return for his taking care of the house.

    However, balanced against the convenience of having a dedicated person taking care of the house is the alternative path, where the other person earns an income. You can have twice as much money – maybe more, since men typically outearn women (still) – which is not only more money overall, but also a really valuable buffer in hard times, like if one of you gets laid off or gets ill.

    So I guess I’m saying this calculation is not really about kink for me, just about how it would be nice to run a household. A housewife would be a luxury but not necessarily an affordable one.

  6. Jack says

    How might one put oneself into complete servitude for any use, such as house cleaning/maintenence chores, and whatever the Dominant wants of a slave? I am a senior male in good health seeking to have no choice in anything.

    • tacslave says

      Need to find (or be found by) a women who has a strong self identity. Successful intoverted ladies sometimes fit this bill becuase they has a lower comparative need for ‘company’ and as such appreciate being by themselves where a male slave therefore can play a part in the periphery conducting all the support work. Just my opinion.

  7. says

    Coming late to this discussion, but wanted to add a few things. There are great changes taking place in gender relations in the US, Europe, Canada, Australia and other OECD countries. The most obvious
    sign of this is the way that young women and girls have come to outperform men and boys at school and university.
    That doesn’t translate into instant
    matriarchy, or mass Femdom in the bedroom, either. But it is a seismic shift and hints of other changes that are coming.
    In terms of housework and house-husbands, I think we’re going to see a progressive change.
    All housework is not equal. In a FemDom or female lead household, She will do the things she likes to do. It seems pretty simple to me. So she’ll cook when she feels like it. But when she does, she may make him cut up the onions, peel the carrots, whatever. She may do the
    laundry, because today’s fabrics are complicated, and she doesn’t trust hubby not to screw it up. She may dust and polish bric a brac.
    But hubby will be scrubbing the floors, if either of them do that!
    Whether this all goes further than that, so that hubby has to wear some kind of costume for his chores is another matter. That is more about sex and fantasy than housework.
    What is true, what some young women are waking up to, is that a Female Lead Relationship, with some FemDom practises involved, like spanking, can be very
    satisfying for them. Instead of having to hurry home from the office to get dinner on or tidy up the living room, they get to go to the gym, or have a drink with the girls, while he goes home and makes spaghetti and feeds the kids and picks up the mess. Being the boss at home suits a lot of women, and I think it will appeal to more and more of them as time goes on.

  8. Rob says

    Not true. Before my wife died from cancer we led a that type of relationship. We both worked but I was home by three and she got home by seven in the evening. I took over the cooking, cleaning and other chores. She was in the financial world so she took over the finances. When she came home my attention was on her since the kids were out of the house and living on their own.

  9. says

    What’s not true, Rob?
    Your post is unclear.
    You got home before your wife and you did the housework, yes?

    So….what did I say that you disagreed with?

  10. Jenna says

    I am the breadwinner of my family, my husband is a stay at home dad and works 6 to 9 hours a week (more just so he can get out of the house.) I love my husband, but he is not career oriented, so when I got pregnant, we made a practical decision for him to stay home instead of having strangers raising our child. I have been with the company I work for going on ten years, and I am currently getting a bachelor of science degree in logistics management to further support our growing family (yes, I am pregnant with baby number 2! =D) We are happily married, and we treat one another with respect. We do have an arrangement though as I work on average 11 hours a day, so when I come home, we eat dinner as a family and enjoy each other for an hour or two before I retire to class work until around 9/10ish This is what I do for our family, and he cooks, cleans, and cares for our 2.5 year old. This does not mean that I don’t wash my own dish or clean up after myself as is respectful, but I do not do chores or cook on average and he is considered to be a househusband by definition without any derogatory implication to his ability to be a ‘man’ because we have switched typical gender roles. I am a real woman that is also head of the house, and I like it that way because my very nature is a dominant woman that enjoys providing for her family, and I couldn’t be happier that my husband is progressive enough not to feel threatened by the fact he is better suited in our relationship to take the role as househusband.

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