Real Female Led Male Slavery Contract

By Bootlicker

F/m Relationships & Sensible Written Agreements

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Start with a short contract and build gradually. That makes sense.

The good news is that, while marriage is traditionally defined by our society as permanent, with divorce made difficult on purpose, a slave contract (being unenforceable at law anyway) can, easily, be a “trial marriage” sort of thing.

Yes, that’s right. No court will compel two people to obey the terms of a slave contract. Only the respect of the two for each other will do the trick. Once that respect disappears, forget it!

So, a short-term contract, maybe even 24 hours or a weekend, is good to start. At the end of that period, start over at square one. Renegotiate between equals, and sign (or not sign and go your separate ways) a new one for longer: a week, perhaps.

During these “trial periods,” both are working out their willingness to “play the game.”

Renegotiation, with frank discussion, must accompany any mutual decision to extend the basic arrangement. This is not a matter of legal anything, because no law is involved here (except as may be coincidentally included in the contract: e.g., no permanent injury or death may be caused).

After a 24 or 48-hour contract, then a week, then a month, perhaps then 3 or 6 months, then a year, then, if all that seems comfortable on both sides of the agreement, 3 or 5 years. After that, both will know if they can “take it” — and want something semi-permanent, say, 10 years.

It’s important, also, to include an understanding of what happens if either party — but particularly the Owner — dies. Don’t panic: it happens to everyone sooner or later, and even the most perfect divine and omnipotent Mistress is not immune. This could take the form, for instance, of “leaving” Her slave property to another Mistress — or manumitting it back to human status, which may or may not be too much of a psychological shock. Again, this sort of thing is outside testamentary law as much as it is outside contract law, so it’s enforceable only by individual faith and trust. Whether or not to include provisions for selling the slave is one of many matters for pre-signing negotiation, along with punishment limits and so forth.

Only after at least a year, one would think, can a slave truly trust its Owner to use Her judgment and rely on Her mercy.

Discussion and negotiation must be open and free during the preparation of a new and presumably longer contract. That agreement may or may not, as negotiated, include safewords and provision for discussion and amendment during the period of its existence, and may or may not include a provision for dissolving the agreement sooner that the end contemplated.

However, it is likely that the basic agreement will say, in effect, that once it is signed and perhaps consummated by a collaring ceremony, the slave surrenders all rights as a human being to the Owner, except for specific exceptions written down in the document.

Once it’s signed and the collar locked, there is no more discussion. The slave will still beg for mercy, but the final decision rests with the Owner. The slave can say, “If You please, Mistress, the agreement says …” but Her judicial interpretation rules. As the old joke says, a slave has the last word in this sort of discussion, and that word is “Yes, Mistress.”

Again, it’s not a legal or enforceable contract. If the slave “escapes,” no police will return it to its Mistress (we settled that in 1865, remember). But it does have the advantage of clarifying the understanding of two people, one that places itself totally at the disposal and command of the other — Who, in Her turn, is morally obligated to care for Her slave. Whether or not the BDSM community as a whole would “enforce” such a contract is a wholly different discussion.

How do you feel about it, what do you think?


  1. slave j says

    A written contract is usually the product required by a male seeking some kind of reward, usually personal joy!
    A true Female who wants such a relationship, of having, dominating and “owning” a slave, does not need such a document.
    First one requires a male who wishes to serve a Lady, first and foremost. The male should be trained by a Domme. The training period will vary but certainly not in a few days but quite a few months, at least 6~9 minimum. The Domme will see if the male is ready to Totally Accept a position of servitude. The last thing a Domme wants is a stupid non-thinking submissive who only serves as a “slave” for his own pleasures.. Wankers need not apply. That is why a longer training period.When a true submissive with a strong personality offers to serve, go slowly with the training part. The trainee needs to do it at least 2~3 times a week for whole days at a time. If the trainee cannot spare the time, no matter the reason, look elsewhere.
    Training is usually done at a Lady’s place where the submissive can do the menial tasks of everyday. Cleaning Her place, doing laundry, making snacks. Trainees will learn to to enamel nails, hands and especially feet. Prepare baths and wash and massage You. The trainee can be used for sex, but it really only be for oneself! There is NO Need for a punishment/play period for the trainee’s work. Occasional such for discipline, or for good work, or best for the Lady’s pleasure and gratification. The trainee will show and speak of certain preferences. Some must always be respected. You do not have to make an “a-la-cart” menu of wants or denials.
    Now here is one of the very difficult parts. The Lady doing the training should not be the final Owner! Train the submissive till it feels natural to be kept naked, to serve thus and serve Her personal friends. Embarrassment and humiliations are part of the training. Ladies normally have a few “special” friends who would enjoy the whole concept. When You know the submissive is ready, let the proposed “Friend” play/discipline the trainee with You. Question Her on Her wants and desires.. When You know the submissive is ready, allow to be taken for meals all 3 together. Tell the trainee that permission is granted to escort the other Lady to a coffee shop or restaurant.
    The Lady may not “use” the trainee in any way..except like doing an errand. No really personal things! Forbidden
    Towards end of training do not allow the trainee to be ever completely naked before the proposed new Owner. There are way more males wanting to serve, so be gracious. If You notice that your sub really likes the Lady…It’s all systems go!
    Invite the Lady to Your place, You will have seen, if there is a want of owning. Knowing that place trainee in Your area of discipline/play but fully dressed. Make sure you have spare clothes for later, simple items, jeans, top, no underwear again..
    Blindfold the trainee and bring the Lady to inspect and discipline. Playing before allows One to know Her capabilities..
    A St. Davids cross is a very good item! Anyway cut the clothing off Your
    trainee. The hands should be tied or cuffed behind. Once fully naked, the trainee should always be completely free of body hair esp. the pubic area. The Lady will inspect the product most thoroughly.
    Then as a Domme Lady and as a wonderful friend, say
    “Milady, I wish to give this slave to You. For Your use and pleasure. For as long as You like! When You are tired You can give it back to me, or to any other needing Domme. You may allow other Domme ladies to use Your slave”.
    The slave if well trained, wants the other Lady, will happily go to Her service. If not happy will adjust. For a trial period You can both share the slave..
    On occasions this slave has been given to other Ladies for periods to enforce the slavery.
    A slave learns at these moments, “it” and not me or I or i !
    It is an owned piece such as a dog, horse or item of some value that belongs completely to it’s owner.
    The moment of being given was both a shock and the greatest joy in a slave;s life. A collar can be given much later. Usually on first anniversary.
    The Lady is extremely happy. The slave? Well it ain’t always easy but the love and adoration this slave receives worth all the work and devotion.
    slave would do anything to protect it’s Owner!

  2. Edward Owen says

    Dear Mistress -I am interested in pursuing a female -led relationship. I am in the Philadelphia area and have had the great experience. Thank you. -Eddie

  3. Daydreamer says

    I have never liked the word slave. It conveys far more than handing my decision making over to the woman I love, trust, and respect. While we never put down on paper our relationship, I let her make those decision.
    It wasn’t until the sixth month of our agreement that she decided to cuckold me though not unkindly. We sat together, she explained that she wanted to take a lover who was free. I understood and accepted. She made it much easier for me by introducing her lover as she might a friend.
    When I shook his hand I instantly felt that another bond would grow between him and me. One, I suspect, that my wife had planned all along. He was most kind, thanking me for the privileged of being my wife’s lover. He told me he would never mistreat me but he did expect me to carry out his wishes regardless. When we made eye contact, I instantly understood what those wishes might be. I instantly and wholeheartedly agreed.
    This pleased my wife greatly for she knew I would need to be an intimate part of this relationship, albeit in a way that only he and I could consummate.
    I have come to love him almost as intensely as my wife who constantly reassures me that she will always love me.
    I am happy that she sensed an inner part of me that I was unable to speak about until she opened the door to my closet and, in a sense, set me freer than I had been before.

    • slave jay says

      it is not what you imagine!
      i was trained by a special Lady.
      almost 2 years..
      slowly i was made to serve at her place.always naked.
      a slave is not a submissive!
      you will never have a safe word.
      you will obey any command!
      you will be used by others..
      you may not say anything about the Lady’s choices.
      you will be used in ways that will make you cry.
      one day in a ceremony after a sound beating, a humiliation of great magnitude, you will learn that “you” no longer exists.
      slave will be property. slave will obey without hesitation.
      slave may wind up locked away with no possibility of freedom..

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