Real Women Never Do Anything

Lady Misato said that the idea that a woman should never do any housework was used with irony.

But some men do report that after a full day of work they come home and do all the cooking, cleaning: every single household chore. And the wife merely lies back like the old-fashioned husband that she is supposedly superior to.

Like many things said on the web, this must be read with some skepticism. The amount of time spent cleaning the bathroom suggests that the home is mostly bathrooms. Judging by the quantity of ironing it sounds as if the woman must’ve gone out of her way to avoid ready to wear fabrics.

Some men probably do become fulltime houseboys if not house slaves. But most FLR couples normally perform tasks around the house. The husband’s are perhaps specified and used as part of reward and punishment games including orgasm control.

Originally posted 2008-05-02 13:27:02.

How do you feel about it, what do you think?


  1. Ms. Becky says

    I take offense to the idea that I may be perceived as lazy. Yes I work, bring home the paycheck, pay the bills and make all the final decisions but that does not make me lazy at home. At home we do share work. My husband does most of the house cleaning but there are some chores I would just assume do myself. I like to garden but he mows the lawn. He does most of the cooking but I am the better cook. We have a partnership, it’s just that I am the “senior” partner and we live according to my agenda, needs.

  2. Psmith says

    The gist was that some men are reporting lives of intolerable inequality and servitude and that those reports are probably not to be believed.

  3. says

    I don’t really know why not, Richard. I agree it’s probably mostly fantasties, but it seems like plenty of women work full time and then come home and do virtually of the housework and child care, so I don’t know why it couldn’t be true that some men have that dual role.

  4. says

    Mrs. Mule and I have evolved into a division of labor. There are some things each of us do better than the other. There are some things she absolutely forbids me to do.

    I am not allowed to use the washing machine and dryer, nor am I allowed to use the dishwasher. She doesn’t like the way I “do” these things.

    We both admit that I am superior when it comes to ironing and vacuuming (I have no problem lifting the end of the couch to vacuum under it). I’ve gotten very good at ironing just about anything. (Comes from years of ironing my military uniforms).

    Otherwise schedule takes over. She gets home well before I do, so she cooks. (If we waited until I got home and cooked, we’d be eating at 9 PM). My job is the post-dinner cleanup (big dishes and cookware that does not go in the dishwasher), table, trash (Mrs. Mule doesn’t even know where the trash can is).

    Elsewhere around the house, she does the gardening (plants the flowers), I do the blasting of the concrete that masquerades as soil around her and generally act as beast of burden.

    She does most of the work in the pool (outdoors but very private), but I am the naked pool boy for tasks that require getting into the pool (at 68 degrees it’s a little chilly).

    My only criticism is that she occasionally complains about certain aspects of housework instead of asking me to help. There are two things that will help this situation: 1) I have to know what it is she is trying to do, 2) I have to be there to see what she is doing.

    Otherwise, I do not feel “trapped” by housework, and neither does she. It’s actually fun doing some of the chores together.

  5. roo-roo says

    Lots of self-proclaimed dominants use d/s as an excuse to try to justify their own greed and laziness. Not all, obviously, but some. They don’t like housework, so they pawn it off on someone else and try to slap a d/s label on it. Their motivation has nothing to do with bdsm and everything to do with a selfish, manipulative mentality. Just by calling it bdsm, they think that instantly changes the nature of housework. That’s one reason I don’t read Lady Misato, Elise Sutton, or any of the others who espouse this way of thinking.

    Every d/s couple I know shares the housework. Or if they don’t live together, they do their own. A d/s relationship is still a relationship, which entails love and effort.

    A few couples I know do incorporate housework as part of a role-play, but at least they admit that it’s a role-play.

  6. doris says

    I earn the living and my wife makes the rules and enforces them. At one time I was every inch her fultime submissive. I loved it. She found it to be rewarding in that she enjoyed abusing her husband. This was a perfect relation, a real win-win.

    I wonder why more women do not enforce their natural superiority? They would be surprised how easily they could set this into motion.

  7. says

    At the moment, the idea of working full-time and then doing most or all of the house-work (while my wife does nothing) is very appealling to me. This is probably because I have never had the chance to do this, especially not while we’ve been D/s.

    It’s not the housework that’s been the issue – we’ve always shared that. It’s that my wife has been working full-time for a long time, and is very tired. In our marriage (13 years), there have only been two years that I have worked full-time and she has not, one for each of the kids, which is hardly a restful time for the mother. On the other hand, I have been a part-time worker or student for some of that time, and then I have been the home-carer for the kids more recently – but they are older now so it is much easier.

    So, the way it has worked out hasn’t actually been very fair on her – not really my fault, just the way it went.

    Next year we will hopefully be moving into a situation in which I can spoil her; she will not work and I will work full-time, and she can rest and be rewarded. I would happily serve her in this way and do most or all the housework, but probably not for more than about a year at most. Then I’d ask her to start helping me out around the house (and hope she said yes).

    But she’ll probably want to go back to work by then, anyway. We’ll see.

    My only other comment is that for a woman, a life of sitting about the house, shopping and waiting for the sub-hub to come home so she can boss him around doesn’t sound very rewarding in the long-term. It sounds like a great break from reality, or a ‘treat’ lifestyle, but what woman worth being served would want to live like this all the time?


  8. boo says

    When I worked full-time I came home and did what work I could and our house stayed a mess. The fact is my wife is a slob. If I lived alone my house would be immaculate. I recently closed down my business and am now officially a house husband for the time being while my wife runs her successful business. I spend my day taking care of our toddler and a handicapped relative. Plus I do housework and yardwork all day. My wife does cook some though.

    Basically I wanted to say that taking on nearly 100% of the housework and yardwork, in combination with childcare and special needs care is quite exhausting. My wife works hard at her job, but I am now putting in literally 17-19 hours a day of non-stop work with no real breaks until late at night, trying to live a lifestyle of serving her. I’m not complaining. She is tired too. But taking on 100% of the housework, especially if you have other than 2 healthy adults in the household, is no joke.

  9. says

    We both work full time and thus we share the household chores. Neither of us would want to do it all, simply too tiring. We both have our favoured chores and things we do more often.

    I have alwaye thought the d/s man doing all household chores as well as being in full time employment is silly. I mean the man is then so utterly tired that he would have no energy left to be played with. Even more so if the woman stays at home.

  10. Paul Hughett says

    I do all the house work, after my regular job. My wife has Rheumatoid Arthritis and can not do house work or any work. Sometimes in a marriage you have to step up to the plate and do what needs to be done. In life you have to play the cards that you are dealt and tell yourself I love it. That don’t help much, but at least its positive. I love my wife and will do anything to make her life easier.


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