Why Women Must Control Men’s Orgasms

A snippet from a comment Charlotte posted “Orgasm Denial – The Woman’s Choice.”

… Males are simple and in many ways primitive creatures that have to be tamed and controlled. The male sexuality is aggressive, dominant and suppressive and it is a sad fact that males forget all about rules and behavior norms and they also abstain from thinking the moment they experience a chance to instead allow their sexuality to take control of them and direct their actions. Essential in the process of taming and controlling a male is therefore to control his sexuality and effectively emasculate him.
Before I relatively early in our relationship equipped my husband with a safe high quality chastity device I already had him bridled reasonably well but I saw clearly that he still was not completely reliable but at times his sexuality took control of him and made him behave in ways that he later regretted and certainly was not proud of.
When I had purchased the chastity device and told him that he was going to be locked in it in future he was at the same time embarrassed and excited. …

Read all of Charlotte’s words.

How do you feel about it, what do you think?


  1. chrissy says

    Best solution is castration, or sex change. The male should never be allowed sexual release he is much more submissive when denied any outlet. he should gain pleasure only from pleasing a woman. While castration is an extreme measure, the male should live under the threat of castration, to make him more obedient and pleasing to a woman. Of course, if the male member is small enough, it is useful for jokes, ridicule, and humiliation. Why cut it off when it provides so much amusement and entertainment to a woman, although of course, it would never be used for anything, except amusement. Ridicule works even better than corporal discipline, to emasculate a male.

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