Feminized Sissies

My own feelings about the practices of feminization and sissyfication are very mixed.

There seems to be an indigestible core of sexism in making anything feminine or womanly humiliating if it is done or worn by a male. Why should wearing a dress or lingerie be a mark of inferiority, a chastisement or even humbling?

But I do understand that for some men who are barely able to deal with parts of themselves it may offer a limited release. Men who

  • Experience some degree of gender dysphoria or are closeted transvestites
  • Men who are not able to cope with their sexual orientation, cannot accept that they are bisexual and have find men sexually attractive.

Having to sit to urinate as a form of submission strikes me as especially laughable. I often do that so that I can read at the same time.

Are you a sissy?

Originally posted 2008-05-06 21:45:15.

How do you feel about it, what do you think?


  1. says

    Reading while on the toilet is one of the cheapest and most effective ways that I have managed to educate myself to the tune of over $100,000 dollars of lack of student loan debt. I think that’s admirable.

  2. FemFetishDoll says

    I’m a sissy.. truely feminized. more so then any crossdressing male would ever consider. I’m a post op tswoman. My guess is although many dommes want sissys and sissifed males. they still want them intact as males. hope i’m wrong! But I’m finding a niche for myself as a lady’s lady. I’ve a new girlfried and she IDs as “butch lesbian” but she sure is nice to me! way nicer then any man has ever been to me.

  3. says

    I want to be feminized, yet i have no desire to be with a man. I love wearing womens clothes. I have always wanted to be a woman. I don’t like hanging out with guys. I sit to urinate. I like to think of myself as a male lesbian…I am a submissive man to a very naturally dominant woman. We are very happily married.

  4. yemeth says

    I’m a submissive man but I’ve never understood this ‘sissy’ thing. If women are superior, why would you change someone into a mock-woman to humiliate them. Isn’t the female servant stereotype one that needs to go as soon as possible?

  5. Want to know says

    should female masters require their male slaves to wear hosiery, or should their legs, feet and toes be kept bare?

    • vicki locke says

      Yes, a lady should never leave the house without wearing nylons or pantyhose. They make a lady more feminine.

  6. SissyNYC says

    I am, indeed, a sissy. And you’re right that there’s a contradiction between the humiliation aspect of feminized submission and the fact that many of us truly desire to emulate women because they’re, after all, superior.

    So what is it? A contradiction.

    We’re supposed to be men, right. But we’re painfully inadequate in that area. Petite between our legs. Immature in our inability to control our masturbatory urges. Very much in need of supervision.

    It’s complicated.

    But it’s real.

  7. sissynyc says

    Whether male slaves should be required to wear anything in particular or decorate themselves in any particular way is an intensely personal decision of the Dominant. And while I confess to being a complete sissy whose deepest desires are to be feminized and used by such a Dominant, I recognize the distinction between a fetish sissy (like myself) and a true submissive, who seeks pleasure solely through the submission.

    I totally am aroused by the trappings of femininity as well as the submissive aspects of a male who admits inferiority.

  8. femsup says

    It troubles me to to wonder why pretending to be a Womyn is humiliating.So being a Womyn is inferior?Many of these transvestites are thus the last bastions of male chauvanism.

  9. SissyNYC says


    It’s not that being a Woman is humiliating, it’s that we’re unable to be “real” males, and are being guided to become as close to our superiors as we can, in mode of dress, and sometimes in our body structure.

    Far from chauvinism, we’re paying homage to those whose power and grace we can not even approach.

  10. Topcat says

    Being fairly new to FLR This is one of the many things I just don’t understand. Why would any man want to be sissyfied and or be forced to wear womans apparel. I guess because it’s not my thing I just don’t get it. I will admit that I have often wished I could be a female for one year. The sole purpose for that is so I would then be able on my return to being a male I would be able to please my wife in every way because I would know how it all feels. I would like to know how it feels to care a child and give birth. I have delivered a couple and that was great but what is it like to actually do it. What does it fell like to have things put inside you and how do I rub that clit to make it work right all the time. Is she just being nice when she says it doesn’t happen all the time or is it fact. I would love to be able to drive her crazy every time instead of just make her fell good. To me sissification and crossdressing is like acting out the fact that you want to be queer, like bisexual things why would a man want to suck on another mans dick or work on it and get it up so the other guy can screw his wife. I can understand swingers because you are changing partners. (not my thing either)Like I said, I am fairly new to this and I just don’t get it.

  11. Chris says

    For many TG males, it’s a purely erotic pleasure, just like submission. That explains it totally for me. I love it so much that I went to a gender clinic more than 20 years ago, to become feminine, and perhaps to become a female. I told them that I had no understanding of what it could mean to have a “female” mind/brain. I just knew it gave me such incredible pleasure that I wanted to actually become feminine, and I did so, and took hormones for some months, but decided not to go through with it. I did take hormones again later, from a regular physician, for another couple of months. I also had electrolysis, and cosmetic surgery, and for the past 18 years or so, have generally been perceived as a female, unless I’m wearing a sport coat and tie. I’m small and slender, and was always very passable, even before the hormones, loss of facial hair, and cosmetic surgery. I’m almost too small to wear men’s clothes, and can’t wear men’s leather jackets. I need to wear a women’s medium.

    It has nothing to do, in my case, with anything except overwhelming erotic and emotional pleasure, just like submission does, with me. They complement each other. Being feminine triggers submission, and vice versa. People vary infinitely, but I know many TG people who are like me. After sex, they have no interest in being feminine, or submissive, for a period of time. That only lasts about 10 minutes with me, but when I was younger, it lasted much longer, since I fought these desires, and had a tough time accepting that they were forever, and I might as well embrace them.

  12. Virginia Veron says

    I dont think that dress as a woman means to be inferior. But some how, we, women when prefer not to use skirts and dresses demonstrate that some how agree. To use skirts is not uncomfortable,ore high heels, you feel more feminine, more woman.

  13. sissybritt says

    I too am a sissy and dont know why it is so appealing. I just like being in pretty panties and girl clothes. I dont try to pass as a women and have no desire to either. In my life everything about me seems like a normal man.. but I would rather be dressed up in panties and things in front of “real” men and women and be used for their pleasure. I like being called a sissy or pussy boy by dominant males. If my wife knew that I would let other men fuck her in front of me if they would let me just dress up in pink panties and little skirt and sit in the corner and do the clean up I would be so happy

  14. LingerieLuver says

    Why can’t males enjoy the silky-soft materials that women’s lingerie is made of,
    like tneir nylon panties/briefs, lacy slips, stockings with garter belts and silky, lacy nightgowns to sleep in? And anyway, no one ‘sees’ what a male is wearing under his shirt and pants, unless ‘he wants’ them to ‘show’. I love wearing nylon panties 24/7, during the day and at night I slip on a lacy nylon nightie and matching nylon panties(usually ‘full’ briefs). Women ‘won’ the right to be ‘Liberated’, WHY CAN’T MEN?? How ‘long’ will it take til ‘we’re’ ACCEPTED
    to be able to “WEAR WHATEVER WE WISH”, Just like all women enjoy NOW!

  15. susan9316 says

    i am a sissy and have been on a path of feminization for the past several years. i love putting my male self aside and letting my feminiinty blossom. Though much of my life is led as a male i know that each day i take some time to embrace and celebrate my inner girl. Erotic? Yes, i love the sexual energy of my female self. i also love it when i can relax and just be as much of a woman as i can, in style and appearance and in the way i see and interact with the world around me. It is very liberating to be able to spend time with women, enjoy girl talk, do the things that women do and and feel the freedom to be one of the girls. More and more i let my femme side shine and it is lovely. Still i appreciate and accept the sexual authoirty and rightful supremacy of genetic women.

  16. macguy4400 says

    My Mistress would make me wear garterbelt, hose and heels and sometimes panties. I am a straight guy so the arousal and excitement comes from being told to wear these things and the thought of the humiliation if this would ever become common knowledge among any of your straight friends. Also when I was dressed like this and tied to a chair, my Mistress would taunt me by asking if any of my tennis friends would like some of the same treatment. I never knew what to answer.

  17. Daydreamer says

    Feminizing and sissification are interesting concepts but don’t turn me on until I’m horny as hell because I began experimenting with kinky sex as a 17-year-old when my god father seduced me and taught me there is more to sex than girls. Without any force but gentle persuasion, he encouraged me to begin wearing women’s panties, bras, stockings, then adding blouses, and skirts.

    He convinced me that I looked very much the girl when I put on make up. Once he’d brought me to acting the part of a girl, it was an easy next step for him to have me suck him off, which I really enjoyed! Fucking followed, again pleasurable.

    Let me back up a bit here. I’m 6-2, 185# guy with a big, thick cock. When out of “uniform” and unhorny, I’m like any straight guy. I love women, love their naked bodies, love their voices. Never look at a guy’s pants. Been married twice and have kids.

    Among what I learned growing up and continue to practice, was submission with the right man.

  18. says

    I’m a married crossdresser,and although my wife knows of my dressing,she does not participate or encourage me in any manner.I’ve been dressing since I was a child,and enjoy the delights of everything feminine.I especially enjoy wearing garter belts or girdles,sheer nylon stockings,and high heels.I really wish my wife would encourage and participate in my dressing;and maybe even transform me into the “woman” of her own imagination.I’d even give her an open hand to do whatever she desires,including seeing other men if she so chooses.What more can I offer?I’m also trying to think of a way to tell her of my submissive nature,and strong fetish for women’s nylon clad feet and shoes.One of my biggest fantasies is for my wife to come home from work after a long day on her feet,and order me to slip off her shoes and message,kiss,and smell her warm smelly nylon clad feet.As an afterthought;she’d order me to kiss and smell the inside of her well worn sweaty shoes.I guess I’ll just have to dream,because I just don’t think she could be that adventurous.Any comments or suggestions welcome!Sincerely “Michelle”

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