Feminization (or Sissyfication): some men just wear a bit of female lingerie. At the other end men dress as “sissy maids” and perform all the household tasks while so dressed. This form of role reversal is thought to focus a man on submission. For men with suppressed gender and sexual orientation issues it is probably therapeutic.

Originally posted 2007-07-14 23:17:10.

How do you feel about it, what do you think?


  1. womynrule says

    Feminization is a wonderful way for a submissive man to show his feminine side and to be emasculated. Wearing panties or a short pink frilly nightie, for me, is a way of giving up my masculinity for my wife. When I am dressed in these clothes as a man, I just can’t be in control. When my wife touches my nipples, I feel feminized as well. I have humilitated myself and my masculinity and she is in charge. It certainly is therapeutic…I feel most myself when feminized. Role reveral is part of this. Completing household tasks, particularly in a frilly flowered apron, is highly charged. I love to show my love and devotion to my wife this way. As a believer in female superiority, too, I feel it is my proper place…doing the housework (without her having to ask) in my sissy attire so that I am visibily humbled and at her service.

  2. F-P says

    Personally I think the whole business of the husband doing household tasks is itself a form of feminization. Not inherently so, and there’s nothing inherently feminine about them and no reason a masculine or non-submissive husband can’t or shouldn’t do them. But they carry the connotation of femininity, and fit the stereotype. In sum, there is a common thread in men dressing in stereotypical feminine clothing and doing stereotypical feminine tasks.

  3. says

    I don’t get how someone can simultaneously believe in female superiority and feel humbled or humiliated when dressed as a woman. If being dressed as a woman makes you “lesser” or if you are “giving up” your masculinity as a form of sacrifice, what does that say about actual women?

    That said, I don’t think you have to have suppressed gender or sexual orientation issues to get off on it.

    • says

      Since most of my lovers have been very femme gay guys I don’t mean to imply that males who in some way enact ‘female’ roles or behavior suffer from gender dysphoria or sexual orientation issues.

      But good slice of those that post online on FLR blogs and forums surely do.

    • sissyboycindy says

      I really believe women are superior to sissies like me.There is nothing wrong with being a woman,however to be a male who is dressed in a dress or skirt and heels with makeup and all it is exciting but can be very scarey and or humiliating as well.I have been taken out in public a lot at night dressed like a whore who was looking for sex,and was lucky to been somewhere that it is ok to go dressed like i was and wasnt threatened or teased,just had several horny perverted men hitting on me wanting sex.The adult porn stores are always safe for a feminised male to go regardless if her looks or passability.Being feminised is how i prefer to be,and i have had people notice that i was a guy and never said a word either because they didnt know what to say or didnt didnt get to because i walked away from them.but that was with strangers,having someone see a sissy and recognise her would change the outcome.If i was dressed up and a friend or relative saw and recognised me they probably stop me and have questions and would tease me for being a sissy .It would depend on what they said or did and it could be very humiliating,,or just embarassing,but id know everyone they know would find out and id have to deal with them one at a time

  4. Jack says

    I was feminized by a lady in Kansas for some time. I was very much in awe of her and obeyed her almost instantly or was whipped. Anyway when I was at her house I was told to wear and basically made to dress in garterbelt, hose, heels and panties. Although this was very humiliating it was also very erotic. I admit I could have gotten out if I had wanted but there was something that kept me there even when being whipped until I cried.

    • says

      i know how you feel i was dressed as a girl when i was a little one forced to wear panties and nylons bra and a dres when we went to the laundry matt. so now i enjoy wearing womans clothes and makeup and jewelery just dressing up as a woman. i love to wear womans clothes i sleep ina pink nitegown and panties love to wear makeup.one time i dressed up and drove to visit my friends the two ladies in my life , i had on my makeup and hoop earings and a bodyslimmer with pantyhose and panties to match ,my lipstick was wonderful,i had my little sweater on and my purse was in the car so off i went . the first one said you are so pretty, the second said would you like to try on some of my clothes? i said yes i would love to try on your clothes. such femination i want to be a girl. i love my lingerie and dresses so she gave me one of her bras stuffed it and then the panties,makeup jewelry,perfume,pictures,then forced me to suck her dildo and fucked me in the ass.then we went to walmart shopping for girls clothes i was dressed up and nobody cared. i bought panties, 2 bras, 1 bodyshaper, 2 nitegowns,4 pairs of pantyhose, and two dresses. i couldnt help myself so i bought 3 pairs of tights and a couple of pink tops.2 pair of shoes open toe. some nail polish and remover,some new eyelashes. i like to drive around dressed up like a woman and go thru drive thrus and say i am going to a costume party

  5. dave says

    i am given the privilege of wearing some Women’s clothing, usually in concert with my male attire. I have my own lingerie, pantyhose, and heels as well as some elements of outer wear. In dressing in Women’s clothes i am emulating the superior sex; i enjoy the options that i have and exercise them whenever i can.


  6. Juli says

    i want a female girlfriend, that dominates me and wants me to take the female role in the relatonship. i wish be all be all she wants me to be for her……

  7. Bobbi says

    I would LOVE to be feminized and used as a household slave for a male, female or couple who would enjoy having me as their property.

  8. whyguys says

    Not me, pal, I ain’t gonna wear no stinkin’ Female clothes just because some bimbo gets a thrill seein’ me all girly.

    You can tell ALL of them – NO WAY!

    And if that don’t shut them up and they need a further lesson…. inform them all to call me right here 1-555-YES-MAAM.

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