Forced Feminization

Some people who want to be turned into sissies want someone to force them to be sissyfied. To force them to do what they want to do. But how to achieve such contradiction?

There’s always blackmail:

I share your interest in forced feminization and I have to say that to truly force someone to do something he or she doesn’t want to is probably beyond the scope of bdsm or at least most bdsm relationships.

Someone suggested taking poloroids of you all dressed up. However unless she would actually show them around and you are truly frightened of her doing so, pictures don’t sound like much of a threat.

There’s always reality:

A friend and I played with this once. We went to the mall, picked out a pair of panties for him, Had him change in the men’s room there and wandered around the mall for a while. It was really intense for him – he’d never done such a thing before. He was embarrassed and self-conscious, seriously blushing and this isn’t the kind of guy who blushes. And hard as a rock the whole time.

On the other end of my experience is the guy who wanted me to throw out all of his male things and make him live as a woman. The twist there, I thought, was that he was trying to force me to feminize him. That was weird. Not my kink.

I also met someone who said he was into forced fem, but on talking to him, there was nothing “forced” about what he wanted, but that’s the only name that fit most of his kink. He wanted to be the femsub of a femdom.

Forced feminization questions

Originally posted 2009-02-28 10:55:24.

How do you feel about it, what do you think?


  1. Chris says

    Women like masculine men, so this is going to be very rare for a woman to actually enjoy this as her own idea. I’d love it, as a sub who also has TG desires, but almost all women dont’ want a submissive man, nor a feminine man, so both combined is going to really be tough for them to accept.

  2. Miss Jaye says

    I am in a LTR, almost 12 years now, with a male who enjoys “forced” feminization. I put forced in quotes because it isn’t any longer, although in the beginning, even though it was something he wanted, it was because without me forcing the issue he never would have explored it. He was afraid of being judged and ridiculed, even by just one person, to the point he was terrified to show himself to me in feminine dress.
    I enjoy masculinity, however, I don’t define it as bulging muscles and a hairy chest.
    My partner is 5’6, 135 lbs and has a barely 29 inch waist, but still is very masculine, right up until the time I tie a corset on him. :)
    Maybe it is because I am bi-sexual, but I enjoy his gender-flexibility.

    • FemBoy74 says

      OMG!! Where can I find more women like you?!?!?
      It’s to bad you are already married. You are the exact type
      of woman I have been looking for.

  3. priscilla says

    my ex husband was into forced feminization.i went along with it for years, makng him dress feminine and calling him polly, and eventually i threw away all his male clothes and replaced them with feminine versions of them e.g, i bought him ladies trouser suits, ladies shoes that didnt have any heels on them but had very feminine pointed toes.he loved the feeling thathe got when his clothes kept getting second glances from people, i also tought him how to apply light makeup everyday so his masculine facial features were diguised and his appearance was even more kind of turned me on too.if we were at a family dinner he would excuse himself tp the bathroom and he would re-apply his makeup, or when we were out with friends and he would get compliments on his clothing from my friends saying that they suited him.i loved being married to a sissy but eventually he wanted me to forced him to satiafy men and thats when i drew the line and got out of the careful how far you are willing to go with your husbands fantasies.

    • Stephen says

      Priscilla ,
      I would love to be in a relationship like that ,but I am not into guys at all !!! I like to think I am a male lesbian ….would love a lady to make me her “lesbian” lover (by the way a guy that you have dressed up Can’t cheat on you !!!! So all his fantasies are of you !

  4. maymay says

    My elder brother was into forced feminization by our mother. Since my mom wanted a baby girl, she spend most of my brother’s time dressing like a girl and all. It was just stopped when I arrived. :D

  5. Jack says

    Being “forced” or just being told to dress in garterbelt, hose, heels and panties is a very very erotic experience. I was told to dress this way by my past Mistress and the humiliation of this is very powerful in an erotic way. This other thing that is very erotic to me is to be tied and then gagged by a lady.

  6. coleen says

    forced feminiziation is a thrill. A tight corsett, tight 9 ” heels with bondage chains is desiredl. Add a cock chain and a panty gag is great.

  7. bobbie030 says

    many men like to wear panties, put on dresses and walk around in heels…. it’s their little secret…. they have their little fun, but perfer returning to their male persona…. feminization becomes “forced” when they are taken out of their comfort zone…. where they are taken may even be their ultimate desire…. but they would never have gotten there on their own….. :)~


  8. tg says

    i think um into self feminization. i do steal my elder sister stockings and bra’s. i do enjoy shaving my masculin features and wear those stockings and bra’s and applying makeup and wearing lingeries and ending up with dresses i dont like looking like a sissy i like lookin feminine more.

  9. says

    In reality I don’t think the word should be forced. If a person truly does not want to be feminised then he won’t be There is a desire there to walk around in female clothes. It is erotic. The partners is the enabler, but does not force. There is control of course when it is is a D/s setting.
    I control what my buy wears, but that he wants to wear female attire is very much what he wants. I participate, control, enable and play, but I do not force.

    • says

      I think being “forced” is part of the fantasy. That he is being made to do this against his will. Partly the submissive desire for strong dominance. And possibly to escape guilt for becoming feminine.

  10. Melanie says

    I was a regular boy until the age of 9. I was in cub scouts and for mother’s day we had a “mother and daughter” evening. At first I was reluctant, but my mother was determined to go and win the prize for the “best daughter”. The calendar meant we had plenty of time to prepare. My mom went around to a mother of a girl in my class (Jenni) to “borrow” some old clothes. when she returned with all these dresses and panties for me to try on. Once I was dressed up, we had a “fashion parade” where I was presented to all on show.I was very embarrassed, but my mom inspired me to keep going. She attacked my room and anything “boy” in the room was taken to the spare room. All my blue sheets were changed to pink sheets and the only boy thing in my wardrobe were my school uniforms. It was about 3 months before mother’s day and every night I slept in girls panties and pink nighties. When I got home from school each day I was forced to change into my girl uniform for the first week or so, but then i willingly changed into my girl’s clothes after each day of school and only played with my new best friend Jenni. Jenni taught me how to be a girl and we spent hours doing all sorts of girly stuff.
    The big night game and I was awarded the “best girl” much to my squeals of delight. Just after that I cried when my mom decided to convert me back to a boy, but I refused so I was forced to burn all my girly things. I was hooked on being a girl so I would borrow Jenni’s clothes and she would give me her clothes to wear. It was our little secret.
    I have kept it secret ever since and every girl I have dated has been my size so I can fit into her clothes. The first thing I do after I start dating these girls is to go completely en-femme in their clothes. Fortunately, I now work from home and my partner travels so just after she leaves, I slip into the dirty clothes basket! Whenever she travels away I go completely en-femme for the entire time she is away. I was lucky when she came home early one trip and found me so after she blew up at me, we had a little chat and now I am completely en-femme 100% of the time and are now in transition. I was immediately moved to the spare room and have been forbidden to enter her pleasuredome as a male, but our lesbian love life is second to none!

  11. Rose says

    there CAN be forced feminization. We were in college and one night I called my boy friend. I told him I needed him. He dadn’t want to come which was exactly what I wanted. I asked until he came When we came I acted mysteriously upset and we cuddled until he got excited. It was easy then to make him change into my girdle, bra and nylons. I let him c– then forbid his taking off the clothes. I gave him fresh panties and told him to return in them tomorrow same time. Very quickly, he enjoyed this. I made him advance to women’s outer attire, and kept on until he’d beg for it. Then I sent him to my beautician in a dress. I think that’s forced.

  12. Randi B says

    My wife never had to force me and she loves me in panties and has me wear more around the house,I do not wear any mens clothes at home my wife wants it that way and I do not mind,panties is just underwear to me I find them better to wear then mens,I love my wife and we both love a femdom marriage,we are very happy every day,so maybe this is not for everyone but I love being Fem and our marriage works because we both want the same,there is nothing I would not do for her and she is the same for me,take care everyone.

  13. LingerieLuver says

    I have never been ‘lucky’ enough to have known ‘any female’ that would make or want me to wear ladies lingerie or clothes, while being with her, in private. I am 62 yrs. old and have had several marriages, to females that were “repulsed” at the idea of me wearing nylon panties or any piece of women’s underwear.
    Oh, well, maybe in my “Next Life” I’ll be so lucky!

  14. Judy says

    I keep my sissy dressed enfem at all times. He must do everything as a girl, or face strict punishment. I have a little game I play with him when we make love. First he has to entertain me by doing a strip tease stopping when he is down to his wasp waist corset, nylons, high heel pumps, and chastity belt. Then starting at my feet he licks, and kisses his way up my body. Only after he has licked me to multiple orgasms as a lesbian lover, will I strap on a dildo, and rape him.

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