Sub Hubbies : Household Chores

Sub hubby washing dishes in apron.

Whether or not a man should help his wife or girlfriend with household chores shouldn’t even be a question. More strongly than ever since most wives work.

But the self-proclaimed sissy sub-hubbies who make it sound as if their marriages consist of him scrubbing bathroom floors and ironing clothes (the two favorite chores it seems) make their sincerity questionable.

Is it that these benighted men had exceptionally sexist upbringings or another case of public fantasizing?

It especially seems the latter with those guys who say they work a fulltime job, then come home and labor until bedtime. Presumably their wives are curled up on the couch watching TV and eating bonbons.

Originally posted 2008-12-20 10:26:06.

How do you feel about it, what do you think?


  1. womynrule says

    Relationships require some balance and it does seem unlikely that sissy men are working a full day and then coming home to scrub the floors only. But, there are sissy husbands who take up many traditionally female household chores and do so in only an apron while their wives watch tv. I am one and I thank her for letting me do so. Vacuuming and ironing are favorites. Yes, we do share in the household duties, and I am grateful to her for letting me do some of mine in my get-up. And it does amuse her.

  2. says

    I, too, do household chores, but not because I’m “a sissy” or “forced” to do them. (Oh yes, pleeeeeeeeze “force” me to lick the house clean! Right….)

    Also, I do chores in my skirts and panties because I enjoy it, not because I’m “made” to. Those men who on the one hand bemoan their marriage’s lot of doing chores in women’s clothing and on the other obviously enjoy it are really enjoying the bemoaning as well, and I sincerely hope they aren’t daft enough not to notice their own desires.

    As an aside, it’s nice to see you posting again, Richard. Welcome back to the blogosphere. :) You were missed.

  3. says

    I have to laugh. The two chores (bathroom cleanup and ironing) are two “chores” I do.

    I do them simply because I do them better than Mrs. Mule.

    Cleaning bathrooms is rather easy. There is no subtlety to it. It’s not much unlike swabbing a deck on a ship. Everything is washable. I’m still trying to figure out a way to hose it all down when I am finished.

    I became a master ironer in the military. No commercial dry cleaner could get my shirts done was well as I can. Mrs. Mule puts my shirts in a dry cleaner to be done. I still, touch them up before I wear them. Ironing also takes a “heavy hand” (along with some finesse).

    Another “chore” that requires a heavy hand is vacuuming. I don’t have a problem with putting the vacuum down to the level where the beaters are at the lowest level. I don’t have a problem with picking up the end of the couch with one hand to vacuum under it with the other.

    Otherwise, chores are divided by skill level and opportunity. For example, Mrs. Mule does almost all the cooking. Although I am a fairly good cook in my own right, her imagination is better. Also she gets home hours before I do so we eat before midnight. I do the cleanup and yell at her when she gets in my way :-).

    The only chore I do in kinky mode is clean the pool. I’m learning what to do. When we got the pool, I told Mrs. Mule that it was her responsibility to do whatever it takes to keep it maintained. She decides what needs to be done and has either trained me to do it, or gives me specific directions on how to do it.

    Of course I do it in the buff, as her naked pool boy. There is something about the pool that says “play” and she does play with me a lot in the pool.

    We don’t look at what we do as chores. They are simply things we need to do to keep the household running and we try to have as much fun doing them as we can.

  4. sissyboycindy says

    Doing the household chores is something that should be done by both the husband and wife,boyfriend and girlfriend,,what ever,unless there are different circumstances in play.The woman might be dominating the male and he does them as ordered to like an obediant slave.Or like in my case,,i for some reason enjoy doing the housework,and especially if i get to do it dressed as feminine as possible.I doubt there are many women who are willing to do whatever chores she is told,while wearing a maids outfit or skirt and high heels but that is how i did the house work when i was married,and still do with several female friends houses that i am a sissy maid for now.It isnt always about the male being forced to do it,being dominated and feminised by the woman.I had this one woman whom i was friends with that had a seven year old daughter and they both loved to have me over ,I would usually be totally feminised when i arrived,or would change and get fixed up after i was in their house,I liked leaving my place totally femmed because when i did that i had only what i wore and didnt hardly ever bring any male clothing.By not having male clothing i was forced to be totally feminised at all times till i left, whether i wanted to or not,no matter how uncomfortable i was.When i arrived if i wasnt already feminised id go to the bathroom and make myself as feminine as i could then id visit a bit and the woman living there who was a little over ten years younger would tell me what all she need and would have things she added and removed from her list.While there i was her sissy maid and was referred as such in front of anyone who came to visit.I took care of her little girl,(dressing,driving to school,homework,feeding and whatever else needed)as well as did all cooking ,cleaning and outside chores.I was happy when she called me and always went to her house immediatly and enjoyed every minute i was there which would be anywhere from just a day to staying for maybe a week and be in a skirt and heels

  5. says

    Thanks for posting this provocative picture. What strikes me is that such an illustration from a mainstream women’s magazine is as pure a piece of femdom porn as anything that Eric Stanton or Gene Bilbrew ever came up with. The beauty of the draughtsmanship and design only adds to the erotic power. What an unnerving image it must have been back in the 50s…I grew up around magazines like this, Ladies Home Journal and things like that, because my mother read them, and although I can’t remember their precise contents now, I love to look at vintage issues in flea markets when I come upon them.

    That being said…I write femdom fantasy stories about, amongst various topics, guys being “forced” to do housework by dominant women; but in reality I find housework the most boring task of all. But of course a dominant female could get me to do it readily in a roleplay situation. And of course, this seeming paradox (so trite, I admit) is, on the level of my subconscious, quite logical and rational. What else could be more submissive and humiliating than to be “forced” do a “woman’s job” you loathe and have little respect for? Because a “real man” doesn’t clean…he spends his valuable time creating or conquering! Or other “important” things like that. Such are the underpinnings of erotic fantasy.

  6. says

    I think the reality is that they do a lot less than they think they do. Plus there are all kinds of chores that are not seen as chores.
    I can only speak of my own relationship. We both work full time and we share the household load. We each have our preferred jobs and our hated jobs. We do them for us. As by working together we create free time, play time for us both. Really I have no use for a man that because he is doing everything in the house and working is too tired/exhausted to play with.

  7. Charlotte says

    My husband’s daily life consists for a big part of doing household chores and it does happen that I in the evening am curled up on the couch watching TV and eating bonbons when he still are doing some chores.
    But it is not the norm.
    He is not helping me with household chores; the household chores are his job and as the norm I expect them to be done when I come home from work.
    We both were still studying at university when I expected our first child. He had two years left before graduating and was doing reasonably well. I would graduate the following year and was doing very well. It was decided that he should drop out of university and become stay-at-home husband and father.
    I discussed it with him before making the decision and I was not surprised that he more than anything was relief to hear that I not insisted that he should finish his studies and have a job and career. Together with three sisters he had been raised by a single mother with strong feministic believes so already before I spotted him and took him in hand was he well adjusted to female norms and values. He was perfectly suited for the role as homemaker but I doubt that he would have made much of a career and surely he would not have been very happy attempting to do so. The arrangement has been perfect for us; it is convenient for me to have him doing the housework, my income has always been sufficient, the children have benefitted from having their father at home and he is happy with being a homemaker and having the quiet and protected life as homemaker.
    The decision to have my man staying at home and doing the household chores was at the time controversial and such an arrangement is still far from usual but I am certain that it will become very normal.
    Today it is not unusual to see men whine in the Medias whine and whimper that they are being emasculated in a society where female norms, values and standards fast are becoming the norm and women are setting the agenda. Suddenly feminist teachers are blamed for boys not doing as well as girls in school, the average young woman is far better educated than the average young man, an increasing number of women are the breadwinners in their families and many women bring up their children without also having a man in the family to look after. There are many more signs of how society fast is being feminized and men with traditional male values and views naturally feel threatened and it is really funny that now they want gender equality.
    What these men and unfortunately also still many women fail to see is that the male is outdated.
    Civilization cannot be stopped and civilization is just a gender neutral word for feminization and that matriarchy will become a reality is inevitable. In the modern, civilized high-tech world there is no room for traditional male values and norms and there is very little use for typical male qualities even in the few jobs where immaturity and testosterone intoxication used to be qualities. With today’s advanced technology women are even in these jobs doing better than men. We do not even need males for reproduction anymore.
    So the male is indeed being emasculated by the fast increasing civilization/feminization of society but it is a childishly naïve and – depending on your temperament – silly or sweet idea that it should be possible just to ignore the progressing feminization and decide male should be our equals. Equality is a utopian idea. It can only be a step on the way to the completely feminized matriarchal society.
    Males must realize that that their status and roles will change whether they like it or not. It comes natural that their inherent primitiveness and immaturity will determine their future status as absolutely subordinate. What is convenient and enjoyable for women will dictate their roles in the matriarchy.
    How happy the males will be with their roles in the coming matriarchy depends on their ability to comply with the feminine structures and normality their and their willingness to adapt a subservient mindset.
    As society becomes more sophisticated and complicated it becomes seriously dangerous to consider males as equal and allowing them to be independent and holding positions of influence. They all must within the next relatively few years be put under female guardianship; it is necessary for society and it obviously will be also in their own best interest.
    The matriarchal society will treat males in a maternal and caring but naturally also controlling way. In the matriarchy boys will from the day they are born be adjusted to life in the feminized home and society. They will meet expectations that are totally different from those in the patriarchal society. They will not be exposed to glorifying of primitive macho behavior or masculinity at all. They will grow up fully aware of girls and women being superior, fully aware of their own need to be compliant, unobtrusive and subservient. They will know that the purpose of their existence is to serve and please and they will gratefully appreciate the caring control and guidance they are subjected to. With the right upbringing, training, education and care most boys can grow up to be very useful in various subordinate service jobs including that as husband and homemaker.
    I have a demanding job and sometimes long working hours. I love my job and enjoy my work but I could not have enjoyed it nearly as much as I do if I had not had my man at home doing all the chores and taking care of the children when they were small. It is a fantastic luxury for a woman and mother to come home from work and be able to sit down with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, talk with the family, knowing that the supper will be served on time and not having to care about laundry and cleaning. It is good for the whole family including my husband.
    He knows that I and also the children appreciate him doing the household chores. He knows that I love him and he is happy to have a wife who takes good care of him in all ways. He likes doing the housework. Ironing he finds relaxing but cleaning the bathroom is not one of his favorite chores. Like all males he has an inherent problem with his sight and cannot always see that something needs to be cleaned but with consistent and firm guidance he in general is doing fine and he is an excellent cook. It happens that his behavior or work not meet my expectations so I have to discipline him but he knows that even when I cane him severely it is out of loving care for him and in the best interest of the whole family.
    Males actually can learn to clean and do all household chores and be good homemakers; they just in this job need as much careful supervision and guidance as in all other jobs.

  8. Andrew Colefemdom blog says

    We have a philosophy in our house that was started by me. I don’t like doing housework anymore than anybody else, but since I am a submissive, I feel a responsibility to her to do most of the housework. The decision about who does what is really about power. I told her that I never want her to feel like she MUST do any housework.

    Sometimes she would rather do it because I’m busy and she doesn’t want to wait for me to be able to do it, even though I would have when I had the chance. Other times she just feels like pitching in and doing her part, because as dominant as she is, that isn’t the only aspect of her personality.

    The system isn’t perfect, and sometimes there are snags, but the idea of making chores about power rather than schedules or assignments has worked out pretty well. It is assumed that I will do all the housework, and if she decides to do some of it herself, then so be it.

  9. chrissy says

    Everyone is different. Yet the female should ultimately decide what the male does, even if it means the male does all the housework and the woman sits on a couch watching TV, eating bonbons, shouting orders at the male if he misses a spot. males are privileged to serve, suffer, submit and sacrifice, even if the woman does nothing to help, other than occasional supervision, criticism and discipline

  10. Me says

    Well my wife is already the breadwinner. She doesn’t like to do dirty jobs and she’s usually too tired to do any kind of housework. So the housework falls to me. I don’t have direct access to her bank account either, so she has the upper hand in the relationship, and we both know it.

    I often do the cleaning in a maid uniform like today for example. I’m wearing it right now and have more work to do. My wife likes the maid outfit on me. It keeps me on task and in a mindset to clean. She, on the other hand, barely wears dresses and prefers the comfort of pants. So the fact that I do the housework in a dress balances things out I suppose.

    I’ve become used to being in a dress now and it feels strange to clean up around the house without one. My legs also feel bare without some type of hosiery on them. So I usually wear pantyhose while dressed, another garment my wife doesn’t really like much, so she leaves the hose to me.

    Society is really becoming more feminized. Women are beginning to look like the future of leadership. They seem to do well in school and in the workplace. In most of the jobs I’ve had in the past, I had to submit to some type of female authority. It’s hard to come across like a traditional male these days. It doesn’t get you very far. If successful women begin to lead more, more men will have to get comfortable with following them. It’s pretty much the case for me right now. My wife makes most of the major decisions for us. She’s most comfortable with me following her lead, agreeing with her, and taking care of the house as well as her. It seems like men will have to become more submissive and take over the role that women used to have in order to survive. Otherwise, women may not want them.

    If that means getting comfortable in a dress while your wife wears the pants, so be it.

  11. Robear says

    In our house, my wife runs the business and I take care of the cleaning and cooking. This gives her more time to do the things she needs to get done. I am required to be naked while cleaning and cooking. Our apartment is downstairs from the business and when ever entering the basement I must be naked or have my pants down around my ankles at all time. This allows my wife to have complete access to my butt, penis, and ball at all time. Also, my balls are to be pulled back between my legs so she can access them or see them at all times while I am working. This and my pants around my ankles act as a hobble as I work. Keeping me humble at all times. She requires me to lick her clean after she pees and before she takes her weekly shower. I am required to keep a tea cup by the toilet for her to pee into every morning, so I can drink of her nectar and have that part of her in me all day. I get weekly maintance spankings and as needed spankings through out the week for mistakes and errors. She keeps me caged, butt plugged and electric dog collar on my balls at different time to keep me in line and for her fun and enjoyment. I am required to keep the dog piles cleaned up in the yard. To do this I have to push all piles into dustpan with my nose and be completely naked. If I make a mistake while cooking her breakfast or forget something, I am required t bring her a wooden spoon for a penis and ball spanking. No less than five swats to each for each offence, I am required to clean he pussy and her ass anytime, anywhere. She has complete control of our relationship and we are both happy and content. I wouldn’t have it any other way..

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