Mentally Emasculate Submisive Men With Clothing

An extract from Charlotte’s response to a question on Men Who Accept Being Inferior Make the Best Husbands.

Fortunately the feminization of male clothing has progressed so far that tights and pantyhose for boys and men now are easily available and I insist that my son and husband in the winter season wear tights especially when they are outdoors. I do it because it is a sensible and practical way to make sure they do not get cold but I admit that it also plays a role that as a bonus effect wearing tights seems to make them both feel more controlled and in a way restrained. It is only a theory I have but I suppose that what causes this bonus effect is that tights are tight and make a male feel that his body and especially his private parts are restricted.

My males’ wardrobes do not include many traditional male shirts; I prefer them to wear t-shirts sweatshirts and blouses. Their nightwear include pajamas, nightshirts and big t-shirts but mostly nightshirts. Also with nightwear I prefer buying them things that are cute, soft and at least not explicit masculine.

The way I dress my husband and son of course very much reflects the way I expect them to be; sweet, cute and meek and I am certain that this as one of many things helps modifying their behavior.

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    Interesting, many dominant women require the males to wear panties as a sign of submission and in punishment. Has this been a practice in your home? I would think this would correct any masculine attitudes quite effectively. Obviously YOU wear the pants in the family, would they object to this? or obey you, should you decide to employ this as part of your guidance.

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