Panty Boys

That men enjoy wearing panties or other articles of feminine attire is probably a very widespread fetish: exceeding the realms of female domination and loving female authority.

Luckily for submissive guys it is one that women are easily persuaded to accommodate and even come to enjoy.

But adopting women’s undergarments, lingerie shouldn’t be so often treated as assuming tokens of inferiority. If you think about it that is like saying women wear the clothing they do because they are inferior.

Just be glad she lets you wear high heels, panties and the like. You have found a spouse willing to accept your atypical needs. Just be happy.

It is like the toilet: people should use it in the fashion best suited to their anatomy. Some of us sit on it because we like to read.

Originally posted 2007-12-23 17:16:10.

How do you feel about it, what do you think?


  1. femsup says

    Don’t like wearing them in the conventional sense but having them wrapped around my penis by my partner whilst She rubs me is all good.

  2. says

    I wear women’s panties and do so gladly. Well, it’s not what you think.

    Mrs. Mule and I own a pool. I get to play naked pool boy for her as she supervises me as I clean the pool. I really don’t like wearing a bathing suit.

    However, our company might not be as understanding, so I do own a couple of suits. One of them is made by Nike. It’s an interesting material as it seems to be designed to hold water for hours and takes days to dry out.

    The person who designed this suit had no concept of male anatomy. There is a seam in the netting right up the middle of the front. The netting is not a soft material. So it is not comfortable to wear.

    I used to wear a pair of my own underwear under it but being thick cotton, they held even more water. Then Mrs. Mule suggested that she sew a pair of her underwear into the suit permanently. It works just great.

    When my son found out he was mortified to the point where my daughter-in-law couldn’t help laughing at his reaction.

    My wife’s panties are comfortable. They would be impractical under pants, but I imagine that under a skirt they would work well. I walk around the pool with a towel wrapped around my waist at times (a surrogate skit?) Wearing skirts in warm weather is better than wearing pants. In general, I don’t envy women having to wear all that restrictive clothing, but when it comes to panties and skirts, I think you girls have the right idea.

  3. josie says

    My wife lets me rub myself on the back of her calfs and ejaculate while wearing
    her panties. When finished I remove the soiled panties and kiss her good night.
    It is well over 10 years since she allowed me to have sex with her and she
    feels she is too old for sex.

  4. Chrissy says

    I am fortunate enough to be able to wear panties 24/7 with my wifes approval. I own nearly sixty pairs of panties ranging from lace g-string, lace hi-cut and panty girdles. I have the pleasure of wearing them every day to work and even during sex play. I am even allowed to wear suspenders and stockings and pantyhose whenever I feel the need to be even more feminine. Our sex life has improved dramatically since she found out how turned on I was wearing panties. We now go lingerie shopping together and it has thrown open a whole new world for the pair of us as I get to feel and touch all the different forms of lingerie whilst walking through the shops only to come home and model for her before starting a vigourous sex session with both of us in our lingerie.

  5. FRED Watson says

    I first wore my cousins panties when I was 10 yo..I LOVED I still wear panties 24/7 I have over 200 pairs..some bras and love thi-stockings..I love to go shoppoing for panties and other fem things.
    lately I have enjoyed wearing Plastic panties!!

  6. joe says

    I love women and i love panties . I wear pretty panties all the time My ex did not like it My new fiance loves it we have great times playing dress up and she is a fantastic women I thank god every day for her!

  7. j says

    I’ve had fetish for women’s panties my whole life; I remember starting to steal them hn I was 5 or 6. I have not actually found women to be that accepting of the fetish. Even women I have interacted with on the BDSm personal sites have often stopped corresponding when they heard of my panty fetish.

  8. Nilesh says

    I like wearing girls panties.It feels very sexy too.But there is a problem with me that my penis remains tight whole day.Sometime it ejaculates when I wear frenchie too.Please help me.But I really love to wear panties and frenchie.It feels like completely naked and natural.

  9. Robert says

    I am a male who wears nothing but panties. All are either nylon or silk. Some are rather lavish in lace. They feel great under my pants or shorts. Due to the increase of skirts and skorts becoming available for men, I decided to try it. I bought a skort, navy blue. I wore it with matching panties. It was great feeling the air blow up under the skirt. I went shopping while wearing it and amazingly received no flack from anyone. The next time I tried a skirt, it felt even better.
    Guys wear the panties with a skirt or a skirt, you’ll love the feeling.

  10. georgie says

    I got into panties when I was 8 years old.My neighbor use to babysit after school and she had two daughters at the time they were 12 and 14 and I use to help her fold the wash and watch TV. I put a pair of panties on over my pants as a joke and modeled when the girls came home and they thought it was funny but I minipulated further and played with the girls and their panties for years. Lots of stories!!!!

    • Anonymous says

      I’ve loved wearing womens nylon briefs since I was a teenager and ladies hung their laundry out to dry. I took my 1st pair of ladies nylon panties & would wear them when I was alone and masturbated. I’ve got a large collection of lingerie from thrift stores & Goodwill. Many are vintage!

  11. KellyFriend says

    i have met so many guys who enjoy womens panties. the first man who opened up to me about this was my prom date in high school! so i went and bought him a pair of silky peach colored, lace trimmed boy shorts. now that i am all grown up into my 30s i have had the pleasure of talking to dozens of open, communicative guys about their interest in wearing women’s panties and i find it to be a huge turn on. if anyone would like a woman to talk to on the phone while they wear their panties call my phone talk line. it’s a pay line 1.99/ min, 18 yrs and older. it’s MY business and i am the ONLY one who answers the phone. independent and sincere/ NOT a phone bank. 1-888-577-3963. pacific time
    xoxo, Kelly

    • Dean says

      MMMmmmm…. Another fellow Panty Pal. You can’t have too many of those.

      What part of the country are you from? I’m from the NW and there aren’t nearly enough of us around here.

      It is not a fetish for me. It is a frame of mind or mood. Just the right pair make everything ok, and I can even plan my outings around my panties. (when I go out and camp) I know what I will wear on the way over, what I will wear when I get there, and best of all, “what I will sleep in that first night and everynight.” I also keep a journal but my outings are planned around my panties.

      I enjoy short shorts in the summer or anytime the weather is decent, and sometimes I have to color-coordinate my panties with my shorts. I figure if they look down there, “they must want to see something.”

      Anyhow… I had to write and you had a current message. I just found this site, and just found you.

      What are you wearing right now? Do you have a nice collection? Can you “share it with anyone?”

      A guy can’t have too many “panty-pals”. Panties are enough for me. Panties do feel awfully good over a new pair of pantyhose, and my legs look great in them but I don’t need them. I sort of like that nylon against nylon feeling.

      I’m getting a new camera soon and would be excited to find someone that is as much as a panty finatic (sp?)as I am.

      I am straight also but had one “really great experience” with a married guy that wanted to explore his feminine side. (I still get excited thinking about it)

      Do you need a Panty Pal? (I certainly hope so)

      I tell people that I have the, “worlds greatest panty collection.” Do you think you can top me??

  12. Anonymous says

    Wearing panties and bras really make me feel sexy. I’ve always had a thing for womens lingerie. Wife found pictures of me in panties and bras sporting a hardon once. That didn’t go to well with her. She got drunk. Having passed out in her bed naked, I donned the panties and made love to her ass. She came to and had her suck my cock. I’ve wondered about what other guys might think of me if i wore them for another man. Would he get more turned on about me if I wore them for him? Would he find me attractive?

  13. George says

    I have had similar experiences as the guys that have posted their comments above. I am a straight/heterosexual male that grew up enjoying the thrill of wearing panties made for women. I’ve never felt comfortable wearing them outside of my home, and I’ll never be a total cross-dresser, but I can honestly call myself an under-dresser.

    Most of the thrill and excitement that I feel can be attributed to the types and textures of the material, as well as the design of female undergarments as long as there’s enough room in the crotch. Like most under-dressers, I like the feel of nylon, silk, and satin briefs whether they’re considered a female, or male garment doesn’t matter to me; I just want my underwear to be comfortable to wear, especially any underwear that has spandex in the fabric..

    Fortunately, there are companies that sell male undergarments that could easily be mistaken for women’s’ panties, pantyhose, and thigh-high nylon stockings. For instance, if you were to enter the website for, or, you would find lace briefs, silk thongs, and men’s’ bathing suits that would be mistaken for women’s’ panties. Also, if you go to the you would discover that they sell pantyhose and stockings for men that differ very little from their female counterparts. There are some male pantyhose that have a fly-front design, but not all. The last time that I went to that website, Comfilon Activskin was selling full body-suits for men that are just pantyhose that seamlessly have a top that covers the shoulders.

    Presently, and in the past half-century golfers’ like Jack Nicholas and Arnold Palmer would wear women’s’ queen-size pantyhose under the thin material of their slacks while playing golf to keep their legs warm. If I’m not mistaken some professional skiers would wear pantyhose because they kept them warm and allowed them a greater range of movement to perform on the ski slopes.

    It is interesting that many of the male garments of past centuries would be considered as female garments today. For example, the Romans were wearing what today would be called a short dress that ended above the knees. The Roman soldiers were wearing wide strips of leather like the skirts are designed nowadays, but more similar to the wool kilts that the Scottish men wore during the Middle Ages, and they’re still wearing them today in their Scottish pride parades. I know from my family’s Shriners’ Picnics at a local amusement park that the Shriner band members wore Scottish kilts, along with their traditional fez hats. I’m not Scottish, but I did enjoy the sound of the bagpipes that the Shriners’ played while they paraded through the park. Also, during the Middle Ages, the men would wear tights that today would be considered a female garment, but with the exception of male ballet dancers.

    So, today men could go to one website, and buy a kilt; there are many different styles, but I would have to get the camouflage military kilt so that I could appear to be manlier. Then, go to another website and buy male pantyhose or nylon spandex thigh high stockings to complete the outfit. I suppose that I would have to choose the brown pantyhose to go with the camouflage kilt; I look best in the fall colors anyway, so why not. Unfortunately, I don’t know of any websites that sell a manzziere, (A brassiere for men), because as I’m getting older my man boobs are starting to show.

  14. Anonymous says

    I started out wearing panties when I was young. I can’t remember how young, but I was getting close to being a teenager. My mother caught me in a pair of her panties with a full slip and her nightgown on. I fell asleep and was waken from hearing the door close. Boy, did I get yelled at.
    My wife does not like me wearing panties. She knows I masturbate while wearing panties. I don’t do it around her.
    I have worn panties and a short skirt. Yes it feels great to feel the wind under the skirt. I dress up in a skirt. I’ll do it out late at night in a field or a out of town park. I always find myself masturbating in my panties with my skirt pulled up. I wear my bra with my inserts. My breasts look so real when I wear them. I thought about being all sexed out for a guy, but I’m a straight guy. Be a sexy girl for a guy. I know… I sound like a sissy. I do love women and there panties.

    The word panties, turn me on. Will I meet some guy or I hope a girl to treat me like a sissy sexy little girl?

  15. hcguy27 says

    started with a pair of my Mom’s panties when I was 14..and I was immediately hooked. Tried other items, bras,stockings, her high heels and soon I was dressing totally and loving it. Something happens when I am dressed, my attraction turns to men. hard to understand.

    • says

      Many men feel a connection between being attracted to men and femininity. Before being gay was as accepted as it is now gay men would adopt feminine behavior patterns because their sexual desire for men made them feel that they were in some way female.

      Even though sexism and homophobia are greatly reduced these associations still exist in the minds of some of us. Often so deeply buried as to be invisible.

  16. graham says

    my girl at work put me into panties bra one day last week and told me form now on that i will wear them all the time well that was a week ago now i wear women clothes at work the boss lady call me into h er office i went in she told me that i will be the new secertry girl just then she hand me a dress and told me to put it on it was short black dress she look at me in the dress and siad we have to make your breast bigerbut for now we use these form one then she we walk out to the other office were the girls sat the boss lady told them that i was thier new sissy slave girl and i will do anything im told one girl said dos she suck the boss lady said yes she will suck lick anything we say good the girls said she can come here and suck this dido i got on my knees and start to suck her dido one girl said look we now have a slave sissy girl the boss lady said yes we girl will train him to do everything we want well that was three week now and i have become a slave to all girls and thier male friend

  17. renobles says

    Main stream help…. my wife is a mainstream women who , having discovered my pantie fetish kinda takes a closed eye to it . I am trying to persuade her of the benefit it is for her to know and promote me wearing panties. In other words what an upper hand she might have by threat of exposing me to humiliation by barely mentioning my fetish to anyone. I am looking for some not too far from mainstream articles or publication that can support , women controlling men who wear panties… any help please

    • says

      Your fetish is far more common than you and your wife suspect. If she isn’t willing to play with your fetish you’ll have to consider hiring a professional or divorcing your wife.

      Or just giving up and living in frustration.

  18. Agwwgp says

    Hi Richard in Durham, NC. I did as you said about joining As you said there are men looking for sissy. But as I am finding out. Most are just gay or they never leave a message. Women never answer. I’m coming to a point that I may just live in frustrating state. I’m not looking for men in general. Women who would like the control of me would be more like it. But I guess that doesn’t work either. Any pointers?

    • says

      Online dating is rarely easy if you have atypical needs.

      Not many women (or men) want to feminize a male. Most do it afte some attachment is formed.

      I’m not sure how to interpret your comments about men. Are you writing them but getting no reply in return? isn’t of much use if you don’t have paid membership. A real problem for many in these times. There is, it is always free. But has far fewer members. Where you live can make a very big difference. Some areas just don’t have that many people.

      How good is your profile? Few women are interested in a man who only talks about what he wants. And even dominant women pick men who seem interesting. Interesting in a more generalized sense that their kink.

      If your profile needs to be expaned you might look here and here. Make sure your profile is as good as possible from a top’s point of view.

      One option is hiring a professional dominatrix.

      Or a long distance relationship using a webcam.

      What you want is not easy to come by. It can take years to find.

  19. graham says

    yes i wear panties bras dress my girlfriend like me in them she sad i look nice and sad i should wear them all the the time i sad why she sad becuse you are mine sissygirl from now on that the way its going to be you will be become my sissy wife and i willbe wearing the pants you know longer the man of house now come here my sissy i what to see you on your knees i did as told she pull down her pants and show me a strap-on cock and sad suck my cock she put it in my mouth and i suck her cock good girl soon you will love to suck cock and have a cock up your ass well im being her sissy wife now for 7 month now she also gave me pill that makemy breast grow and now i wear a c-cup bra she sad that her male friend like me and she sad its about time i had a man cock to suckand feel what its like to be fucklike a wife i sad yes make myyour sissy bitch i want to be your wife full time and please you can do anything you want to me

  20. graham says

    i now work for a lady bossas her full time slave you see she told my boss that i was good at what i do yes she sad we here at the office train him the lady ask what do you mean well she not what you think she is a he you see we made him a sissy girl slave for the office the girls made him wear bra panties dress at work and home now he are full time slave and she dos what we tell her well the lady sad can she work for me for 2month and i will pay you what you want my boss sad yes good then i take her now with me as we lelft my boss sad make us proud i sad yes wend we got to her place she told me that i was here to work as a sissy bitch and to please her and her male friend i sad yes boss good girl now show me your breast i want to see how big they arei show her my breasts and she sad they nice but i think you need them a little biger then she told me pull down my panties and she look at my ass and sad good now come here and show me how you like to suck cock she pull her dress up and show me her strap-on cock dido and i got on my kness and suck her cock she sad good girl i knew your boss train you well now i have a male sissy girl and soon as my husdand come here you will be ready to suck his cock and get fuck by him your only jop here wil to please us and clean house you will wear dress bras panties at night you wear a nitie you see you are our slave now and i want you now let me put this on you she tato me that sad im a slave to all women and to please them im must bow and kiss their feet im only a sissy girl slave and women are the master

  21. sissy graham says

    sissy graham here well it been 11 month now that i become a sissy wife to the boss i now wear a b -cup bra and have breasts like a women my skin has no hair i keep shave clean my boss like it that way i have learn love cock more then pussy my boss said that i suck cock like a really girl she told me that when i take a man cock and suck him off she is proud of me to=day i said thank you misster i love to please you she said will done anything i ask you i said yes good we are going to the docter to-day he going to give you some pills that will help you feeel more like a women yje pill will make youe breasts grow more and your assmore round and you wont get hard your cock and balls will soft you feel more as a women then man just then my master came in and ask her did you tell her she said yes i told her that she will be a full time sissy girl well now that i am a girl i was sold to a lisdien girl now i am to learn how to please women and male

  22. sissy graham says

    now move on and rent a small house and live a lone sine i was turn in to a sissy girl igot a job as a house keeper i wore male clothes one and the lady boss call me to her office she told me that here all housekeeper wear the samething i said ok what do you what me to wear she hand me a bag and said put them on right here yes she said i did i was put into a fensh maid outfit when i was dress she came over and told me that better nowyou look like a girl amd you are mine now you will only do as 9 tell you now come here and show me how good you can suck my cock dido i did as told and suck her cock dido i got so hot she told me you are good i made her cum and i had to lick up her mess she said she has some friend that would love to have me i think from now on you will become my slave girl and please my female and male friend i said yes mistress boss its be two months now

  23. Mr B says


    • rick says

      i agree, i wear panties 24/7 & have done for about 3 years now & wish i had discovered it sooner, they fit better, are cooler, don’t bunch as much,more comfy, come in a choice of fabrics &……the colours & patterns are endless, i have about 350 pairs

  24. sissy graham says

    sissy graham here well its be over a year now and i a full time sissy wife for my bossi work as a sissy maid for her and her friends i clean and anything they ask for last night i went shopping with a lady we went in to a lady store she told the lady i ned some clothes for mine sissy male here the lady said what do you need i need your help turn him into a shool girl the lady went and got some shool girls clothes frist a short dress a blouse bra panties i was put in them the two lady look at me and said yes what a lovey school girl now we can teach her more to be a girl yes store lady ask if she had a butt pluge in her the lady said no not yet good come here sissy its time to be pluge pull your panties down you will wear this form now on to this will help make you that a cock up your ass has she suck cock yes she has she suck my dido cock well i do not have a dido cock but a cock just then the lady pull up her dress and show us hercock and said now sissy girl suck my cock i did as told and wend we were done the lady said please bring her back soon my lady said yes i will as i walk out of the store a man look at me and smileat me my lady said see sissy that man like you i think its time you that you learn to be more girly undo your bluse a bit and show some breast i did as told now they can see more of my breast we walk a bit more and more men look as we walk one lady look and stop she ask my lady you girl look nice in the outfit yes she dos the lady came close and said yes what a nice looking sissy girl you have we said thank well bye for now

  25. sissy graham says

    yes i been wearing women panties for 30 years and bras i dress in them 24/7 days a week i clean house dress as a house maid wend i go to work i am in a black bra black panties slacks one day the office boss call me into her office i said yes boss what can i help you with she said close the door and sat down i did as told i toask you something and dont lie to me i said yes boss what do you what to know are you wearing a bra and panties to work i said yes bosswell let me see them i pull down my slack open up my blouse she came over and look at me she toke off the blouse and look at my bra just then she put her hand on my breast and said very nicethen she said yes i think you need a little bigger breast it will make your bra full out and you will show more breasts yes she said i think that what you need and i am going to help you and form now on you will be my bitch girl at work well it been ten years now at work i have five new boss lady wend they got hire they knew that i was there office bitch i love my work as a office bitch girl and now i have d-cup breasts

  26. sissy graham says

    well to-day i went to the doctor he gave me some pills he told the boss lady that they wiil make my breasts grow and my ass round more and i wont get hard cock any more now i put new toe nials on him with glue wend his grow out they will fell off and he have women nails now how she look now she look more as a girl its been two weeks now my dreasts has grow a bitt my mistress said you have nice breasts i thank her she look at my toe nails yes your nails look more as a girl just then boss hand me a piar 4in. high heels nylons she roll them up and put them on me now i was in nylon heelsthen came panties bra blouse dress she said you do look like a women now how do you feel now i told her i feel like a women and i love my clothes good she said we have to go now the doctor is waiting to see you at the doc. office the doc said well what have we here my boss told him it my sissy male that we trurn into a women doc, said yes he turn out a lovey women is she ready for a man cock now my boss said yes good youg lady come here and bend over this bed i did as told he lilft up my dress and pull my panties down then he put some warm lube on my ass and open my ass up next thing i feel was his cock in me soon i felt his cum in me he pull out i turn around and got on my knees and suck him clean my boss said yes she a sissy women now i was still playing with the doc cock and got him hard agian the doc said i hope you bring her back soon well i have a new life now as a sissy wife

  27. rick says

    nice to c a girl that likes a man in panties, i wear them 24/7, i just find them to be more comfy & a better fit, i have around 350 pairs

  28. sissy graham says

    sissy graham here i still wear panties i have over 50 pair now with matching bras the lady i work for like me in them she told me you are my sissy girl now my dear you will act like one from to-day on you will only wear wear women clothes and be my slave girl i did as told now two month has gone by my breast are a d-cup my hair is done in pony tails my boss said are you a man or a women i said i am a sissy girl and here to please my master as her slave girl my only joy is to suck a man cock

  29. LingerieLuver says

    Oh, how I wish I could find a woman that would allow me the pleasures of wearing silky nylon panties and other lacy items of lingerie! Are there any ladies who would allow me those simple joys, in the Dallas, Tx area?

  30. slave sissy says

    i still looking for a lady that will take me and make me her sissy slave i even have my breast enlarge so my tits look like a women as i write this i am wearing a pink and black corset

  31. don says

    I got started on girls clothes when i was twin sister was a girly girl and wore pretty dresses and for holidays and special occasions mom always dressed her up cute and would either put a cloth diaper and plastic panties on her or just the plastic panties under her dresses.she did this to make sis feel cute and little girlish.i always envied sis being all dressed up cute in her poofy dresses with a bow in her hair and her lace socks and mary jane shoes.i would sneak into her room when she was gone and take out a pair or two of her panties and the plastic panties and go to my room and put them on with the plastic panties on first then her normal panties over them.i would rub my crotch and fantasize about being a girl.sis and i made our first holy communions at 13 and mom dressed sis in a cute,poofy above the knees communion dress with the veil,gloves,lace socks and white did the cloth diaper and plastic panties under her dress and she looked very cute and little girlish.i envied her and when she would bend over of sit just right i could see the diaper and plastic panties under her communion dress.after that i started stealing panties off of clothes lines,as well as bra’s and would take them home and put them on and wear them.sis continued wearing the diaper and/or plastic panties under her dresses untill she was 16 and sometimes had rhumba panties over them which drove me crazy as they looked adorable on her.i continued wearing bra’s and panties quite often and now still do as a grown man.

  32. slave sissy says

    i got a ride from a lady when me car quit i was walking she if i want a ride i said yes she ask me what i was doing i told her i was looking for work she ask what kind i told her any kind then she said i need some help around the house clean up i said i would help her but i need a place to stray she said you can stray at the house well i work all after noon after dinner she told me to clean up and do the dishes i did as toldas i was washing dishes she came and put a aaaporn around me she said that better it was time for bed she ask me if i had any night clothes i told her i sleep in my unwear well i think i have some thing you can wear that when she hand me a nightie she told me her late husdand wore one i said ok i wear it iput it on and when to bed i wokeni the middle of the night i novcie my night was up i look down and saw i had panties on they were pink in the morning when i got up i found my clothes clothes gone i went down stiars and ask were my clothes are she told me i have some new one then she ask do you like your panties i said yes i dont knew why i said that good you keep them on now take the nightie off and put this on she hand me a bra and dress the dress show my bra a bit then she said you will full that out soon well it be five month now i work for her in five month i become her sissy maid and yes my breasts are now a c-cup she had me take pills that may my tits grow i must go now i have to get my hair done she told my i would look more girly with ponytails and your nails done in red with red lips i just cant wait to see me all dress up now she told me now i look bufull girl as we walk out two male look at me i heard one said nice looking girl my boss said well tank you young man when we got home she told me you see dear you pass as a girl i said yes i did now you will do all the shopping as a girl and i will teach you how a girl please a man well she did that night she made love to me as a women with her strap-on dido and now i her sissy bitch slave

  33. slave sissy says

    well now that i become a sissy girl i got into looking a women clothes to see what would look nice on me to day i went shopping at the store i try on some sexy panties bras dresses nightie the lady ask me how long i been a sissy girli told her two years now but i have lots to learn well she said i like male that dress as girl and you my dear are a lovey girl noe here put this bra on and panties it was a lace puple one with matching panties yes that look nice it show your tits more and your round ass any female or male would love to suck them i said do you want to suck my breasts she said yes i toke my bra offrub my nipples got them hard she walk over and put her mouth on one and suck then the other i was so hot i told her yes suck your bitch tits i put my hand on her pants and pull them down and her panties that when i saw her hard cock i drop to my kness and put her cock im my nouth and strat to suck that when she said yes bitch suck your master cock you know what you want you want me to make you my bitch i said yes master and now im her bitch

  34. slave sissy says

    well to-day im dress in white panties white bra with a long dress it show that i become a house wife i was doing the dishes when a knot on the door i said oh no i havent got my wig on or makeup well i open the door there was a lady there i ask her what can i do for you she look at me and said are you the lady of the house i said yes then i said why well im here to see if i sell you some women thing but i dont know well what have you got well she said i have bras panties and sex toy and that whenshe ask how long have you been wearing women clothes i told her five years but the last year i become a house wife she said well would you like to see what i got i told her yes then she told me to call her june and you im sissy well sissy here a nice blue bra with panties how would you like to try them on i said yes i told june i go in the next room june said no take your dress off here i did as told then june undid my bra and pull my panties off she hold then up i step in to them she pull up the panties and slap my ass then she put the bra on hook it up as she did this june felt my breast you have very nice tits the bra make then stand up then she put her hand on my tit and rup my nipples she ask me do you like that i said yes then she got a toy out and turn it on it was a dido she ran it around my tits it was getting me hot i told june please dont stop i wont sissy dos sissy want me to play i said yes june good sissy that when june kiss me then she ripe my panties off that when june shove that dido up my ass it went in easy june said i see you have a nice pussy ass that a cock good i saaid yes mirtress june that a good sissy june keep it up i told her please fuck me hard im your to please that when june told me you do anything i tell you i said yes and now i become june bitch

  35. slave sissy says

    well june came over to-day she ask how her bitch i said fine master now bitch from to-day on i want you in a maid outfitbut frist you need your breast enlarge so i have a lady doctor that will do that and give you hormoes pill that helpyou become a women now go and put a dress on just the dress i did as told june lift my dress that a good bitch we went to the doctor the doc was a lovey lady is this are new sissy june said yes just then she gave me a niddle when i woke up i had on a pink nightie but i cant move then i heard she awake well girl you look lovey as a girl see i look in the mirrror i had 40 d breast pink toe nails red finger nials the doc said you will be a girl and soon your breast will be round now you wear that nightie for now i have a bra made for you it to show your nipples and that little dick is tuck a way i sew on a fake pussy well it be two month now i found out not only am a bitch i have baby nurse on me my master said you are helping the new mother to give them a breat from nureing then one day it happen i woke up and my breast hurt i look at them i saw milk coming from my nipples i when to my master and yell at her she look at me and said there sissy you will be all rightit just you have milk nowyou see i have male that like women milk now you have men breast feeding on you just then she put her lips and suck me i become a a sissy women and i love my life

  36. slave sissy says

    well to-day a lady came over and talk to juneis it ture that your sissy breast feed yes my sissy has milk like a women why do you ask the lady told her i like women breast milk you see my gf had a baby and after she breast feed her i use to suck out the rest now that she done and baby on bottle milk there no more milk and i heard you had a sissy with milk i then was call in to the room the lady look at me and said what a lovey girl you have june got up and open my blouse and ask do you want to have some milk she said yes then she told june i just want to tell you yhat i only do women i dont like men well there only us girl here but look that when june pull my dress off and show the lady that my cock was cagethen the lady suck my tits soon i was hot june went and got her strap-on cock soon the lady panties were off and june shove her cock up her ass the lady said yes june fuck me hard that when june told me on your kness i did as told i suck her pussy as june srew her when we were done the lady said that was good is anything i can do june said yes i want you to put this strap-on and take my sissy the lady did well now once a week she come over and breast feed to-day she brought me a nuring bra she said you are lovey in that june told her yes she dos but it time you have me i want you to make my girl to like girl more tuen her into a lesbion she told june i be proud to

  37. slave sissy says

    sissy here well to-day I am clean house for a lady that live next door me caught me in a dress one day I ask her not to tell any one she only if I come clean her house I said yes when I got there she had a French maid outfit on a chair now put it on it came down show my breasts and when I bend over show my black thong panties I clean her house all day after I was done she told me you will come over every other day and clean and for that I will learn you how to be a girl I said yes well it been a month now I have come over every day now I ash her why my breasts hurt she look at them yes they have fill out nice you see my sissy bitch I gave you pills in you tea every day that help make them grow I told her I cant go to work this way she told me yes you can and will because you work for me as a sissy maid and soon you beg me to srew you like a girl well it happen it was a month ago I beg my masteri want to feel like a girl and have a cock in my pussy ass yes my dear you will you have my dido cock for now I now her bitch

  38. slave sissy says

    well to=day my master told me that I have to work at her store she hand me a black dress and told to put it on I did it was a V-shape dress that show my breasts and short it just came down to my ass yes that look lovey on you well at the store I put up dress blouse then I heard a lady ask my master were did new girl come from she told here she my sissy boyfriend I made a girl out of him now she my bitch here let me show you sissy come here and show this nice lady your red panties I pull up my dress and bend over she said very nice you got him well train yes I have sissy tell the lady what you are I am a sissy here to please my master and her friends that right sissy then the lady ask have you use a dido on her yet yes I have she love my dido cock just then the lady pull up her dress and she had a strap-on cock my panties was ripe off and her cock shove in my pussy ass my master told her yes make her beg like a girl then I beg her please harder I do anything you ask then she told me I am the boss lady here

  39. sissy gdm says

    well the boss lady had her way with me when she was done srewing my pussy ass she told me you are good girl you will clean up and put on this pair of black panties and this black bra and when any lady ask for help with any are sex toy you will show them how they are use and after work you come home with me I need to see how good you can suck a man cock and him come in your pussy ass well I went home with her and became her slave girl the only thing I wear is a nightie and now I am a cock sucker bitch

  40. sissy gdm says

    well the boss told me to-day that I will be dress in a black bra black panties white blouse with a short min dress it was red there she told me you look like a school girl now we will learn how to be my girl bitch here a rubber cock I want you to show me how to suck it open your mouth and lick the head now shove it in as far you can go and pull it out and in I did as told soon I was doing this relly good that it you do know how to suck cock now lets see if that cock can go up your pussy ass well it did and I felt like a bitch now every night I use as a sex slave

  41. sissy gdm says

    to-day I ask my boss if I was going to get my breasts enlarge she told me if I let a man have me I told her yes if that want you want yes I want you to please a man like a women would I told her I would love to have a man cock in my pussy ass and mouth then I know I a girl then I told her I want to suck your rubber cock she told me you do love cock I said yes I love cock that good but you like pussy to because I have two girls that that love to have their pussy by a sissy girl like you and when done with you have nice breasts and a nice ass well it happen iwas made into a lesbion girl I have 40d breasts and a nice round ass one girl told me how are slave girl I said fine you like the way you look I said yes now here put this on it it was a baby blue nightie that came down to my panties yes she look lovey inthat the other girl will have a ball with are bitch and I love been there bitch

  42. sissy gdm says

    well they did the lady had my dress in a swim suit it was a red one it show my breast and my ass one lady had on her strap-on cock she shove it in my ass while I was sucking a lady pussy then it happen I came one lady said are sissy just cum like a slut yes she did that good then one told me you have become a girl now the only thing is you cant have a baby but you can have breasts and ass like one and I my dear you just have that now we will pimp you out to are friends

  43. sissy gdm says

    as my life as a sissy girl slave I have learn a lot I know how to do my make up what clothes to wear keep my nails done and my hair done as a girl and now I am looking a girly books to see what they have new girl clothes I found one that had sexy panties and bras nighties my master saw with it and told me to pick one outfit and I did she said would you do anything for this I said yes ok then I want to remove your nuts I said please master when can it be done to-day if you like yes I said and that what happen I had them remove the lady doctor said you now have a sissy girl do you want her cock remove no when I woke up I was bend over the doctor had her strap-on cock is my bitch ready I said yes please fuck me with your cock and now I am her bitch to

  44. allan says

    My Mistress has me dressed in women’s clothes at all times. On those rare occassions when it is necessary for me to wear male outer clothes I wear womens jeans with pink plower appliques, and womens pink running shoes. those are the closest things to male clothing in my wardrobe.

  45. sissy gdm says

    well I been busy cleaning houses I been hire out as a sissy wife to females and males one day as I was cleaning house a male friend came over he look at me and ask were is friend were I said out he saw me washing out his underwear by hand I be dam you are a sissy well sissy I have some thing you can clean I said what this he pull out his cock now come here I did as told I got on my knees and suck his cock yes that my girl soon he shoot his load in me then he ripe my dress off and panties then he shove his cock in my ass I beg him please srew me good and that what he did when his friend walk in on us he said well I see you to are having fun then he pull out his cock and shove it in my mouth now lets fuck her good he if I do I can have over at my place you can her any time and now I am his bitch

  46. gdm says

    well i now have 42c breasts i just got a new roommate when she move in she saw my women clothes she ask are these your girlfriend thing i told her no i wear them that when she smile well then i see you wont mind wear them for me i told her no i would love to wear them for you just then i pull my top off and show her my black lace bra i was in she look at me and said i hope you got black panties on too i said yes just then she pull my panties down well look here a man in panties then she told me if i move in there one thing i want you to wear women clothes well after two years she has brought my new bras panties dresses nighties i wear them all the time in the house and outside and i very happy now

  47. sissy slave says

    its a new year now and i started to look more girly this years first i had my breasts enlarge to 42c my roommate went and brought some sex toys she told me its time that i learn how a women feels then she hand me a max pad told me to put it in my pussy ass then she grab it and bend me over pull my panties off then she put it in my ass and tie it there i pull my panties up you will wear that pad for two hour after two hour she untie it and then she put a little cock pulg in there i wore that till bed time then she pull it out what a lovey pussy ass you have now i had to shower first and then i was put into a baby blue nightie my roommate was wearing a black robe i went to her on your kness girl then she ask are you my new girl friend or a male that just in women thing i told her i am your girland know longer a male i like my tits and i like that cock pulg in my pussy ass then show me she said that when she open her robe and i saw a big strap-on cock i knew what to do i open my mouth and she shove it in that my girl i knew you like this i suck her cock for awhile when she pull out my mouth was sore i move off the bed and my pussy asswas up she walk over and shove that cockin my ass first slow and then fasti beg her to keep going that when she told me you are my girl bitch and you will beg me to srew you it was over a hour when we stop my ass was sore and i came all over the sheets i was told to lick up the mess i did and swollow my cume now three month gone by and i love been her girl bitch

  48. sissy slave says

    well it july now and i have learn a lot from my boss like to-day i ask her when i was going to have my nuts remove she told me i been waiting for this but its to lite now we are having a baby its your i ask her how it happen i forgot to take my pill one night but you will become the baby mother by the time the baby born you will know how to breasts feed you have two weeks till the baby born my Lady doctor gave my these pills that help you to have milk i just can not wait till i see you breast feeding our child and yes your nuts will be remove well it happen my nut are gone and i have breast milk the doctor told me the only thing you can not have a baby but you are a full women just then she open my blouse and ripe my bra off and suck my tit yes she said i could suck you dry of milk and that way there be more for the baby then she told my master let her feed the baby for one month and then we hire her out to other mother and maybe their husband who know maybe she have man cock in her pussy ass that would be nice dear i said yes yes what yes master

  49. sissy slave says

    well its aug now and i have a new male room mate he a black male last night i did not hear him come in i was just in a nightie with thong panties on well look at you dress in a girl nightie he came and sat beside me well how long you dress like this i told him ten years i had a old female room mate she had me wear them just then he put my hand on his lap then he unzip his pants pull out his big black cock what a nice cock i told him the next thing i knew i was sucking his cock that my girl i suck him off then he got up toke my hand he brought me into his room then i lay down on the bed he ripe my nightie and panties off and suck my tits and then he turn me over and shove his cock in my pussy ass well after three month i become his bitch to all his friends his one female friend toke me home and made me her bitch that when she told me i brought you he sold you to me and now well after a year i had nice big tits d cup and i start to like male more but she had me more into girl one girl told her make her a lesband girl now i have many masters

  50. sissy slave says

    i was in a store looking at some bras and panties when a lady walk up beside me and told me i think you would nice in that bra and panties set i told her i can not buy them i do not have the kind of money she pick them up and told me she pay for them after she brought them she told me here now you can wear them but i want to see you in them i told her yes i would for her well we went to her place you can change in there i did as told when i came out i was only in the new panties and bra you look lovey in that come here girl let me look at you i walk over to her she turn me around yes very nice then she put some fake breasts in my bra cup there that better she show me a mirror i look i had breasts like a girl i put my hand on them it felt really soft she ask me do my baby girl like her new breasts i told her yes then she came over put her hand on them do you like this i said yes my i keep them yes dear girl you can but only if you are my baby girl do as mommy tell you i said yes mommy that my girl now i can finsih dress you mommy went and got a pink dress and put it on me the dress came down and you could see my breasts a bit then came the nylon and high heels my hair was tie up in a red bow then she told me my baby girl looks lovey i can not wailt till my lady friend see you well it happen over five month i become more girly then she told me baby its time you feel like a women i told mommy yes i want to feel like a women that when i went to mommy bedroom i was in a sexy nightie then mommy kiss me i kiss her back mommy remove my nightie and my fake breasts then she wash my breasts i had breasts mommy told me then she put one in her mouth and suck it felt good i told mommy not to stop then she did the other one then mommy told me turn over she pull my panties down and put some cream on my ass then i felt it she was shoving her dido cock in my ass hole it hurt a bit soon it went all the way in she pull out and in i back up to her cock mommy told me that my baby that mommy cock like a good sissy wife you are my now i told mommy yes i want to be your sissy good girl soon you beg mommy to make you her bitch well after a year i know longer a male i become mommy house wife and i do all the house work as her wife

  51. sissy slave says

    to-day i went and help a older lady do work around the house when i got there she was sewing a dress for a lady friend i told her nice dress as a joke i said to bad man can not wear dresses then she told me why knot then she ask if i play card i said yes then she went and got a deck of card look if i win you are my sissy girl for a week and if you win i be your slave for a week i told her its a deal we play one hand call high card she got a ace i got a five well now young man your mine for a week its start now so get out of your male clothes i did as told now come with me we went to the bathroom she rub some cream all over me and put a bath cap on me then she turn on the shower i got in after she wash me a towel was put around me then we went to her room i sat down and she painted my toe nails red then make up on me then cam some fake breasts she glue on then the bra panties nylons then a dress that show some breasts then she show me a mirror i look like a girl now that you are dress how do you like this i told her i love it that when i told her i always want to try this well that week i clean her house did her wash cooking now the week was over she told me i did good but now its time to remove the fake breast when she did i novice my breast was a little big but not mush i ask her how she ask if i like them i said yes would you like your breast a little bit bigger i as will it hurt me no dear if you still want i can help but you have to do as i ask i said yes good girl now then lets get you dress and go shopping for you you need some clothes well we went shopping she brought me some more women clothes when we got home she had me dress in a nightie i want you to wear that for to night after supper i felt sleep when i woke up i was tie she came in i se e my baby a wake why am i tie up becuse i had to give you some thing that make your breasts grow more she show me in the mirror i had tits and they were lovey i told her i love them then she untie me i gave her a kiss that my girl always kiss your mommy well after seven month i become mommy girl and i learning to be a big girl mommy told me its time to learn how a women feel when she with a man well after a month i knew that i was always a sissy girl and i love mommy cock

  52. sissy slave says

    well to-day my lady boss friend came over and ask were she got the maid well she not a maid but my male room mate i dress him up as a girl it started one day i ask him to help with a dress i was sewing then he joke ask why men can not were one then i told him can were this dress all day then he said just the dress no panties and bra well then if you like i can dress you as a girl but you have to wear it for a week i said yes i wear anything you want well that was five weeks now and he become my sissy girl you see i gave him pills in his tea that help make his tits grow and now if he want to quit he can not just then she walk over to me and undid my blouse i was wearing a red lace bra that show cleave you do have nice tits she put her hand on them then my lady walk over and undid her blouse and bra she had nice breasts as my lady play with them she ask her want would you do to have my sissy girl she told her i do anything you want i must have her good you will but now your mine then my lady told me take her dress off and suck her pussy i did as told now i know what a women like to cum

  53. sissy slave says

    i am a older male one day i walk in a women store to look around i use to wear panties a long time ago so i thought why knot i did like the feel of them on me so i went over to were the panties were and look at them there were so many kind just then a slave lady came over and ask if she could help yes but you will think i am nuts no i will not lots of men come and buy panties for there women that when i told her there for me she just look at me and smile then she ask what kind i had in mine i told her i did not know what kind to buy will then lets see she show me full panties thong g-string she told me to come with her to back room here go in and put this red panties on and call me when you have them on i call her she came in and brought some more panties and some bras she look at the panties i had on very nice on you she put her hand on them yes they fit fine then she slap my ass then she hand me a bra take your shirt off and i help you put on the bra i did as told as she hook up the bra she rub my breasts your breasts are small as she talk she keep rub them i back up a bit i see you like this yes miss you have wore them before yes miss years ago then her hand went to my ass now as she rub my as and breasts i got a hard on she look well now that will not do she told me to jerk off in this cup i did as told it was not long and i came there do my girl feel good yes miss now you can keep them on i just brought them for you my girl i ask her what she mean you like them right yes then you will wear them for me i said yes but when right now get dress and come with me i got dress we went to her place once there i was to to get undress leave the panties and bra on well then she got me a dress and we sat down for tea she put her arm around me and play with my small breasts then she ask if i would like my breasts a little bigger i told her yes just big to fill out my bra good girl then she ask if i work i said no but i looking well how about you work for me i ask doing what help around here i said yes good then lets have are tea have you a place to strap no good you can stray here that night at bed time she hand me a pink nightie and show me my room here put on this head set it help you sleep i hear sound in the head set so i was a sleep i do not know why but in the morning i get up put some cream all over me and wait a bit and then shower then i wrap a towel around me and walk in to her room i told her i am here miss jut the way you want that my girl lets see she remove the towel yes sit down girl i will show you how to do your make up she put make up on lips stick then my nails painted then came a black bra panties just before she pull up the panties i felt some thing going in my ass hole then my panties pull up then nylons and dress then high heels i was dress let this every day soon i was doing my own make up and get dress my self then on day my did not fit i told miss this well my little girl has grow up i been waiting for this come with me we went to her room she sat me on the bed and stand in front of me she put her hand on my breasts and undid my bra my baby girl has nice tits she rub my nipples as she rub i lay down she got on the bed and toke her robe off that when i saw her dido cock i put my hand on it now as she suck my tits i play with here cock she told me are you ready i said yes well after a while she shove that cock in my pussy ass hole i said yes miss i love you for what you did to me how can i paid you you all ready have i made you my sissy bitch your breasts are really you been on pills for a while and every night i gave you thing that you heard on the head sets i got up and kiss her lips and told her i am your slave and here to please

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