Sitting to Urinate

I always find some of this alien and baffling, hence I’m limited to the words of others.

My Mistress/Wife and I have been involved in D/s for several years now, mostly as play, but with time, it is becoming more of a lifestyle for us. For some time now I have been kept in panties. It started as part of the game. Every now and then I was told to wear a pair of lacy panties to work. As my panties collection grew my male underwear was eventually taken away.

I had to make all my own purchases, sometimes with Mistress, sometimes when she watched from a couple aisles away. This led to occasional wearing of nighties around the house, picked out for me by Mistress. I’m now in nighties nearly all the time. Most recently we went shopping and Mistress chose a ladies tank top and pair of ladies casual shorts. I now wear these out in the yard on household errands and go to the door in them when pizza is delivered, etc.

None of these acts has made me feel feminine. It’s a sign of my submission to Mistress, as her slave. Even being denied penetration sex and servicing her orally while being called her “little bitch” is more submission, as a submissive male.

Our latest expansion of our lifestyle has brought a change though. Due to my failure as her slave to stop my masturbation, I was finally locked in a chastity device. Again, we’ve moved farther into the lifestyle and I’ve noticed a big change in Mistress. We’ve gotten to this point with me “topping from the bottom”. She followed “suggestions” put forth by her slave and seldom led off any of the play sessions. That changed almost overnight, once the lock snapped shut on my genitals. She’s much more assertive and I’ve become more obedient and submissive.

Guess this ended up with a lot of history to get the point I want to post on feminization.

Due to the chastity device I now wear, I have to sit to pee. This, more than anything we’ve done over the years, has made me feel more feminine and able to start seeing things from a woman’s perspective. Even while released from my device for a while this weekend, I still sat when nature called.

Also, while at the movies this weekend I noticed all the women standing , packed together in the Ladies Room when someone went through the door. I can now related in a limited way, to the wait for a free stall, as opposed to a bunch of guys standing at a urinal.

Surprising, yet understandable. All the elaborate play of women’s clothes, shaving body hair, make-up, etc. yet, it’s one of nature’s most basic functions of relieving one’s bladder that’s brought out my feminine side.

Feminization Art

Originally posted 2010-08-13 10:30:45.

How do you feel about it, what do you think?

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