Enforced Chastity Makes for a Better Man

Female led discussions of male chastity regimens of assert that a man who is denied orgasms is in some way a better man.

  • He is more likely to perform household chores.
  • He is more affectionate, attentive.
  • He is more submissive.

Some report that post-orgasm a supposedly submissive male will become rude or lazy.

Bad behavior after an orgasm is probably stealth or even unconscious topping from the bottom. It insures that he will be returned to enforced chastity, which he really desires.

But that desire is likely driven by the wish to feel her authority over him. And the intimacy of wearing a – CB6000 say – is a tangible form of control.

Originally posted 2008-05-02 12:30:46.

How do you feel about it, what do you think?


  1. roo-roo says

    If chastity genuinely changes the sub’s behavior, I have to question why. Is there bad communication between them? Is the sub trying to manipulate her into being more dominant by acting bratty when he’s allowed orgasm? When submission comes from the heart, chastity won’t change who you are.

  2. says

    Orgasm is a pleasure and privilege for submissive men. Enforced chastity is nothing more than a ‘tool’ for the dominant to use to regulate and control when he is rewarded.


    • Paul Hughett says

      John is absolutely correct. He is more submissive. He preforms his house duties timely and efficiently. He desires to be controlled by his boss. She will be on his mind constantly, which he actually wants. I enjoy orally satisfying my wife so much, that when she has an orgasm, it satisfies me also, I put everything into it.

  3. Psmith says

    Hello John,

    I have no argument exactly with that perspective. My point was that it isn’t always necessarily that straightforward.

  4. roo-roo says

    John, not everyone falls into that one-size-fits-all approach. For some, it’s a mutually enjoyable experience. It doesn’t have to be a tool; it can be *fun*. Besides, if the man is submissive, why would the woman have to be manipulative like that rather than being honest and actually communicating? And it may come as a shock, but some dommes actually like giving the sub orgasms.

  5. F-P says

    I disagree with the last two paragraphs. IMO, the whole submission is driven by the sub’s erotic feelings. When these are temporarily lessened by orgasm, the submissive attitude lessens as well.

  6. subguy says

    A male chastity device is very important in an FLR, i ought to know, my Dominant Wife of 10 years has kept me locked in one since before our wedding. As john said, my orgasm is a privilege that is earned, usually i get to have one every 4-6 weeks, but occasionally when i haven’t been the submissive my Wife demands, i’ve had to go up to 4 months without an orgasm. Talk about behavior modification. And while i agree with F-P about orgasm diminishing submissiveness, the submissiveness quickly returns when i am locked back up in the CB-3000 immediately after cleaning up after my orgasm, knowing that the next one is dependent on my Wife and Her evaluation of my behavior. This is highly erotic for both my Wife and me, She relishes having this control over me, i love that She has that complete control over me and my orgasms, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

  7. says

    I like making Joscelin come (I love my lover’s orgasms), and I like not letting him come. It’s all good.

    I find he is a bit more ardent when he hasn’t come in a little while, and a bit space-seeking right after orgasm, but none of that is too strange. I bristle at the thought of doing orgasm control for some ulterior motive like making someone more attentive. I like it for its own sake.

  8. says

    Um, isn’t it a well-known, biologically supported fact that men experience a chemical “drop” after an orgasm, which easily explains the “rude” and “lazy” behavior, and which is quite temporary, lasting at most ten to fifteen minutes, and has nothing at all to do with SAM-like behavior?

    Why am I the first person on this comment log to point that out?

    • Howard says

      You dont get that feeling if you can suck the orgasm up your spine as you come. Aim for your heart! What you’ll find is that a) you wont feel drained,pissed off and want to go to sleep
      b) you’ll be all loved up for your lovely partner.

      When you get really good at this, you might experience an orgasm where you cum but the sperm doesnt and you get a whole body orgasm. Its only happened to me once but it was amazing

        • Anonymous says

          Yes, exactly, Enoch. As I see it, the main problem is that men are obsessed with masturbation and driven to ejaculation and it is this that is the problem in relationships. If we experience orgasm in tantric ways, we do not need to have our beloved put us in chastity, (even though the power trip involved in having her take total charge of our vajra – a tibetan word for the cock that we have picked up from our tantra teacher – is so intoxicating and exciting!).
          So, shouldnt men learn to start to take more responsibility for controlling their own orgasm so that we can develop better sexual relationships?

        • Howard says

          Yes, indeed, Enoch. We’ve learnt it from having a tantra teacher, who has helped me learn a lot about my energy and how to work with it. Sure it is exciting and intoxicating to have your wife put you in chastity but really, we men need to learn that there is more to sex than just jerking off frantically and cumming as quick as we can. Ive learnt to enjoy holding on to the energy and this means that we pleasure each other sometimes for hours. Of course the down side is that you never get anything else done and there is no ‘end point’ to sex since there is no rolling over and going to sleep for the man! I’m 56 now and I have huge solid erections that I love but they wouldnt be if I hadnt learnt some of these tantric techniques. Mind you, I still love the game of asking my wife for permission to cum and I love it when she says ‘later’.

  9. roo-roo says

    Yes, the “drop” does happen, and it is hormonal, but it’s not an excuse to be rude. It’s real, but it’s not an excuse to treat others badly. Just because someone’s hormones are “off”, that doesn’t give that person carte blanche to be nasty, whether we’re talking about post-orgasm drop or pms.

  10. Enoch Soames says

    If I remember correctly orgasms cause the release of prolactin and that chemical is the culprit.

    How a guy behaves right after an orgasm depends on many things: his character, the nature of the relationship, how demanding his day has been, his overall health.

  11. doris says

    Without reservation, I agree.

    When my wife has controlled my infrequent orgasm, I have been attentive, interested, alert. Absolutely.

  12. cybelline1 says

    Speaking fom experience, I wanted to add a different twist. I have been using cyproterone – a medication that drastically reduces testosterone. it is far superior to any other anti androgen. I use between 12 to 25 mg per day and my testosterone measures out at between 17 and 40, which is remarkably low. I am able to orgasm but my genital equiment does not work like it used to. I would not be able to reach or enter a natal female’s genitalia because there is no erection. But greater than any of this – my attitude does not leave me with any desire to do so. My desire is for relationship and intimacy but sex itself not very attractive. I believe many sub males would really enjoy and benefit from this approach it validates their desire for intimacy without all the impatient, inappropriate misbehavior. Cyproterone is available online costs around 67.00 for a 90 day supply.

    • Howard says

      I just dont like this idea that testosterone is a bad thing in a man. We agree that my wife should lead our relationship because she is a better leader than I would be but I have absolutely no intention of messing up my system with artifical hormonal rubbish and becoming a desexed subbie zombie. Men are entitled to pleasure but they need to learn some skills and self control. See my above post about tantric orgasms. I think thats the way to go. By the way, I love being submissive but there is nothing wrong with being dominant as well, so long as we realise we are role playing. Its the dance of energy, the learning to enjoy heightened pleasure and, yes, intimacy, that we need and it is that which excites. I love my erections and so does my wife and dont want to be defined by anyone’s rules, least of all the ‘rules’ of the D/s police!!!

  13. says

    I agree with roo-roo on this one (that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who knows us both).

    You don’t “make” anyone do anything they don’t want to do. You can’t “make” a woman dominate you and you can’t “make” a man a better submissive by orgasm control. Yes, you can force people to the point where they will go through the motions, but we are talking about safe, sane and consensual here. Forcing people to your will is a sickness.

    MCDs are toys, not tools. At my age enforced chastity is meaningless. I don’t have “the urge” to have an orgasm. I have them when I want them. But even in my earlier days, it should have been enough for Mrs. Mule to say, “don’t do it” (provided we agreed that this is a game we want to play) — being physically restrained is no challenge, controlling myself mentally – that’s the real challenge. Who do I love more, Mrs. Mule or me?

    There is, no doubt, a physiological reaction that happens after ejaculation. However based on what I am reading, the reaction must differ greatly from man to man.

    For me post-orgasmic reactions are that I feel very “warm and cuddly” and to an extent giddy. I am physically drained. Yes, I could jump up and run 5 miles (barring my bum knee) but I also feel like I just ran 5 miles. Feeling lazy or rude just isn’t there.

  14. says

    Maybe it’s just me, but I never was one to fall asleep after orgasm. To me it revitalizes, usually. I want to get up and go! Then again, back when I was younger and smoked pot I was never one to sit around and be high, I usually would start cleaning or go out for a walk or do SOMETHING!
    Anyway, for us OC/OD is my kink. My wife has fun with it, but I think as long as she was getting off as much as she wanted she wouldn’t care whether I came or not. She has admitted that she enjoys making me cum sometimes, so I usually don’t go longer than 2 or 3 weeks without, but honestly at that point I’m getting off on not cumming, so when my wife tells me to cum it’s actually a submissive act for me to do it. At least, that’s how I feel about it currently. I find that my feeling about control/denial evolve and change as time goes on.

  15. Sounds Familiar says

    My dominant wife and I have been living a femdom lifestyle for 35 years (as of this coming August). She pretty much calls all the shots in every aspect of our life and relationship. Things have changed and evolved over the years, but not the basics. Even from the first, she was not into penis/vagina sex and except for when she wanted our (two) children, I have not been permitted this.

    She is, and has always been more into oral sex and various toys. At first, she was not averse to giving me a hand job, but that has changed over the years. With the advent of PCs and the internet, she has changed her outlook on what a relationship should be. She decides what I do in our normal daily routines, what chores or duties I must keeep up on a regular basis, and literally anythig that comes up unexpectedly.

    I am now in chastity (Loris tube #6 with PA security) and am so used to it now that I don’t even think about so-called “normal sex” anymore. Sex for her is what she wishes, when she wishes, and for how long she wishes. I am allowed occasional “releases”, but only on her whim and when she decides. Ususally it entails removeal of my tube and a quick application of a vibrator/massager to my flaccid penis. I am usually on my hands and knees and there is a saucer or bowl under me. Ejaculation is almost always within 15-20 seconds and then I have to immediately lick everything up. The tube goes right back on.

    I am so conditioned to this that I can’t envision any other lifestyle, especially at our age now.

  16. femsup says

    Sounds familiar it is good tohear how your Wifes sexuality has become yours.We as males should look first and foremost to our lovers pleasure.
    It seems though that She finds your sexual needs a chore and that She and now you find it convenient and practical to spend only 15-20 seconds on your orgasm.
    However I am sure there are many more Womyn who find prolonging and teasing and generally driving their men wild with lust more fulfilling.It is really down to our Womyn to decide what is best for all of us in the relationship.
    Your work around the home might be more important and thus extended play with your genitals might impinge upon it.She is wise about both your needs.

  17. Mary says

    Well yes, this is the weakest time for the male, just after he cums for his worshiped female. It is important to be patient as it only takes hours or a day and sometimes minutes for the male to recharge and become submissive again.

    Sometimes more stimulation helps. I often give him some time with his penis out and when he seems ready I cage it and let him lick my asshole to recharge his energy. Males are different but mine seems to respond best when I allow him to eat my asshole.

  18. JakeG says

    As a happily married man, I introduced my wife to male chastity. If paying more attention to her needs makes me a better man then I’m happy with that. I think she is a better woman while I am in my MCD. She has blossomed with intimacy. She loves a full-body massage from me, help with bathing, dressing, etc. I love giving those things to her and she has become less tense regarding sexual interaction. I can’t say I deserve to be locked up. I’ve always been a good husband and she has always been a good wife. We have always loved each other (23 years of marriage). The male chastity is another ingredient for our happiness. At least for me, I love helping her to orgasm after orgasm even though I am not getting one. I love her happiness and pleasure. For those wives who have a husband that needs to “shape up or ship out”, forced male chastity is certainly worth a try. It might work. However, some men are just selfish and lazy. Find a new man.

  19. John says

    I agree with the comment above, although I must admit I was not always “a good husband.” I was, in truth, constantly seeking satisfaction either in masturbation, paid sexual encounters or extra marital affairs for the majority of my now near 20 year marriage. Last year, in the aftermath of getting caught, I did a google search on how to save a marriage, and links on male chastity and the CB6000 popped up. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that submissiveness and orgasm control didn’t turn me on, but then I did something surprising: I told my wife. And guess what: she was into it. It was by far the best leap of faith I ever made, and I feel twice as good about it because I asked her to keep me in a male chastity device to sincerely save my marriage. If you’re reading this and in a similar position to where I was listen good: it works. I’ve been locked in a CB6000 for 6 months, and only have orgasms when my wife allows it, and I’ve never been happier. It’s a lovely intimate secret we share, and I’ve never felt better. I’m pretty sure she would say the same about herself. Life is a funny thing, isn’t it?

  20. Bob says

    My chastity started when I gave a CB-2000 to my Wife to be as a Xmass gag gift. I found out they really do work, and ever since she has been requiring me to wear it more every year.
    That was seven years ago and four years ago we graduated to a CB-3000 that fits my smaller size better.
    When she has me locked up I am a much better husband. I think more about what I say and I do more household chores.
    I used to masterbate allot, but because every year she made me wear the CB-3000 more I have not been able to masterbate as much.
    My Wife knows that I do not obey or cater to her after I have ejaculated and that includes masterbating. I think this partly the reason she has been requiring me to be locked up more and more.
    In the next few years I will probably join those husbands whose Wives keep them locked up all the time.

    • Howard says

      When I was a teenager, we used to do ‘master baiting’ at our rather snobby school by getting them into conversations so we didnt have to do any work!

  21. Jackie says

    During my first marriage we spent a great deal of time exploring and living the female led lifestyle. It included domestic servitude, whips, clothespins, and later I encourage her to enforce chastity. Chastity training made servicing my Mistress exciting. We tried various devices, but most didn’t work. So it was on the honor system, and I kept my promise that would not cum without permission. The longest chastity period for me was two months. But my wife/Mistress greatly enjoyed receiving oral sex. I would eat her pussy three or four times a week. Man, when you are into four weeks of chastity, it is mind blowing to watch her erupt on your tongue, knowing that you will not be getting anything. You know chastity training was not really that big twenty years ago. Today it is common place. My wife was quite an enforcer of my chastity. She never felt sorry for me. Usually she would erupt into orgasm, I would kiss her on the cheek, tuck her in and she would go off to sleep. In chastity it was a constant high. Frustrating but erotic. (I can still feel those punishment sessions with her. She’d yank those clothespins off my penis and balls and I became jelly. And when she used the whip, no vanilla here. she’d swing full force and I’d be dancing and pleading. ) But it was in chastity that I was the better slave

  22. tacslave says

    As a baseline I’m of the tendancy that it shouldnt be absence of orgasm, but definatly handing over permission for any orgasm. Complete chastity is a tool but could be counterproductive as focused and controlled orgasm’s are another more useful tool to achieve and sustain male subjugation.

    • says

      Excessive orgasm denial is self-defeating: after a certain period of time the man becomes habituated and the loss of orgasms has minimal emotional effect.

  23. femsup says

    I do not become any less submissive after “orgasm” because I know that my submission is a thing to be worked at and I consciously make an effort to show that I am still attentive and obedient.Just as She may fall asleep after Her and thus our orgasm I too will often fall asleep with Her even if I have been denied.Its so nice just to share a cuddle or spooning together after we have achived Her/our orgasm.

    When it comes to my orgasm or more appropriately called release (the male orgasm or release being a distantly related poorer cousin to the proper Female orgasm) the time after may be as long and cuddly as when wwe get Her to where She wants to be or as little as a second depending on Her whim and needs.For instance I have been told after coming with a tap on the chest and a slap on the balls to get into the bathroom clean myself up and go downstairs and fetch Her a glass of water immediately .

    I may want to lay back and savour my orgasm the first for weeks but Her immediate need is to slake Her thirst.I don’t think I take longer than another second or two to get up and stumble into the bathroom and then rush downstairs and back up again with water.

    She understands full well why there is my tardiness by a couple of seconds.And knows I would rather lie there in Her arms face on her chest or on my back all blissed out but appreciates I make sure I still put Her first.She accepts my wanting to bask in the glow of my release is normal and that Her demands of me need not have to be met and that I could discuss with Her and ask for time to savour things.But it is I who wants to get up because She needs something.

    My attitude at that moment may be one of dissapointment but not lack of submissiveness.I will go about things later or the next days in a contented glow from the joy She has given me.

  24. Linda says

    As a young woman fairly new to FD I have been very keen to explore chastity with my boyfriend Bob. I restrict his orgasms to about one every 3 or 4 weeks. We,ve tried a proper belt but its not very satisfactory frankly and so far I’ve relied on simple kitchen string and the like; at leastyou can see if its been interfered with. Bob promises of course not to wank but everybody knows just how weak men are in this respect. The strengh of his erection tells you a lot as well as the increased agitation as time goes by. Our best run has been 6 weeks and I myself ame six times in one evening and got a big thrill out of seeing his tears of frustration and then just saying “No”. When I do allow it I insist its recycled. I have him lie on his back with his feet up against the wall so his cock is staring him in the face. It doesnt take long before its spurting out into his mouth where it can be swallowed and – according to my theory, used again as it were! We did this in a wood last summer with his legs up a tree trunk and as it dribbled off his nose I held his cock and told him to pee. “O please no Linda” he begged but Hey! you dont tell me what I want and dont want want and soon his full bladder was letting go, soaking his head. He explained afterwards its “difficult “when you;ve just shot your load. Difficult! I gave him difficult later with plenty of cane before tea (which invariably means more cane later).

    Interestingly when I first started going out with boys in my early teens I liked nothing better than leaving them “High and Dry” after an evenings hetic snogging and feeling up. That was the expression we girls used to signify he really wanted it but didnt get it and we’d giggle about it.

  25. coleen says

    love the idea of chastity belts for men. It would make pussy worship a mustl. My wife likes me dressed in drag and full bondage for the night. After servicing her orally she rolls over and leaves me in her boots, bras and panties with the rope around my feet and hands. In the morning I must service her again if I am to be released

  26. techster says

    speaking as as a long-married man, ( 40 plus years), who has been, by mutual agreement, locked in a male chastity device for over 15 years I can say, yes enforced male chastity does work to the benefit of both husband and wife. There are no problems with erectile dysfunction and I have gotten to enjoy the tease sessions and when I am released our sex is better than ever- I enjoy having the 20 year horny feeling.
    This is some of my thoughts on our arrangement.

    Latched man’s prayer
    By techster

    My wife is my lover and keyholder,
    With lock and key she and she alone controls my sex.

    The tube that encloses my cock is a reminder that
    Her love and the lock shall shield me from any relief other than HERS.

    Yeah, though I cannot have any sexual relief my self,
    I shall be an instrument of HER pleasure.

    With massages and orgasms I shall bring pleasure to HER days,
    And I will dwell in the world of the horny,

    My hands and my tongue shall bring warmth and pleasure to HER world,
    And I, a horny husband and lover, shall kneel as I massage HER feet.

    Though I might plead and beg for sexual relief.
    With touch. tease and denial SHE shall give me more reason to love HER.

    I shall come to enjoy HER pleasures as if they were my own.
    Though I beg for relief SHE shall smile and say “not now”.

    I shall endure the pain and pressure while awaiting the gift of HER key.
    Though my cock shall swell within its prison I shall feel no relief.

    I shall with touch and tongue work to make HER want me more than ever.
    SHE shall smile and say “once more please.”

    Though at night I am awakened by my cock seeking escape from its prison,
    I can only arise, and pee and pray for relief from the pressure of the tube.

    I must sit to pee, this shall be reminder of my dependence on HER love.
    While dreams of HER LOVE the key shall haunt me all of the days of the week.

    When Sunday comes and after a massage and stimulation
    SHE might kneel and release my cock from its prison,
    And I shall give HER a reason with strong throbbing orgasms
    That bring joy to us both as we know that my captivity was not in vain.

    I shall thank HER for the control of my sex once more,
    And I shall stand naked before HER as once my cock is imprisoned,
    And with a loud click of the lock my sex shall be HER’S once more.

  27. Mistress Karen says

    My sub-hubby wears a chastity device 24/7 and must earn each release by achieving various goals such a passing a weekly physical fitness test that is increasingly difficult each week. If he fails he can attempt to accomplish a challege. I put him in an uncmomfortable/painful position and he is given a limited time to masturbate with his left hand. If he fails to come his next release is further extended. Some the positions he must endure while attempting to masturbate are: Stand on tip toes and hold a ping pong ball against the wall, this gets painful very soon and he has only been successful in cumming once in this position. If he drops the ball of course he has failed. Another favorite challenge is to make him assume a wide knee bend with a heavy weight tied to his balls. He must maintain this position while jacking off. If this gets too easy further distractions can be added such as a small didlo half way up his butt that he must hold in, nipple clamps with weights, penis gag, blindfold. Another position is to have him on the floor with his legs up over behind his head. this will put his cock close to his face. If he comes he must catch the cum in his mouth and swallow it. He hates all of these challenges but he fails to achieve goals so often they are his only hope for a release so he is willing to try them. A horny husband is truly an obediant husband. Its amazing how a man will do almost anything when he is extremely horny. It is so much fun having a submissive under your total control.

    • Feminized Cuckold Slave Husband says

      Mistress Karen I hope you will share us more of the goals your husband must meet before allowed an orgasm. And any other humiliating procedures he must follow if and when he is allowed to masturbate.

      • Mistress Karen says

        Since my sub-hubby is required to maintain a very high level of physical fitness he must do long difficult exercise regimens that leave him exhausted so after an intensive workout, while he is still trying to catch his breath, he may be allowed to maturbate with his left hand while standing on one leg. If is other leg touches the floor he fails and the CB goes back on. He seldom succeeds.
        Another challenge is to have him bend over with hands and feet on the foor. He then can take his left hand and try to masturbate but maintain the postion with legs straight that puts a lot of weight on his right arm and shoulder. This limits the amout of time he can maintain the position and again is seldom successful.
        Another favorite of mine(not his) is to give him a 2 quart soapy enema and make him hold it while standing at attention for 15 minutes, then he allowed to maturbate with his left hand. Usually the crampinmg is so painful that he can’t even get a hard on.
        Just for fun I sometimes make him wear one item of female clothing in public. One of my favorites is pantyhose with short shorts. His legs must be shaven of course. Another is to wear a bra under a thin shirt where clearly show through. Wearing panties to the beach as a swimsuit is great fun to watch the reaction and his constant embarassment.
        Will report again as I think of more fun things for him.

    • Subhubby Bob says

      Wow Mistress Karen, you really know how to handle a man. Please, please keep telling us more. Thanks.

      • Mistress Karen says

        Some of you may think I am being too tough and mean, but we have an understanding that sub-hubby may opt out of this submissive lifestyle at any time. This whole thing started when I found he had been surfing various submissive, chastity, punishment,and physical fitness web sites. I found this quite interesting and decided to surprise him with a challege. I ordered a chastity device and confronted him with what I found on his computer. He of course denied any real interest, that is just curiosity and was not interested in actually doing these things. Well, I said that I didn’t believe him and suggested that he try a perios of submssion where we would experiment with his actual reaction to some of these kinky activities. He was quite reluctant but I presented the CB and challenged him to try it on. When the lock clicked shut I told him his life style would change forever,but I would give him a trial period of 30 days to give it a try. Ever since I have been giving him more and more difficult exercises and challeges to test him on how far he will go into submissiveness. He had never exercised before so all this was quite a challenge and I am very proud of how far he has come. He has come to realize that without proper motivation and discipline he would go back to his old ways. I have promised him that when he can complete the entire Navy Seal exercise program I will not push him to go farther but only to maintain that level of fitness which will still require very demanding workouts so I believe he will be in chastity training a very long time. I hope so because I am having so much fun with him.
        OK, so now our latest challenge for him to try to come. His poorest exercise is swimming so of course that is what I make him do to the extreme. One of his routines is to do a long timed swim in a cold lake ( at least one mile). He must wear a very tight tiny thong swimsuit that really scrunches his package. His penis shrinks down to a small nubbin. I love to tease him about his tiny penis. Surprisingly when he is erect he is a respectable 6 plus inches with a good girth. Any afer his swim he is allowed to tread water,remove his swimsuit, and masturbate as long as he likes assumming he can continue treading water. Sometimes he so tired he can’t even get a hard-on and I tell him I guess he didn’t really want a release and must be punished for wasting my time so he gets a really good hard spanking. This really frustrates him but provides more incentive to work out harder so he can meet his physical fitness goals. Don’t know how far we will go with all this fun and games but he seems determined to complete the seals exercise program. Will try to report addtional challenges and punishments.

    • ruas_cs says

      My Mistress has now had me locked for nearly two months, and continuing. It certainly renders me more compliant and attentive, and better able to take what She commands.

  28. Mistress Karen says

    Just thought I would update what sub-hubby is still doing. Never thought we would still be pursuing his submissive life style but it seems he is happy with what we are doing. I have given him several oportunities to opt out for a less intensive program where all he has to do is maintain his current level of physical fitness. He has tried it a couple of times but always fails to exercise enough and fails his weekly physical fitness tests so he goes back into chastity control. He is now in very good physical condition but I keep pushing him with more and more difficult exercises. Also his challenges and punishments keep getting harder. What he is doing is kind of extreme but since I have been doing all of the exercises with him he really has no basis to complain. Yes, I even do the cold water swims and Navy Seal routines. It was a long term challenge for me as well but I was in much better shape when we started. He now can do more pushups and pullups than me but I can still out run and swim him. I will describe some of his new challengs and punishments in the future. Any suggestions are always welcome.

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