Chemical Sissy – Sexual Frustration

Femdom Amazon Dominates Male Sissy

I got this comment* on one of my blogs this morning:

Try What My Mistress Girlfriend uses instead of a Penis Plug which has to be taken out at some point. A catheter tube that has a Locking Plug on the end. For days She makes me Hold my Pee. then on my knees with my hands on my nipples She makes me pinch and twist them till I have forgotten the pain in my belly before She unlocks the p-lug and lets me pee My Chastity tube hole is where the plug fits in the Catheter. She tried a Penis Plug but decided it could not stay in long enough.

He also posted this:

Chastity has me semi Castrated and Hormones finished the job. I can not cum nor have any kind of sex but my Girlfriend fucks who she wants. My dick no longer is free it is locked in Chastity for 12 years now. My Girlfriend fed me Hormones for 7n years now I am a Castrated by Chastity and Chemical Sissy now and I have began to like being a girl since 4 years ago. Is there no hope for me? Am I lost to Her Devious whims forever ? I find myself wanting Her lovers to want to Fuck me and She just laughs at me as She makes me watch them fuck Her. She Cold Milks me in front of Her lovers to show them the Control She has taken over me. I can not even feel the cum come out of me because everything is frozen numb. When I cry because of the utter Humiliation of Being Milked with a group of men watching She Whips me all over and lets them kick me. She says She picked me because She saw She Could Control me in no time and force me to be what She wanted me to be. I was raised to never hit a Woman ,and She took advantage of that from the start. She keeps me in an Iron Chastity Belt that needs four keys and a Combination lock. I sleep naked except for the Chastity In a Standing position with my hands chained above my head in a Standing Birdcage made for me. When my Chastity is off my hands are tied and a Blindfold is locked on me. I have never seen my Genitals in 12 years. that is why I say I am Castrated.

I get demented comments from guys all the time. Particularly the Female Supremacist Sissy Sluts. Imagine what violent, volcanic sexual frustration they must feel to go about posting their fantasies as their life history.

( * Spelling corrected.)

Originally posted 2009-01-16 06:48:18.

How do you feel about it, what do you think?


  1. says

    This kind of thing cracks me up. A lot of what this guy says is physically impossible to do without injury. Holding your pee for days on end? Sleeping standing up? And with your arms suspended above you? Yeah.

    It wouldn’t be so bad if people like this would post it as fiction and admit that it’s made up. But when they try to pass it off as reality, it’s insulting to assume the reader is that gullible.

    I wrote a parody of these kinds of posts/comments a little while back- click my name to read it.

  2. says

    The fantasy of this is nice but its not safe or practical at all. The only thing I have a problem with his stories is that he DOES post them as real life experience. Monkey read monkey do would be bad.

  3. says

    Well… I agree that it’s silly, but I also find it understandable. Disclaimers spoil the fun, and to some degree, people should be able to recognize the signs.

    That one’s a particularly stupid example though.

    What exactly does he mean by “cold milking” anyway?

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