Male Milking

Male Milking: massaging a man’s prostate gland forcing him to ejaculate without an orgasm. This helps insure the male’s prostate health is maintained during long periods of enforced chastity. Forcing him to cum without actual sexual release is another technique for maintaining his humility.

Originally posted 2008-04-30 12:12:25.

How do you feel about it, what do you think?


  1. josie says

    I attemted this but was not able to get that urination feeling and never came.
    I figered that someone else must do the prostate massaging to achieve this.

  2. Semen Volume says

    Does this really work? I didn’t even know you could have an orgasm without direct stimulation of the penis! I would love to try this and see if it works though!

  3. Anonymous Submissive Husband says

    My wife milked me today. It took about an hour. It was strange to see semen string down from my limp penis. She milked me dry and even when I masturbated in the shower I could not cum! She ordered me to not cum without her permission after we were done. I’m still really horny and my dick is throbbing. It has been about two weeks since my last orgasm. I enjoyed being on my knees with my ass in the air for her to do as she pleased with me!

  4. anonymous submissive husband says

    It has been 24 hours since my milking and I still am not able to ejaculate again. My wife milked about twice as much fluid as I usually squirt at one time. My cock is aching as I write this but no amount of stimulation will allow me release right now. This is incredibly exciting and sexy. The only problem is I am pretty sore from an hour with a glass dong inside me. Hopefully we will learn how to do this better as time goes on. I agreed to have no orgasm but from her milking me for 4 weeks. I was a week before our toy was delivered and another week almost before we could use it. This means 6 weeks without an orgasm!!

  5. bootlicker says

    As someone suggested somewhere, She should not waste the fluid so obtained, but freeze it into “cum-pops” to be sucked by Her slave either as a punishment, or possibly as a reward.

    Cumming without orgasm is the ultimate cruelty in sexual humiliation, but sucking cum-pop does add something to the effect.

  6. sissy male says

    The feeling of being milked is exquisite. It is exciting as you are slowly penetrated and your prostate teased.It should be done very slowly and gently so that the penis remains flacid.A warm teasing ache begins as a small dribble slowly swings back and forth on its way to the floor. It continues as a long string of cum slowly stretching as it flows. You want the feeling to increase and it is almost maddening. It is especially hot if you have been cockteased several times a day without being allowed to come for about a week. The tension builds slowly ever higher but there is no release. Try as you might to fuck the toy deeper and harder, there is not enough stimulation to cum. At times you may think you are gushing but the cum only continues to dribble out slowly without satisfaction.

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