Homemade Male Chastity Devices

DIY Male Orgasm Denial

I have done a lot of self-domination. I really get off on this and I will continue to post experiences and ideas on the subject. One of the big problems has been one of self-control as it is no fun once I orgasm. It is all over for a while. I quickly discovered the need for a chastity device that once it is on would not allow me to cum. It is quite fun to writhe in pain and pleasure and not be able to orgasm no matter what you do. I never made a locking device but my next one is going to have a padlock or two and I will freeze the key in a block of ice and keep it in the freezer. I will be able to get to it by breaking the ice with a hammer or running it under hot water, but it will provide a time that will be a cooling down period that will not allow the removal of the device not under the heat of the moment. I have only rarely in the past removed the devices so that I could orgasm and I have punishments for such actions but this will ensure that it stays on.

I have made many such devices with various amounts of success. I will tell you of a few of the more successful ones. All of the devices where based on a waist belt of some type. Some tied behind the back and others were leather belts that fastened with buckles. I will leave the end long so I can secure the lock after the buckle is fastened. I have used various devices and arrangement for the genital region and this will be the main topic of this post.

The genital chastity devices have all ended at the perineum (the area between the genitals and the anus) where one or two straps where used. A single strap was on the first one I made. It went between the cheeks and secured to the back of the belt. This was good for spanking but not for anal penetration. It is however good for holding a dildo in place. The arraignment of these straps that I like best is two straps from the perineum running one around the back of each leg and fastening to the belt near the front. With the locking design this will require custom fit. I can always add an additional removable crack strap if I need to. I plan to use T nuts and screws to put this together. I have used nuts and bolts and I have used leather laces both have their advantages. I think the T-nuts and screws will be harder to remove quickly, yet I still will be able to make adjustments.

The last part is the hardest part and the most important to be effective part and that is the chastity device. I have tried many things and one that I am using now is an metal cup that has been modified to make it comfortable to wear for long times yet if you get hard it causes mild discomfort. The cup is a metal cup that is about three inches in diameter and about two inches deep. I have take a piece of split foam pipe insulation and put the split over the edge of the cup. I used electric tape around the foam on the outside this provides a wide comfortable area contact the skin. Now if I may digress to tell you about a material that I have found to be very useful for many devices and that is a rubber welcome mat cut to various shapes. I will do a future post on this. I cut a round piece to put in the bottom of the cup with the points facing up. I cut strip the size of the circumference of the cup as wide as the space remaining between the bottom of the cup and the edge of the pipe insulation and insert this with the points toward the inside of the cup. I insert the penis and the testicles inside of the cup and secure it in place with a triangle leather pad that is attached to the belt and the Straps that run around the back of the legs attach to the point of the triangle. This is very effective. It is uncomfortable if you get hard and it is comfortable for extended regular wear. The only problem is the small bulge when you where street cloths. I do not wear this out much anyway.

I have another device that is very effective in preventing orgasm that I use for punishment only as it is very painful. Again using a strip of the welcome mat about 8 ” long and about 6″ wide I wrap this with the points toward my flaccid cock. I secure this on with a long strip of cloth. With the belt harness in place this is This is quite intense and I am very careful about rubbing or applying pressure to my cock much less trying to orgasm. I do not notice how uncomfortable this device when I am enduring some other severe form of punishment. I have had an orgasm in it under a severe spanking but that is rare.

I have used many other things for chastity devices. I have read about male chastity belts and I would like to incorporate some of those ideas so I could have one that I could wear under street cloths that would be effective. I am also very interested in a design that could be put on a female that would accomplish the same purpose. Any thoughts and Ideas are appreciated.

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