Male Chastity: Why It is Important

Political & Social Reasons for Restricting Male Orgasms

This essay deals with an idea as subversive as any that has ever been advanced in our male-dominated society. It is, to put it simply, the notion that, as Women, We should never have to dread the possibility of rape or experience the humiliation of sexual harassment, should never have to see Our sweet bodies exploited in male-fantasy-driven advertising and pornography. It envisions, in other words, a world in which “boys” can no longer “be boys” but must, instead be whatever We want them to be.

Now if you think that this idea isn’t radical or subversive, just look at all the uproar over date-rape and the sexual codes of conduct that a few enlightened universities have drawn up to deal with it. “Puritanical Feminists!” cry male and Female critics; a new wave of “sexual correctness,” says the cover of Newsweek.

Instead of being responsible for what happens to them, argue the critics, Women cry rape at the drop of a pin and run to the courts for protection, just like all those helpless Females of the past. In other words, if Women don’t want to be raped, they should be responsible enough to AVOID it! Don’t go bra-less, don’t wear a mini-skirt, don’t be alone with a fella who’s had too much to drink, don’t walk near large bushes, don’t….well, you get the idea. The burden of proof that We didn’t really “want it” or “ask for it” always falls on the victim, not the rapist. Furthermore, how can We avoid being raped? Do we have to put five locks on Our doors and stay cooped up inside for the rest of Our lives? That’s exactly what most men would LIKE Us to do. Get back to the kitchen, in short. Or should We do what the poor, frightened Waitress suggested in a letter that appeared in Ann Lander’s column several years back. Her job, She wrote, forced Her to walk home at one or two in the morning. She feared being raped and thought that if She wore a chastity belt, a rapist might leave Her alone. A chastity belt! On HER! If the Woman had not been so anguished, the idea would be laughable.

How could She not realize that a chastity belt would not prevent a rapist from doing other horrible things to Her? Anyway, that letter best demonstrates the glaring need for a solution to this unfair burden that We must bear when it comes to protecting Our own bodies from unwanted invasions. Why should this innocent Waitress be afraid to walk home alone at night? Why must SHE bear the burden of avoiding a rape by wearing a chastity belt (if, indeed, one even exists!)? Does that make Her a “puritanical Feminist?”

The myth of the Goddess Teeth is a, kind of, Utopian response to the unfair vulnerability that We always live with in this society. The cold fact is that male violence against Us CANNOT be avoided simply by having Us put on “proper” clothes or avoid certain jogging paths at certain times. For one thing, I resent being told what to wear. Our clothes, then, are not the problem. men are. If a man feels that he can “get away with” rape, he, at some point, will do it. This is what prevents Us from being equal, this nagging dread, this imbalance of power that acts like a leash, binding Us to Our fear and Our sense of helplessness.

The reason for this imbalance of power is not due, alone, to the male’s superior physical strength but, also, in how he uses it, with his penis, as a weapon of terror against Us. And, more often than not, his strength is backed up by a knife or a club.

Some people, mostly men, glibly say that We should just kick Our attacker in the balls. That is easy to say for people who needn’t worry about having their throat cut or their brains bashed in. No, the rapist chooses his victim carefully and attacks with the determination to succeed.

The ultimate solution, then, is not in what We wear, or do, or say; but, rather, in what MEN are able to do and not do. The whole rape issue has always been backwards. men have the weapon, but somehow We end up having to defend or justify OUR behavior! That is totally illogical! Yet how does a ridiculous idea like that continue to thrive?

To put it in one sentence: men demand free access to Our bodies and once they get it, they dictate the kind of sex that will take place. With this rule in mind, it’s very easy to see why such reasons as “She led me on” or ” She was wearing something really hot” have been invented as “justifications” for such access. At one time, not so long ago, men needed no reason at all to rape.

Remember the dilemma of the poor Waitress and Her desperate suggestion about wearing a chastity belt? Well, why should SHE have to wear one? This begs the further question: Why shouldn’t the MAN wear one instead? Now we have touched on the most sensitive area of the subversive idea mentioned at the start of this essay. The fact of the matter is that unless WE control the “weapon” that men use against Us, We will never eliminate sexism and rape. The analogy that comes quickest is hand-gun control. And everyone knows how up-in-arms the NRA is over the notion of waiting periods for hand-guns and the banning of assault rifles.

And the most vocal of members are, of course, males, who, by the way, have that “other” little weapon at their disposal. It is undeniable that there is a connection, then, between the idea of controlling the way a male uses his penis and the way he uses his gun. Society is just beginning to accept the fact that hand-guns and assault rifles must be controlled or regulated. The same kind of lobbying must be done in order for society to accept the fact that the PENIS must be controlled as well.

In this country We make up over half the population. Right wing political campaigns, however, have always labeled Our demands and grievances as “special interests.” Although absurd on the face of it, many of Us have, indeed, been duped by the notion that Our interests are, somehow, “special” and out of the mainstream. In other words, trivial, fringe.

But feeling secure within your own person is NOT a special interest. It is a basic human right that ought to belong to everyone. Unfortunately, half the population is not granted this basic human right. Rape continues and rapists continue to get off or get paroled. Female lawyers have been clamoring for harsher sentences, but not much has really changed. Why? The legal system is mostly a male club.

In order to correct this imbalance of power between men and Women, the power of the male must be neutralized so that the scales become equal. As mentioned earlier, that power lies in the male’s superior strength and how he uses it, with his penis, to get his own way.

However, within this strength there is a weakness. And that weakness is the penis. In short, it is the male’s Achilles heel. And herein lies the opportunity that We have to tip the balance of power in OUR favor.

In order to better understand how to exploit this weakness, we need to look at male behavior. In general, men are fetishists. A fetish, according to the dictionary, is “any object that causes a habitual erotic response.” For example, a male can be turned on simply by staring at a Woman’s breasts.

The Woman, Herself, isn’t really important to the fetishist. Only Her breasts are. Another typical male fetish is the Female buttocks. men are also aroused by the things that Women wear – often just the things themselves, like high-heels, for example, or panties. Of course, men become aroused when Women wear these things, but We really don’t have to. In short, men are more visually aroused than We are. That’s why there’s so much pornography. If a man can’t “get it off” inside a Woman, he’ll get it off inside a magazine or in front of a porn video.

You see, men believe they have the right to pleasure themselves any way they want. and it goes without saying that right includes ejaculation. In fact, some men are so single-minded in the pursuit of penile orgasm that they’ll rush through any sort of foreplay just so that they can “shoot their wad.” I like to call it the “expectation of ejaculation.” And all men have it.

Now, if We were somehow able to take away a male’s “right” to ejaculate and place that “right” in OUR hands instead of his, what would be the consequences? This is what the myth of the Goddess Teeth is all about; that is to say, the elimination of the male’s “right” to orgasm. Now, how does this relate to a world in which “boys” can no longer “be boys?” It’s very simple.

By taking control of the man’s orgasm, We will be able to use his sexual release as a carrot and his deprivation as a stick in order to make him be whatever WE want him to be. And will he cooperate? The answer is a resounding YES! You see, because a male defines his manhood by his freedom to ejaculate (sow his wild oats, in other words), he will submit to almost anything if he believes that he will NEVER be allowed to ejaculate.

Never ejaculate? Impossible, you say, unless of course, it (the penis) is removed. Well, it’s not impossible and it doesn’t have to be removed either. You see, We won’t have to do anything. The men will stop THEMSELVES from cumming! Too fantastic to believe? Well, read on…..

The penis, as was described earlier, is the male’s Achilles heel. It is his most vulnerable spot. It is also very sensitive to sexual stimulation. And this means that it is also sensitive to pain, especially when it gets hard. Now let’s imagine, for a moment, that a small, half-inch wide band of metal surrounds the penis. Many sharp teeth line the inside of this metal band. The unaroused penis is pressing lightly against them. No pain is felt, however, because the penis is soft. The wearer hardly even knows that it is on, in fact. Let us imagine, further, that the metal band is locked in place and can only be removed by unlocking it with a key, a key that is in the hands of the Woman Who locked it on. This metal band is called “The Goddess Teeth.” Like the Female chastity belt of old, which prevented unwanted (or even wanted) penetration, “The Goddess Teeth,” too, prevents a man from having sex unless the Woman Who has the key wants to have it.

Until that happens, the male is compelled to keep his penis as soft as possible or, if he allows it to get erect over some fantasy of his, he will suffer the shock of having sharp teeth pressing hard against it, causing excruciating pain that instantly shorts-out his arousal, making his penis retreat to a limp state. In other words, not only does the “Goddess Teeth” prevent a male from having sex, it also prevents him from satisfying himself, even when he’s ALONE! We, on the other hand, have the freedom to pleasure Ourselves any time We want, with (or without) a penis.

In other words, WE will decide when it’s time for men to ejaculate! And that time will come only if men begin to behave the way We want them to. And that means no sexist cracks, no dirty books, no porn videos, no jerking-off, and, yes, no hard cocks until WE feel like using them for OUR own pleasure. This is precisely what Female control of ALL sexuality means. WE CUM FIRST!! men cum LAST, that is if we let them at ALL!

This essay began with the idea that Women should never have to “dread the possibility of rape or experience the humiliation of sexual harassment, should never have to see their bodies exploited in male-fantasy-driven advertising and pornography.” Must We always have to look over Our shoulders? The Myth of the Goddess Teeth need NOT be a myth. Such a male chastity device could, indeed, be designed and manufactured if there were the demand and the will to do it.

It’s up to Us, the Women, to …..


(Very old usenet essay, author unknown.)

How do you feel about it, what do you think?


  1. says

    There should be some form of disclaimer to stuff like this. There might be people who seriously believe this is for real, and not just a sexy fantasy.

    • richard says

      I wish I could remember who wrote this. She was well known within BDSM circles at the time. But I saved it without her name. She was quite serious.

      Back when I personally wrote more dry, focused, nuanced stuff that guys would always pick out some odd point that seemed to justify their belief.

      I suspect men who talk of total male chastity believe it more while they are masturbating about not being able to masturbate than post-orgasm when they aren’t overwhelmed with frustration.

      • says

        Upon re-reading it, what strikes me is that all this fancy, high-brow (and quite exciting, for sure!) philosophizing leads up to advertisement for a sex toy.


        What an anti-climax!

        I mean, quite apart from the doubtful operand conditioning psychology up there… I was into male chastity for quite a few years, I’ve done my experiments and bear a few physical reminders of that time – and if there’s one thing I can attest from my own experience and that of people I’ve talked to, it’s that the practicalities just don’t allow for a 24/7, erection-circumventing, 100% secure device.

        So, apart from everything else that is wrong with ideas like that (if taken seriously and not just as another kink), it’s just impractical.

        • says

          I remember that was actually written by a woman. She actually was a female supremacist. And frequently promoted the Kali chastity device. A rare woman who sounds like a male masochist.

          She really did have male slaves.

          While she did honestly believe the things she wrote her actual life was more moderate.

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