Milking a Man to Humble Him

Milking isn’t something that Alexandra and I are likely to explore but as long as I’m talking about genital manipulation the practice might as well get a passing glance.

I remember when a local dominant woman told me that she milked her men. That a man could be made to ejaculate without orgasm was startling.

My response was an ineloquent “Weird!” and I forgot about it.

Given my inclinations it is no surprise that milking would be added to to my catalog of fantasies. Knowing almost nothing about enforced chastity my image was of a S&M session beginning with milking. Having your sexual energies zapped must make things tougher.

Turns out this is a fairly common punishment scenario. In arrangements where a man is only milked and whipped it is must make the pain harder to endure. In relationships where the scene lasts a couple of hours or longer it would add tension to the early minutes. While having never tested it my guess is sexual arousal and endorphin potential would resurface in half an hour or less.

Within relationships where male chastity is an important (if not the defining) element milking can be taken to strenuous levels:

A particularly effective way of increasing an orgasm deprived male’s sense of sexual frustration between prostate milkings is to masturbate him once a day every day to just short of orgasm, then install a chastity device. I’d say this at least triples the urgency of orgasm denial. If you do this, you will need to milk him more often, maybe every 2-4 weeks. After milking, the cycle can be started over. One woman I know sometimes masturbates her hubby to just short of orgasm multiple times a day between milkings!

Prostate Milking Revisited

If not impressively sinister:

Prostate milking sometimes involves your keyholder placing ice around the cock and balls to reduce your enjoyment. Inventive mistresses and masters have even designed home made ice trays to freeze the water in a shape of a thick ice cock ring, which the chaste man must wear during the weekly milking session.

Prostate Information and Milking

Makes a good story anyway. How long would that ring last?

I don’t see such practices involving me (pending of course Alexandra developing new interests) but it is a curious practice. Forcing a male to eject seminal fluid sans orgasm is one of the most fundamentally humiliating practices I’ve run across.

Most interesting of all is that many of the stories written about it are composed by men.

Earlier: Orgasm Denial

As always I’m happy to hear from folks who practice something like milking.

How do you feel about it, what do you think?


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