Penectomy Better Than Chastity?

Not by me. Left elsewhere as a comment on Cut Your Cock Off.

femdom penectomy
Typical Rubex Illustration

I have been permitted to make this comment:- As a permanently chastised companion – my lady doesn’t like the word slave – I would – if I may – fully endorse the idea of penectomy for permanently chastised males provided there are not medical reasons preventing it. Chastity devices have their limitations and are uncomfortable.

This discomfort is useful for showing the slave the permanence of his situation and the futility of resistance to his total submission but once he is completely conditioned and submissive penectomy would be a complete and final finish to his enslavement. From then he and his mistress can get on with their life-style.

Castration is not the preferred choice compared to penectomy since penectomy retains “sexual desire” that castration removes but both are as permanent – the unrequited desire is what makes the slave totally submissive in a way that castration does not.

The methods often employed are that the urethra is retained although the remainder of the penis is removed and relocated behind the scrotum for sit-down peeing – or that the the penis is simply cut off at its base with a small tube inserted into the urethra to permit peeing during healing.

This latter method can be problematic – infection control and /or bladder control as the penis helps with bladder function.
Two methods I submit would be worth considering are 1: Where the removal at – or near – the base is preferred a metal tube be inserted into the urethra and a elestorator band be placed on the penis so that it crushes onto the tube as in castration but still permitting peeing whilst the penis dies – it could then be removed later with the band and tube. 2: That the same approach be employed but only the head be removed – making the penis far less sensitive – then a small light weight chastity tube be permanently fitted onto the penis stump thus removing the ability for any sexual activity with minimum interference to bladder control.

Lastly I would respectfully urge all mistress to be strong in their will-power once such a step is embarked upon but be kind and gentle – but firm when necessary – to their slaves once this final step is taken – reminding the slave that all of this is for his own good within their lifestyle.

Thank you.

Originally posted 2011-04-20 07:17:51.

How do you feel about it, what do you think?


  1. thomas says


    I agree penectomy is the best way to show your commitment for your mistress. I think eventually a mistress / slave relationship has to result in a total penectomy, removing the whole penis but leave your testicles. So hormone production is garantted and the devotion of the slave towards his mistress is still there.
    Every mistress should demand this final step!!!

    (unfortunately it is very hard to find a surgeon to do this, maybe a list of surgeons pen to this topic should be published on this pages?)

  2. Peter says

    1, This is an extreme perversion.
    2, Penis is a beautiful toy for women. Man must have a penis.
    3, Plus Aesthetics – No penis – This is very ugly.

  3. ownmepleaseee says

    I am a nullified slave and believe removing the penis and keeping the testicles is by far the best way to keep a man a slave for his sexual desirers for his owner is and always will be there, keeping him submissive forever. The only satisfaction he will get now is to have his owner use the strapon on him.

  4. spankey says

    It is so hard to find the kind of care one needs to have a penectomy and scrotal removal. It should be done under sterile conditions. I am a Eunuch. I injected my testicles with a lactic acid. It is a mild acid but it destroyed my testicles. I had to go to a Doc and he had to cut the remaining part of the testicles out. It was a real mess. BE CAREFUL OUT THERE. Spankey

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