Ruined Orgasms vs. Enforced Chastity

Which is more sadistic: plain enforced chastity or ruined orgasms.

Enforced chastity simple means that you aren’t allowed to have an orgasm (which may or may not include orgasmless ejaculation via prostate massage, aka, male milking).

Or …

Ruined orgasms: a man is brought to the initial stage of orgasm but in such a way that it isn’t satisfying. I think the most common technique I’ve seen described is to remove the pressure and friction on the penis the moment the orgasm begins. So the neurological thrill is minimal.

Which is more sadistic?

Read more about male chastity and ruined orgasms.

Originally posted 2008-05-11 18:00:06.

How do you feel about it, what do you think?


  1. O.K. says

    I’d say that a “ruined orgasm” is much more sadistic – its sort of like being allowed to do something that’s ultimately very pleasurable, but the pleasure is denied. It sucks!

  2. says

    I think the sadism is in the eye of the beholder. :)

    Personally, I’d like ‘em both.

    I’d say that a “ruined orgasm” is much more sadistic – its sort of like being allowed to do something that’s ultimately very pleasurable, but the pleasure is denied. It sucks!

    Ah, but if it sucks, then why would so many men desire to be doing it? The obvious answer is because we don’t think it sucks, even if only some of us are willing to own up to it when it comes time to discuss things like adults.

  3. Enoch Soames says

    I don’t think the distinction between pleasure and “suckiness” is necessarily that clear in this kind of context.

    • femsup says

      I understand what you are saying.Just like there are many Womyn who indulge in bondage because it frees them to be sexual as they feel they are being “forced ” to enjoy sex we should be adult and many own up to liking at times ruined orgasms.

      The psycological dominance of Her deciding to spoil our release perhaps after a lengthy perod without one can be very intense and fulfilling.It demonstrates Her utter control and our dependancy on Her for our pleasure.

      However I must say there have been times when I have had very dissapointed and desperate feeling after weeks without coming and then She has purposefully ruined the release.There can be sobbing and winging and a terrible emptyness.But this only lasts a time.Later sometimes a fair bit later we will process the experience and feel ever more dominated and loving to Her for controlling and punishing us so.

      After all I don’t like a whipping but afterwards the fact that She has demonstrated the power to do it and I have demonstrated the commitment to take it means that things are all very good and sexy.

  4. femsup says

    Enforced chastity does NOT usually mean no orgasms just controlled and ones seperated by the time the Womyn chooses.Total unending chastity would mean no orgasms.

  5. Topcat says

    I think this subject like most just depends on the time, place and indvidual. Some say it sucks some say it’s enjpyable. Me, sometimes I like it Ruined, other times I like to be denied and still other times I just just want to shot wild. The part that sucks is it’s not up to me and I may not get it they way I want it, but I am still thankful I am getting it and from someone I care for a lot.

  6. says

    Hmmmm … tough call. But I think that even a ruined orgasm would provide me with *some* let’s say physiological – relief. I know it is nowhere near a real orgasm but still. That’s how it feels to me. And thus, enforced chastity, especially with regular teasing … is worse than any, even ruined orgasm.

  7. says

    How about sexual stimulation without orgasm. Steps:
    (1) Enforced chasstity
    (2) Prostatic milking leading to ejaculation without orgasm.
    (3) Penile stimulation
    (4) Ending stimulation before orgam
    (5) Repeat.

  8. this submissive says

    Ruined orgasms and denied orgasms leave submissive males in very different mental spaces. Humiliation is almost like a drug to submissive men- frequently addictive and the more we take the higher (or lower) we get. This high is known as “subspace,” but it’s only a high when the submissive is horny.

    A denied orgasm leaves a man extremely horny (duh) and feeling very helpless against a genuinely cruel torment. The combination will push the male into extremely deep subspace, and at this point the Dominant may choose to either maintain the submissive’s high by continuing to abuse and humiliate the male (at this point the submissive’s thoughts will be relatively disorganized and frantic and you may see some amusing behaviors), or She may decide it’s time to return the male to chastity, leaving him alone in a state of hopeless desperation.

    A ruined orgasm, however has a unique effect resulting from the setup of the male sex drive. When the neurons are ready to initiate orgasm, the horniness begins to disappear, the brain readies itself for the ultimate relief of pleasure without wanting. This is part of the reason why men frequently roll over and fall asleep after having sex- they’re tired and nothing in their brain is compelling them to be pleasing to their partner. However, when that pleasure is denied, it leaves the brain in a confused, awkward state, so while the physical feeling may not have been painful, it may have even been very slightly enjoyable, the mental feeling is extremely negative. Because the submissive is humiliated but not horny, he is not in subspace and therefore not enjoying his humiliation. It is therefore essential at this point that the Dominant takes the time to irritate the sting- verbal humiliation is one of the most effective tools at this point. Succeeding in humiliating the male after a ruined orgasms deepens the power divide between Woman and man and encourage the quiet, pleasing submissive to become a larger side of the male’s personality.

    P.S.- Removing stimulation is not the only way to ruin an orgasm. Ejaculation can be made less satisfying and even painful by restricting the flow of semen through various methods including tightly squeezing the head of the penis, blocking the urethra with a finger or anything else (the sole of a boot, a piece of ice), and this submissive has even heard of a Woman pushing a q-tip directly down through the penis.

    P.P.S.- Sometimes when blocking the urethra a “squelcher” occurs, where semen is not completely blocked and it shoots out at high velocity in a random direction. this submissive would be mortified if any Woman were to get ejaculate on Her skin or clothing because of this submissive’s advice. However, the direction that the squelcher shoots in can be controlled, most easily when using the thumb or a finger, to either squirt to the side harmlessly or back onto the submissive for additional humiliation.

  9. coleen says

    if a woman ties her mans foreskin with a rope and ejaculates him it forces the penis to be internal. Great way to subdue orgasism.

  10. brian says

    Well, both together makes for the ultimate in sadistic. Chastity with teasing for a few days to build him up. Then bring to a boil with a ruined orgasm… then lock him back up into chastity so he can’t relieve himself while in this extremely horny state. As this cycle repeats a few times over a few weeks, his intensly high hormonal levels transforms his brain, and imprisons his body and soul into this long term, wicked world of mindbending sexual slavery.

  11. subtoy says

    I find that if I am denied orgasm long enough, it will just happen, even if I am tightly in a cage and can’t get hard, even from prostate stimulation. However, that is a very powerful thing. My mistress had made me cum by just playing with my scrotum, balls, and taint– never once touched the penis. She’s done it by penetrating me too. The end result is a total mind fuck and a new view of my sexuality, a complete acceptance of my submissive status and making me feel less of a man… I mean I can be made to shoot cum without my penis being involved at all.

  12. Ed says

    I met a new female friend, and she has taught me the most incredible sexual activity. The first time she wanted to be with me, she gave me a tremendous handjob. As I was building up, and getting close, at the precise moment (just before the point of no return), she let go. I was sooo hard and ready, and she just stopped. Then the most frustrating thing occured, the feeling stopped, and I just oozed out my cum. It was the most frustrating experience, as I never got to orgasm, dribbled out my load, and was still horny, but now soft.

    She did this a couple more times that first week, and I was very horny, but very soft. Then, she stayed overnight and we had sex. OMG…It was the most incredible orgasm I have ever had…!!! I fucked her like I was a machine….WOW was it great! And she was very satisfied, as she was able to climax with me.

    Not sure what this is called, but I would certainly do it again…Ed

  13. buquet says

    For me the milking is the most sadistic.
    The subject feels no pleasure.
    The milking can be done by leaving his cage submitted.

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