Tease & Denial in Public

By Corey

First I’ll describe the type of scenario I’m suggesting. Although it’s technically unnecessary, I think you’d be hard pressed to find a man who would cooperate through 2+ hours of orgasm control, and besides that takes away half the fun =). Personally I think of very tight bondage involved with this scenario, down to restraint of the hips and fingers and head.

I’ve had past vanilla experiences where I was somewhat forced to enjoy the talents of a woman’s oral ministrations, being kept on the edge of orgasm for probably 25-30 minutes. She knew my sexual tells well and stopped me on the brink of orgasm about 4 or 5 times before I eventually snuck an orgasm in. She was displeased that her fun had ended prematurely, but as our relationship was vanilla nothing came of it, except for my many tokens of appreciation =).

We had further experiences, but this one I must clearly recall. My point is that she would have had much more control had I been restrained, and despite the vanilla relationship she had no intentions of relenting until she was satisfied with my excitement and frustration (there were occasions she had me screaming, begging, and literally crying for release.)

In essence I’m saying that being tightly bound and stimulated for an extended amount of time can be quite torturous as I recall some of the few brief moments of my life where I wished my cock could just be left alone and allowed to settle down.

I think the deliciously horrible part of it is the urgent feeling that builds up. I liked the control I lost and that was gained over me. At that urgent point I’ve always felt the desire to be forced to say or do “things”. I’ve speculated some on what these “things” would be, but I’ve preferred to leave them to the inventive imagination of my dominator. Rest assured they’d be things under other circumstances I’d forcefully resist.

Fortunately for me I’ve always eventually been allowed release, and better yet at my tormentors hand. Forced chastity has been an area of interest of mine as well, but as I’m young and have the sex drive to follow, 2 days is a long time without orgasm for me. I think it’s literally impossible for me to wait a week for orgasm willingly. I think I’d be crying in frustration by 5 days. So naturally I’ve always wanted to try it =).

I’ve also fantasized about involving another tormentor and/or an audience to this scenario. I’d like to experience being taken from the heights of pleasure to the depths of agony and both at the same time. I wouldn’t know whether I was coming (no pun intended) or going. And then the audience.

I’ve always wanted to be exposed so to speak under such circumstances, although otherwise I’m hardly an exhibitionist. Adding an audience feels like a narrow interest in which I’d be greatly interested in hearing from anyone from either sex who shares it with me. The more aware that the audience is there the better, although I’m curious as to whether I’d enjoy being blind folded more or not.

So back to my original question, can teasing be torture? My personal opinion is it can be. But I suspect many would feel, since it does involve pleasure, that it’s invalid in way. It seems many dominant women abhor and condemn anything that is sexually pleasurable to men.

I feel that although a D/s relationship may involve pain andor discomfort and control in general, that a relationship that involves a balance of pleasure and pain is entirely possible and satisfying for both partners. For me it comes down more to an issue of control. I prefer to relinquish the control of my pleasure and pain to suit the needs and amusements of my dominating partner.

I guess that comes down to the real motivation behind writing this post. I feel that an unfortunate majority of dominant women are merely interested in abusing submissive men without any interest in their sexual or mental well being. And thus they would have little interest in activities involving male sexual pleasure.

Does anyone else get this same feeling?

Also does anyone have any ideas on how I could setup being teased and tortured in front of an audience? It’s a fantasy that I strongly want fulfilled, but I can’t think of any realistic way of going about it. I’m 20 and still a year away from even socializing in the local BDSM groups here in SD. I’m not sure how to safely go about it.

Well thanks for reading through the post and if anyone has any of their own opinions on male (or female) orgasm control I’d be interested to hear your thoughts. Also when it comes to forced orgasm deprivation (I.E. via chastity vice and usually involving daily stimulation) I’d be interested in others thoughts there as well.

Originally posted 2013-03-30 08:12:44.

How do you feel about it, what do you think?

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