Total Male Chastity as Woman Worship

Female Supremacist Sacrament

Perpetual male orgasm denial is the principal sacrament of the Church of Female Supremacy.

To prove his total subjection to the service and will of woman a male extinguishes his greatest physical pleasure. Aall the wit and will expended to obtain sexual satisfaction is to forever be directed to the service of the divine feminine.

Locked in a clear hard Lucite prison even an erection will be impossible.

Male chastity is valuable only if it costs the worshiping male. His lust will be maintained by being allowed – commanded – to look at erotic photographs, art and movies.

Periodically his chastity belt will be removed for cleaning and stimulation. His Mistress Goddess will manually arouse his desires. He will experience some of the joy that he is forbidden to fulfill. After a period of agonizing frustration he penis returns to its jail.

His painful sexual neediness will be redirected to activities that benefit his Mistress Goddess and her alone. As in all things the male worshiper’s desires are devoid of significance.


How do you feel about it, what do you think?


  1. Throne says

    Just looking at the women will soon become a source of maddening arousal. A glimpse of cleavage or the slight of a tightly skirted bottom will leave the males panting.

  2. Humble says

    We are only here to please and serve females. Our male desires are not important at all, execpt that sexual desire will improve our attitude towards females. Reaching orgasm would surely have a negative impact on our submissiveness. This why permanent chastity alongside with horniness are the ideal combination. An orgasm would destroy it.

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