Total Permanent Chastity and Virtue

By Companion

I feel that has fallen to me to speak on behalf of some dominant females – and the males who serve them – and I hope that our female betters do not think it too presumptuous of me to do so.

Unlike some dominant females Mistress Lori has proven time and time again that she does not hate males – she just knows us for what we are. Mistress Lori has developed a life style over a number of years where she is served by obedient males who to do so have given up their selfish male habits and placed themselves totally in their mistresses hands to do – and be – whatever she wishes them to be and I believe that they are totally happy in their servitude.

They have embraced total and permanent chastity – retaining male desire – but not the ability to indulge in self-serving male sex – as opposed to castration which removed the “desire” also their chastised condition means that they will never again be any sort of sexual threat to the female.

Their continual sexual frustration – which is normally never discussed – added to their catharsis that any of their previous sexual prowess is of no consequence their mistress – only their obedience and loyalty – leads inevitably to their total submission. A question that one might ask is “Doesn’t Paulie resent being told what to do all of the time?” The answer is of course “No”. To obey his mistress is as natural as breathing and he does not feel oppressed – if she tells him to do something then it becomes his desire to please her and do it. None of this would happen if Mistress Lori were not strong willed enough to enforce permanent chastity on her slaves but in all other respects she is very kind and gentle.

I believe that males who complain about “this or that” aspect of her life style are those who are not ready to enter into such a life style themselves but only want to “play” at it. Mistress Lori doesn’t play. If you read Paulie’s Story you will discover that Mistress Lori “led” Paul aka Paulie into his chastised submissive state – for her own ends it is true – but “Paul” could have walked away if he wanted to but he chose to stay. There are those who complain that their relationship isn’t fair – that is one sided – my answer is that is that that is the nature of their relationship – their life-style – I don’t think that Paulie would agree – he is happier being Mistress Lori’s “slave”.

At the end Mistress Lori had to use certain ploys to push Paul to accept her total authority over him but he had to decide there and then – not dither or sit and think about it. Once the subject has become as submissive as the “then” Paul was – and was ready to move on to the next phase in his conditioning – there was little point in Mistress Lori asking “him” if he agreed.

Mistress Lori’s life-style with her slaves is perhaps not for everyone although her following is growing among both sexes but the question as to whether a male becomes a better person if he is chastised and enslaved – my answer is that perhaps “He” would never get the chance the be a worse one.

How do you feel about it, what do you think?


  1. Ashesh S. Ghose says

    Total sexual Continence or Brahmacharya was always practised vide Indial Yogis thru centuries without any Femdom , prostate milking , CB-2000/ CB-3000 or Keyholder wives etc.
    Even modern couples may try this simple Yoga — The Couple Chastity Yoga –the husband/man stands erect with erect lingam / penis @ attention .He inhales . She takes his erection in the crook of her elbow flexes her upper arm squeezes Lingam . He squeezes the Kegelian muscular band @ the base of the Penis/lingam known as Svadisthana holds his breath , enjoys the pressure of her flexed muscles silently chants JAI Sri Lingam or Victory To Sir Penis & Jai MA Yoni or Victory to Mother Vagina ! As long as possible he holds breath –then exhales !
    after a short gap they repeat the cycle —he enjoys a sublimal extended mature yogic Pleasure not a spurt of adolescent urination like relief followed by post -orgasm depression or Le Petit Mort ! His precious Semen —Ojas in Sanskrit safeguarding his stamina , strength , muscle-building Testosterone capacity etc all are stored & consolidated ‘
    nightfall occurs naturally & whatever pre-cum excess has to flow out does so . She can get relief from his skilled lips . tongue & teeth !
    go for it guys stop losing your precious semen / ojas become Tigers not sheep OM SHANTI OM

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