Absolute & Binding Male Slave Rules and Contract

Male Slave Conduct Contract Regulations*

Submissive Male Slave Bondage

By Mistress Thionite

[1]Male Slaves are considered as the lowest form of life on this planet. Every
other living thing has a higher rank than that of Male Slave. A Male Slave’s Mistress
may use his Male Slave for any purpose, including, but not limited to, household
duties, sexual gratification, and being loaned out to others for the
exchange of money. There are two types of Male Slaves, Full-Time Male Slaves, and
SessionMale Slaves. Some rules differ for each type, and are described as such
when necessary. When no distinction between Male Slave types is given, the Rule
applies to both types. Full-Time Male Slaves are exactly as the title suggests,
full time. These types are used in household duties, and are under
constant supervision by a Mistress. Session Male Slaves are those who only
occasionally enjoy the sexual aspect of the Mistress/Male Slave life.

[2] Absolute obedience of each of these 35 rules is required. Failure to
comply with any of these rules will result in 25 lashes with the cat-o-nine
tails, belt or cane, for each offense.

[3] Male Slave is not permitted to use pronouns that refer to it as a person.
Only “Male Slave”, and “it”, or something else that shows no personal identity.

[4] Male Slave will not speak unless spoken to by Mistress or any of Mistress’s
associates, except in case of an emergency such as fire, drowning, or other
such event that would require instant help.

[5] Full-Time Male Slave is responsible for keeping its body devoid of hair,
except eyebrows and on the top of its head, either by shaving, waxing or
hair-removal gels/lotions. This will be done with complete supervision by
Mistress. Session Male Slave may be required to arrive at its appointment
completely hairless. This is at the discretion of Mistress.

[6] Full-Time Male Slave is to be naked at all times. Session Male Slave is to be
naked when it arrives for its appointment. The appointment is considered
to have started and/or ended the moment Male Slave steps over Mistress’s

[7] Full-Time Male Slave is forbidden to touch its genitals, or ass, except in
accordance of Rules 5, 13 & 14. Session Male Slave is forbidden from touching
its genitals at any time during an appointment.

[8] Immediately upon agreement of becoming Full-Time Male Slave, it agrees to
surrender its payment for the privilege of becoming Mistress’s Male Slave, in the
form of all liquidated bank assets. Male Slave must also forfeit any previous
employment. Male Slave’s immediate family must be notified of Male Slave’s free will
to go into servitude. In return, Mistress agrees to keep in touch with
Male Slave’s family, in the event of family sickness or death. Session Male Slave is
required to surrender its payment for the privilege of becoming Mistress’s
Male Slave at the rate of $50 per hour. Appointments generally do not last more
than one day, unless previously agreed upon by both parties.

[9] Full-Time Male Slave is not permitted to leave Mistress’s residence, for any
reason except for emergency purposes.

[10] Male Slave is not permitted to use any seating other than the floor.

[11] Male Slave is not permitted to use any appliances, electronic devices or
other household items, unless otherwise ordered. These items include, but
are not limited to, stove, refrigerator, microwave, washer/dryer,
television, cell phone, radio, computer, etc.

[12] Male Slave has no privacy.

[13] Full-Time Male Slave will give itself a daily enema while under its
Mistress’s supervision. This will serve as Male Slave’s allotted daily
defecation. Session Male Slave is required to arrive at its appointment,
completely cleaned out.

[14] Full-Time Male Slave is granted permission to relieve its bladder three
times daily, at 8 am, 4 pm and Midnight, provided Mistress is awake. If
Mistress is not awake, or Male Slave is not being used as described in Rule 15, no
bathroom relief shall be granted. Session Male Slave will not be permitted to
relieve any bodily functions during an appointment.

[15] When Full-Time Male Slave is in use, Male Slave must remain within 3 feet of its
Mistress’s side, at all times. “In Use” is considered to be anytime Mistress
is home and awake. Session Male Slave must remain in sight at all times.

[16] When not in use, Full-Time Male Slave will reside in its cage, where its
arms and legs will be shackled, and tethered by its balls with a rope or

[17] Full-Time Male Slave will be displayed as such when Mistress receives guests.
No effort shall be made by Male Slave to cover up or hide its lowly status from
others. Male Slave is required to undertake all hostess duties, and provide
enough food to satisfy two servings, per person, per each dish made. Male Slave
will also provide all refreshments, and offer its mouth as an ashtray for
those guests who smoke.

[18] Male Slave shall regularly be tested for Obedience, to ensure proper

[19] All orders given to Male Slave must be obeyed immediately, without
question, and without hesitation.

[20] Male Slave shall assume any position when commanded. Positions are as
follows: (A) “Inspect”- Male Slave will stand, legs spread apart to its
shoulder-width, hands clasped tightly behind its head. (B) “Present”-
Male Slave will stand, legs together, hands clasped tightly behind its back.
(C) “Kneel”- Male Slave will drop to floor on its knees, legs spread apart to
its shoulder-width, hands clasped tightly behind its head. (D) “Lay”-
Male Slave will drop to its stomach, legs spread as wide apart as possible,
hands clasped tightly behind its head, elbows touching the ground. (E)
“Wall”- Male Slave will stand against nearest wall, hands clasped tightly behind
its head, and arch its body out as far as possible so that only its elbows
and heels are touching anything solid. (F) “Relax”- Male Slave will drop
facedown to the floor, then raise itself off the floor and arch its back as
high as possible, with only fingertips [not entire hands!] and tips of toes
touching the floor.

[21] When Male Slave is not being commanded, it will sit on the floor, hands
wrapped around Mistress’s ankles.

[22] Full-Time Male Slave will be locked into a chastity device at all times,
and permitted to cum only as Mistress sees fit. SessionMale Slaves may or may
not be kept in a chastity device, dependent upon Mistress’s desire. Male Slave
will be frequently edged toward cumming, but not be permitted to do so.
If, during an edging session Male Slave “accidentally” cums without permission,
it will receive an additional 10 lashes.

[23] Male Slave is required to have a butt plug in its anal cavity at all times.

[24] If Male Slave must relieve any bodily functions other than allotted times,
it must ask permission. If permission is asked, Male Slave will be punished for
breaking Rule 4 and receive an additional 25 lashes. Permission may or may
not be granted, dependent upon present activities and/or Mistress’s mood.

[25] When there is more than one Full-Time Male Slave in residence,Male Slaves are
not permitted to speak to each other in accordance with Rule 4. There are
video and audio surveillance devices located throughout Mistress’s home,
which are in use 24/7. If Male Slave is discovered to disobey this rule, an
additional 50 lashes will be served as punishment to all parties involved.

[26] Male Slave understands that it will be subjected to any and all sorts of
varying things, including, but not limited to, urination, pain, and

[27] Male Slave will immediately apologize, and request forgiveness of any

[28] When Male Slave is answering a question or commandment, Male Slave must reply in
as few words as possible. Male Slave will always end each sentence with either
“Sir”, “Mistress”, or “Mistress [insert name here]“.

[29] Full-Time Male Slave will be fed twice each day, 7 am and 7 p.m. Meals
will consist of whatever Mistress deems appropriate. Session Male Slave will be
fed if an appointment lasts longer than 9 hours. Male Slave can refuse any
meal; however, each refusal of a meal is punishable by 25 additional
lashings. Full-Time Male Slave will also receive a 36-hour fast of any food or

[30] In the case of sickness or death of anyone in Full-Time Male Slave’s
immediate family, Male Slave will be notified immediately and granted a
temporary Bereavement Leave of all household duties and allowed to join its
family, with Mistress’s supervision. Rules 3 – 5, 7, 10 – 14, 19 – 24, 27 –
29, 31 & 34 will still apply. In addition, no effort will be made by Male Slave
to cover up or hide its lowly status from others. In addition, Male Slave’s
safeword will not apply to this situation, nor will it get Male Slave out of any
service during Bereavement Leave. Male Slave must always remain within sight of
Mistress. There are no exceptions. Any and all punishments earned during
Bereavement Leave will be given immediately upon return to full service.
All “off-duty” time accumulated by Male Slave during its reprieve will be added
on at the end of its service, and tripled.

[31] No refunds for Male Slave servitude will be given, for any reason,

[32] Full-Time Male Slave agrees to a minimum mandatory 90-day contract, as a
trial period for both itself and Mistress. If during that time Male Slave does
not wish to continue service, or if Male Slave’s service is deemed
unsatisfactory by Mistress within that time, servitude will end on the 91st
day. If Mistress agrees to keep Male Slave longer, a new contract of no less than
six months will be signed and agreed upon. Each subsequent contract
renewal will carry an additional three months. For example, if Male Slave
passes the 90-day trial period, and the following six-month contract, the
following contract would be for nine months, the next would be twelve
months, and so on.

[33] Upon agreement of becoming Male Slave, it must commit to memory a safeword
of Mistress’s choosing. The safeword will release Male Slave from any situation
where it feels it is being used too roughly. If the safeword is used,
Male Slave understands that it will be punished for attempting to defy its
Mistress, and agrees to submit to a future punishment of Mistress’s choosing.

[34] Male Slave must endure any and all punishments without speaking, swearing
or other vocal statements. Sobbing, wailing, shrieking, etc., are
permitted, as long as no words are uttered. If any words are uttered
during punishment, an additional five lashes will be administered, per

[35] Male Slave is required to memorize each of these 35 Rules, verbatim, and
must be able to correctly state any and all Rules at any given time, under
any and all circumstances. Ten punishment lashes will be given for each
word missed or incorrectly added by Male Slave during recitation.

( * NB: I know some of you think this is the way to live in real life. But the words above are for fantasies. None of you could actually handle living like this.)

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  1. says

    The whole thing seems to have been written by someone who has watched too much bad porn. Get out, go to a munch and get real.

  2. slave says

    Hello Mistress

    it would be a great pleasure to have a real honest chance to show that there are some real slaves, that truly seek need and want to earn a place under the feet of a real life time owner and serve all her needs wants and desires. I am very very seroius will you let me prove it buy more than words.

    here is more about me I am 39 I just want to be very up front and honest.

    I am seeking a 247 life long real time full ownership and enslavment. I understand that a true slave will have no limits once owned other than the one his owner will set . I have never been married no kids nothing that will keep me from relocating Ido not somke,have never been in any trouble and drink on a reare occasion. I have a job and have wroked for the same company for 14 years I am a union worker. I understand that this will take a great deal of time, energy and money, I can and will come to you in person if that time comes and prove that I am much more than talk and hope to prove it by my actions.

    I want to assure you there will be no games and this slave will lay it all on the table. I here to find that one and only Mistress to serve for life this is not about games or play Ma’am. I would ask to be given a real true honest chance to show that there are some real true slave that need that in there life to be complete and happy. Ma’am here is more about me I am ready and willing to lay it all on the table

    I am a stubborn man, opinionated, and very driven.I am also one of the most honest people you will ever meet. I am loyal, dedicated, and caring. I am playful, ornery, and spontaneous. If you meet me out in real life, the word “slave” would never pop into your head but I have a true slaves heart that needs to serve to feel complete. I am a mans man who is not afraid to get his hands dirty or to be the protector.but I know my place when next to a strong Woman.

    I seek that deep connection with someone who understands that these are not just roles we choose to play when we feel like it. I have experience but do not just give anyone this control and trust. Its all or nothing for me so I have become leery of game players and wannabes. I have an open mind and an eagerness that can be surprising. I seek the One who is not afraid to use me for her pleasures.or to dictate what “pleasure” even means.

    I have experience in many areas. Some experiences I enjoyed and some I did not. Regardless of my enjoyment.I become determined to please my Owner. Almost being competitive in my own mind to achieve all that is asked of me. This is where I am most stubborn.not as a brat. But because I can be so determined. I am not married no kids have a job and seek that true connection bond between Mistress slave relationship. I have served just one Mistress for 3 years and seek to serve just one Mistress for life. I do not play I have not served in 2 1/2 years my submission is very special and seek to give that to one Mistress this is not a game i seek to lay it all on the table Ma’am

    bondage, cross, spanking bench, have served at bdsm events, private party’s, collar leash, cbt urethra play, tens unit, elect wand, have had a dog shock collar used on them as well. floggers, slappers, whips,quip,cain, dildo training, strap on training used as furniture chair, table, foot stool, hog tied, bondage rope, chains, bondage over night under clothes exp dildo, leather harness, fire play, hot wax, full domestic service good cook, maid, tend to all Mistress personal needs, massage, shave her, do her nails, bathe her, I can take quite allot of pain the Mistress i served was very much a sadist, mummification, suspension. I Am not marked in any way any piercing, or tattoos. And have not experienced chastity but I am sure I will some day. I do hope some day to be marked and truly taken. Trained to my owners wants and needs i understand this will not be easy. I can brag that I am a great cook. I have other hobbies and skills that I can share if asked. example i love drag racing nhra, love the outdoors, playing pool.

    I do not expect or necessarily need any of the servitude listed above. I am willing to serve in whatever capacity She desires. Whether She desires strict chastity or an aggressive lover.a docile slave or an outgoing slave.I will become what She chooses photo in message below

  3. nitesh says

    Hello mistress, i am a indian guy my age is 30 pplaning to shift in USA rest of my life and i have planed. To serve my life to mistress so can u help me out.


    Hi Mistress
    I am more than happy to become your full-time slave. I am totally submissive and be more than willing to obey all your rules.
    Please consider this as a serious application. If interested, please reply soon
    Thank you

  5. bootlicker says

    These 35 rules are much too specific to be adapted to other situations.
    The basic rule is “Mistress is in total command, and the slave[s] must obey Her at all times without hesitation.”

    From that it follows that Mistress my prescribe whatever specifics She pleases, including retroactive rules (“effective yesterday, and you will be punished for not knowing that and following the rule”). Ridiculously arbitrary, to the point of silliness, but that’s just a way of saying that She has absolute and unlimited say over everything in Her slave’s life.

    Obviously, there have to be limits: death, permanent maiming, that sort of thing. These, however, should be *understood* limits and a demonstration of *trust* on the part of the slave. In other words, when a male slave gives itself to a Female Dominant as Her chattel property, She assumes a responsibility to keep Her property safe. Call it “noblesse oblige” (the responsibility of the ruling class toward those ruled) if you like. But it has to be (in my humble opinion) part of the arrangement: slaves do not bargain, because they have no rights and their only responsibility is submission and obedience.

    Masters — and Mistresses — on the other hand, have virtually unlimited rights. In the real world of Medieval, Near Eastern and even pre-Civil War America, those rights did indeed include selling, killing, maiming and grievously torturing slaves.

    However, as a world of imagination within the contemporary real world where that kind of this is forbidden, we have to impose limits ourselves, even if we pretend they aren’t there.

  6. Chris says

    Hi my names Chris I dream of being a woman’s slave and would really appreciate it if you would take me and use me as your slave . I will do anything at all for you and would devote my life to worshiping at your feet where u belong . PLEASE let me prove myself to u

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