Boy on Her Leash

There was a recent rash of comments about treating boys as F/m submissive males. Even cultivating their submissiveness.

In the real world even a sign of that might get you into big trouble.

Melissa Means of Rome, Georgia got herself charged with cruelty to children for pulling her son by a leash.

ROME, Ga. — A Verizon Wireless employee captured shocking video of a mother dragging her child through the store by a monkey backpack leash.

Caught On Camera: Child Dragged Through Ga. Store On Leash

Originally posted 2009-08-06 03:40:02.

How do you feel about it, what do you think?


  1. chrissy says

    Boys do need to be trained early It’s best to have an older sister do the job. If biology didn’t do it that way, adopt an older girl and have her help train the boy. She can really be effective. Reward the older sibling for training the younger boy Soon he’ll be doing all the chores, and begging to the privilege of serving you. The older female sibling will keep him in line. Having 2 or more older female siblings works even better. he’ll serve all of you, and learn to be a real slave, and beg to serve you. he’ll love it and thank you for discipline to help him be a more obedient child.

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