Lifestyle, Lifetime TPE Male Enslavement Rules & Agreement

Irrevocable, Irreversible, Inexorable, Irresistible

Absolute & 24/7 Total Power Exchange Contract

Permanent Female-Led Male Slavery

owned male slave mistress owner drawing

Slave exists only for Mistress Owner’s pleasure, use and convenience.

Slave obeys instantly without hesitating, questioning, negotiating or debating.

Slave behavior will be regulated by many rituals and protocols. No variation is ever permitted.

When Mistress Owner speaks slave listens. If slave was talking it will instantly silent.

Slave’s body is owned by Mistress Owner. Mistress Owner will use, modify, change it as she desires.

Slave will conform to a dress code be it total nudity, transvestism or whatever garments Mistress Owner selects.

Slave’s mind is Mistress Owner’ property. Mistress Owner will teach slave what to think.

Slave’s heart belongs to Mistress Owner. All slave feeling revolve around satisfying Mistress Owner.

Slave does not use furniture. Normally will stand at attention or be permitted to sit at Mistress Owner’s feet.

Mistress Owner will provide slave prayers of worship. Slave will recite these to itself silently throughout the day.

Slave transfers all money to its Mistress Owner. Slave itself never has any property.

Slave is property. Mistress Owner may sell, trade or dispose of slave as suits her will or whim.

To be signed at beginning of enslavement. Can be recited weekly as vows or renewal or daily as a prayer of Mistress Owner worship.

Compare to other male enslavement contracts.

How do you feel about it, what do you think?


  1. says

    I agree, Eudaemonia. Unless one actually is interested in adhering to such contracts, they can be otherwise be considered one of the sub-genres of femdom erotica. I personally find such documents quite stimulating to read, although to follow such rules in reality would not be my cup of tea…or whatever else a mistress might see fit to pour into my cup… ;)

  2. says

    Iagree with Irvoniel, most of the rules are fantasie lets be more in the line of reality , i’m sure FLR. are becoming away of life in our present society because the present LIVING GODDESS, SUPERIOR FEMALE,

  3. slave j says

    A Permanent contract should be the ideal, of any relationship.
    The problem is finding a suitable slave. a submissive is useless..
    A Mistress Owner requires a thoughtful, intelligent, hard driven, strong willed subject that can be molded and trained for the special needs, so desired. Very rare and difficult to find..
    In my case the Dominatrix that trained me, knew within a few months ,that i would make an ideal slave. i was never submissive.
    The Dominatrix trained and later, slave was given, as a gift to Her Best Friend. slave was never consulted.Nothing was ever discussed.
    Most sites think slaves are merely submissive without a “stop” clause! That is totally wrong. As Milady’s slave, slave would protect Her totally.Submit to no other person unless being given for a period to another Owner. Done as a punishment or for an enlightenment, learning new skills.As a transferred slave have done assignments for that Owner, to best of ability. These “transfers” have made slave totally realize that is an “it”, a piece of goods, that can be given, sold or transferred.As a natural slave, it would totally obey.
    slave accepts all Disciplines, Humiliations and Chastity Enforcement without question or any hesitation.
    Finding such a slave( Milady is present as slave writes) will be a wonderful life.

  4. tessa says

    In cybelian lifestyle FEMDOM IS REALITY, not fantasy or play. The day is not long off when in every city in our U.S.A. WILL HAVE A WORKSHOP TO DISCUSS AND TEACH
    THE ART OF FEMALE LED RELATIONS, i wish it was here now . Afem.

  5. bootlicker says

    There is no reason that FLR is not as valid a lifestyle as MLR. The fact that it may be more agreeable to both parties is arguable, simply because one or the other fits perfectly (or nearly so) to each successful couple.

    But if an FLR is what works for a couple, there should be no barrier to their living that way — and in fact there isn’t, really. You just don’t tell anybody unless you want to.

    As slave j points out, there does not need to be a written contract. But as this bootlicking dog respectfully adds, if two people wish to reduce their agreement to writing, nothing should prevent them from clarifying their thoughts in this way.

    The formulation as presented is excellent. The linked references are also brilliant, and should be considered. This humble one would beg to suggest adding just a couple of items.

    1. Mistress is empowered to change or add rituals, regulations or requirements at Her pleasure, with or without prior notice, and to punish Her slave for failure to obey, without regard to whether She has informed it of Her whim and pleasure.

    2. When Mistress has found it necessary to punish Her slave, whether for cause or for Her amusement (including an advance demonstration of what will happen if the slave displeases Her in any way), the slave is expected to thank Mistress for the punishment. (If Mistress wishes it so, this gratitude is to be expressed by the slave crawling some distance on its face and belly to kiss or lick Her boots.)

    3. Mistress never says “thank you” to Her slave; the slave thanks Mistress for the honor of serving. If Mistress is moved to express approbation for a service rendered by Her slave, She quietly says that She is pleased, or that the slave has pleased Her. Hearing this, the slave instantly thanks Her for allowing it to serve Her pleasure (the above ritual of crawling and licking the boots my be invoked for this acknowledgement if Mistress desires).

    Mistress Tessa kindly points out that in a Cybelian FLR, Female Superiority is a reality, not a fantasy. Of course, She is totally correct. In Her wisdom, the Leading Female may determine that some or all of the rituals discussed here are necessary, and impose them as She sees fit. The truly wise male submitting to Her leadership will accept this gratefully and obey with enthusiasm, learning from his mistakes and welcoming the correction that She is pleased to give.

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