Male Slave Training with Electro-Shock

1. Some time ago, someone posted a detailed description of a long-term hypnotic training program that a woman had established for her husband. It was a very powerful and erotic description of how they used hypnosis to augment the males need to unconditionally accept the woman’s authority in their daily life.

2. Someone else posted a description of how she used one of those genital shocking devices to increase male submission. She did not describe it the way you do, but her method was really along the same lines. When a male refused to obey some command, she would position the male on his hands and knees in the center of her living room. The male would be naked except for the conducting ring around his balls (which she referred to as an “obedience ring”), and a gag in his mouth.

The key was, she did not use the device for punishment, and certainly not to satisfy any masochistic needs of the male. She was really using it for behavior modification. She would invite several other women to watch the session (humiliation aspect?). Holding the control box, she would sit in a nearby chair and talk with her friends while she punished the male’s balls for about 5-10 minutes. By that time, the male had received a lot of punishment. She would walk over to him and say: “When I remove your gag, tell these women you will do [some behavior he had previously refused]“. She then would remove the gag, and the women would carefully listen to the male very sincerely agreed to do whatever it was he had previously refused.

After a moment, the woman would replace the gag in his mouth, sit back in her chair, and punish his balls for another 10 minutes. By this time the male would be sobbing. She would walk up to him and say: “When I remove your gag, tell these women that you beg to [perform the previously refused act]“. She would remove the gag and they would listen to the male beg desperately. When she had heard enough, she replaced the gag, sat down in her chair and punished his balls for another 10 minutes.

By that time, it was a struggle for the male to remain on his hands and knees. She walked over to him and said: “When I remove your gag, tell these women that you beg to do anything in order to be allowed to [perform the previously refused act]“. She would remove the gag, and, as you might expect at that point, the male would beg for the opportunity to obey.

It was the woman’s technique of using three punishments that really made it a form of behavior modification. The first to stimulate the male to submit to some task he had refused, the second to position the male to want to perform that task, and the third to make the male desperately want to perform an even more demanding task, which if he performed correctly, might result in his being rewarded with the opportunity to perform the original task (original task is now a reward).

3. There was one other post, along very similar lines to #2, in that it used genital shock to induce a state of unconditional obedience. A male was put in a very small cage, like a small pet cage, and a similar shock ring was placed on his balls. Whoever posted the description said that the woman had had the shock control modified in a peculiar way. The “power” control of the shock box (I assume a voltage amplifier) had been changed so that there were 60 levels (each of the original 10 levels being divided six times, that is, I don’t believe the device was more powerful.

Only the number of increments were increased.) When turned on, the box would send a level 1 shock to the male’s balls for 1 minute. Apparently, at such a low level the shock is stimulating, and mildly pleasurable. The male would get a 1 minute break to recover, then the box would increment the power level and the male would receive a level 2 shock for 1 minute. This would continue until, after 2 hours, the male received the highest level shock to his balls, which from what I’ve heard is substantial. At that point the box resets itself. The male gets a one minute break to recover and then receives a level 1 shock again.

According to the post, the 2 hours was referred to as “1 cycle”, during which the male was left unattended. I can’t remember how long the woman was gone, although I vaguely remember it being more than one cycle, but when she returned, the male was in an extremely submissive state.

Please note that I do not necessarily promote any of the above activities. These are only summaries of posts that have appeared in various ng’s that seem related to the topic.

How do you feel about it, what do you think?

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