Mistress Michele Bachmann?

Michele Backmann as Mistress Wife?

Michele Bachmann Femdom Mistress Dominatrix

I asked more or less the same question about Sarah Palin some time back. (And will eventually find a liberal democrat to do likewise with.)

Does the Representive Michele Bachmann match your ideal of a superior woman. Of a woman who you would like to lead you in a female led relationship / marriage?

Her leadership, charisma or whatever virtues you may see in her.

Or – since she is the quintessential Tea Party politician- do your progressive progressive political opinions cause you to feel exited by the idea of being at her mercy because she is so contrary to you? To be helplessly in the power of a very conservative woman.

How much can politics affect sexual desire?

Originally posted 2011-06-27 12:32:52.

How do you feel about it, what do you think?


  1. michele's buttlicker says

    she’s far too stupid to be President but couldn’t you just spend the day tonguing her sweet asshole?

  2. michele's pantyboy says

    I’d love for her to select her panty for the day from a variety of thongs hanging from my shameless hard slavecock every morning. I’d especially love it if they were all black to take in the most heat so I could suck on them in the evening. I really hate her politics but she really gets me hot.

  3. michele's assworsshipper says

    Am I the only liberal out there who would love to lick her asshole even though I would never vote for her?

  4. Michelle's Bitch says

    Though I disagree with her politics I would love for her to put on a strap-on and fuck me everyday while forcing me to cite the pledge of allegiance.

  5. Derry says

    Michele Bachman is in a Christian marriage with her husband as head of the household. A newspaper interviewed her and she revealed that her husband, initially, told her not to become a tax attorney. In obedience, she was ready to comply, but impressed upon him that it had been a long-standing career desire. He changed his mind and she only then went back to school. So, if anybody’s spanking anyone’s bare bottom in her household, he would be the one with the sore hand. That said, I agree with those who would love to reverse roles with her.

  6. juno meriweather says

    I almost hate the woman; not only for her politics but because she seems to be the very reverse of female supremacy. That said, if she had the right mindset, I could be her slave!

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