Underwear for Submissive Men

Panties, something traditional or nothing at all …

What kind of underwear to buy for a man?

State your preference:

  • Boxers
  • Briefs
  • None
  • Female Lingerie


Originally posted 2009-01-01 11:00:56.

How do you feel about it, what do you think?


  1. Maid ulla says

    Female lingerie ought to be mandatory for every submissive male to wear.
    It is easier for the male to accept his mitress total power.

  2. Maid ulla says

    Enoch, I have yet not experienced such a situation. I cannot say that I know all female dominants, but those few I know have preferred me dressed in female clothing, especially underware.

    I think the reason is that they feel in total control of a man dressed in womens clothes.

  3. says

    It seems unlikely to me that most dominant women prefer men in women’s underwear. Sounds more like a fetish that some men have, which is fine.

    I don’t know why putting my guy in women’s underwear would make me feel more control over him particularly. Control comes from the agreement and understanding between us. Or maybe his collar ;-) but that’s for another day.

  4. Topcat says

    My lady (She does not like being called a Mistress or a Dominant, she likes being called a Lady and being treated like one and I enjoy treating her like one) We have an FLR Relationship which is run on trust. She tells me I not to wear any underwear she knows I wont. She says she likes it that way because it makes me more accessible to her no matter when or where we are and she takes advantage of that fact, sometimes to my embarrassment and or Humiliation.

  5. Chris says

    I explored a site called Collarme, and “feminization” was a threat on a message board, and nearly all doms have no interest in feminine men or dressing them in feminine clothing. They are as attracted to masculine men as other women. This is a male fantasy (which I really love), but that’s all it is. The doms who did sometimes dress men up did it because the man hated it, to humiliate him, and they weren’t many. Some do exist, but they are rare.

  6. Anonymous says

    A story from a plane flight I was on this week. I was chatting with a very people person lady of an attractive and fit 60 ish. She was a retired NWA flight attendant and we chatted for hours. Every once in a while she would grip my knee and hold it firmly while looking in my eyes. During the flight she excused herself and went to the washroom. After she settled into her seat again she pushed something into my jacket pocket. “My warm moist panties, now go put them on and land in my panties for me”. I was so aroused and had to comply to her. When I returned she demanded my underware and put them in her purse. As she talked to me she rubbed and felt me up for the rest of the flight, warning me not to cum. After the plane landed she laughed and ran off…

  7. Mark says

    I’ve worn womens panties before and love it. I usully wear a variety ranging from mens thongs,mens bikini cut,and boxer briefs. Love them all.

  8. jerry conner says

    I enjoy the feeling of being submissive and hope someday to find the strong woman that I can enter into this very special kind of relationship. I’m single and don’t have the kind of wonderful relationships all of you seem to have.If anyone has advice, please send to; jerryconner2009@yahoo.com thanks

  9. jerry conner says

    My first pair of panties I wore were from a Femdom Mistress trainee who brought me a pair of hers to wear. They were not too sexy and she even said so but, I loved to wear them anyway. I do believe the more girly the better,too remind me of the fact that at heart I’m a sissy.

  10. jerry conner says

    once, I was babysitting and I decided to fold the mother of the child I was babysitting, clothes. I sorted out her panties and kept a few pair for myself. There is really something wild to know that you as a man are really wearing a woman’s panties, it reminds me so much, that no matter how hard I try to deny it, i’am a sissy that needs to feel like one.

  11. Brooke says

    For submissive men, I think the ultimate underwear choices are:
    a) Nylon panties if he is or plans to be sexually active, or,
    b) Over-sized white briefs, or over-sized white or fancy boxer shorts if he chooses not to be. They should be worn so the top extends to, or preferably above, his navel. With briefs, the garment should “hang” loose so to conceal his “bulge” easily. With boxers, they should be wide enough so the sides flap about when he walks.
    My husband wears these. To me as a woman, this look trivializes his sexuality which, in a female-led relationship, can be quite appealing.

  12. Tribal says

    I prefer to wear ladies sexy lingerie, lacy thongs, ruffled boyshorts, something I love seeing on a beautiful woman. In my head it makes me feel submissive and a reminder I am here to please. Kind of a reversal from what women must feel always having to dress in skimpy outfits etc. I know women don’t see it like that and a lot even enjoy the power it gives them over men. My GF is new to these games of sexual adventure which I have introduced her to slowly. She accepts me wearing a lacy thong and maybe a lil’ skimpy pleated mini skirt(only about 3 inches) while I rub her feet etc. She also loves having me strapped up in a Gates of Hell whenever we explore this erotic and sensual playground. I think for the most part females accept us wearing lingerie but don’t see it the same. Bare in mind I am a totally straight male, never even curious(I only state this for perspective as I am curious how many submales like this fetish who are not gay, I am not against or trying to offend, I think everyone should be free to explore their own likes, dislikes etc. as long as it is consensual when involving another),but have always had a taste for and a good eye when outfitting girlfriends in the past with sexy underthings. It has only been recently that I actually tried on any ladies sexy things which I have always loved on ladies. It was a thrill, and my ex and I had a few wild and fun times and she never made me feel wrong, and it just added another element of erotic foreplay to our very sexual relationship. Unfortunatley, that was the only thing we had going for us, everything else was such a struggle I or I guess you coudl say we had to cal it quits. It hurt me a lot and was a long tough road to get over but it takes two in a RL to make it work, you can only carry someone for so long. Anyway, there is a lil about me. Thanks for letting me express… Keep thinking good things, Tribal

  13. Mistress Amy says

    As a woman and the head of my household, I can tell you that I INSIST that my husband wear panties, bra, camisole and either stockings or pantyhose every day. He does not enjoy this but I find that a male is very obedient and compliant when wearing lingerie. There is very little “male ego” left and I continually use this to remind him of his status. When there is resistance (going to our female internist) I have done things like spraying him with perfume. I love the control! And yest, women who feminize their husbands DO exist!! Do I find my sissy in make-up and a babydoll nightie sexy- of course not! But the power rush it gives me…delicious. I will tell tell my sissy husband about the real men I would like to date (never will- I’m monogamous) while I’m doing his make-up and how I would dress him up to serve my fictitious date- it’s fun (at least for me).

    • samatha says

      I would love to be your husband, forced into the little woman role and be taken by you while wearing silk and lacey nighties. Forced to please you in any manner you chose, to be taken like a woman by my dominante wife(husband) if I had a wife like you, there woud never be an unsatisfied sexual desire for you , as long as when you came home to find me in little spring dresses with silk stockings and sexy bra and pantie set adorning my body waiting for you to take me.

  14. vill says

    I have been wearing panties,as well as having my toenails painted red on a daily basis. This keeps me in a more submissive frame of mind.Mistress likes seeing me dressed this way.and this is one of her rules for me. I adore Mistress and I do love my panties.

  15. chaste says

    Well i prefer Thongs and especially ladies thongs. Makes me feel really submissive. Boxers and briefs are really uncomfortable comparing to female lingerie and especially compared to thongs.

  16. pammy says

    my wife knows when I wear panties I am always in my subspace.I am more of a sissy than she would like, but she loves the control she has over me and likes being the King of the castle and I her Queen.

  17. Dave Down Under says

    For about 2 1/2 years when I was in my early 20’s my girlfriend and I experimented some what with power play. During one of our fun nights, as she sat upon me I took of her silk nightie and it fell down my arms. She pulled it over my head, switched my arms in the loops and twisted it so that it was the right way and we had sex while I wore it. After we finished she asked me to keep it on and we slept that way until morning. From that night on I slept every night in a silk nightie and must admit enjoyed it very much.

    From here it progressed to her painting my toe nails a baby pink colour one night while she was doing hers and from here on in eventuated as a permanent fixture.

    Again as things progressed it ended up in me wearing a pair of her silk panties during the occasional session and on some occasions she made me ware them when we went out.

    From this point on I have now always had a craving for panties. The feel of the material, the minor discomfort (as they are not made for men’s bits), the look (hell of allot more sexy looking than boxers or briefs) and the vulnerability you feel when you ware them is something you never forget and can not be replaced.

    As to whether my ex-girlfriend was a dominant person I would have to say no, infact more the opposite in that she was insecure. The power it gave her by doing what she did to me (admittedly without to much objection from me) was in knowing that I would not stray and I didn’t.

    Lastly in saying all of the above I admit it was her idea however I enjoyed every part of it. Thirteen years down the line and I still miss the fun we had and often wish I could still enjoy the freedom it brought, however, wonder where it would have ended up and whether the fantasy is better than the reality.

  18. Vincent says

    A few years ago, I met a woman on the internet. She came to my place for a few weeks. She was not officially a dominant woman although she was quite assertive in her life.

    The second time we had sex, she asked me point blank to put her pink boxer on. The sex was not kinky. She genuinely enjoyed seeing me in women underwear. She totally created that. It came out of nowhere.

    The relationship did not last, but I am convinced that in less than a year, I would have been on a strapon regiment, pantied full time, and facesitting our major form of sex.

    Natural dominant women do exist.

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