Caught Wearing Women’s Panties

Panty Boy’s Shame & Humiliation

The young man’s life changed forever on this day. He’d long had a covert passion for fondling, sniffing even wearing women’s lingerie. His conventional shame kept this pastime he most deeply buried secret.

His redheaded girlfriend was shocked. While she found him handsome he’d always seemed a pedestrian, almost boring male. Her nude girlfriend merely had ancient suspicions conformed.

After the girls’ phone camera created documentary proof of his panty fetish it was time to talk to the abashed man.

Preservation of his privacy had a cost. Submission. He would obey both women’s commands. Wait on them continually. Run errands for them. Provide them with a life of lazy ease.

And he would forever more wear only their used panties under his pants. And the skirts they would force him to wear when they were home alone.

Needless to say his former girlfriend never had sex with him again. And ruled that no other woman would as well. What female would want to humiliate herself with such a wimp.

The two women became lovers. His sex life was jealous observation of their affectionate lovemaking.

man caught wearing panties

Illustration © Alazar

Originally posted 2013-08-24 14:36:52.

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  1. Roberta says

    what do you say to a woman who has caught you in her most intimate underthings? I wonder who is more embarrassed by this scandalous situation? but a certain someone is going to ruefully regret his rude,unacceptable behavior. a sound spanking is certainly appropriate!

  2. whyguys says

    “Well, I …. er…. YES, I was opening this door and these three Women from a Roller Derby Team broke into the house collecting clothes for orphans in Monaco at knifepoint. Then after I gave them all my clothes they jabbed me in pressure points with their Roller Skate keys. Next thing I know I’m dressed like this as you came in the house to find me…… OKAY, would you believe we are out of laundry detergent and I was going to wear all these into the swimming pool to get them clean for you?”

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