Dominated By His Daughters

People sometimes leave comments on blogs that purport to be true accounts but are really just fantasies.

Not long ago one man was repeatedly leaving variants of the same submissive daydream.

The poor fellow claimed to be not only enslaved by his wife but his daughters as well.

I hope I’m a tolerant man. But the desire to have your daughter make you kiss her shoes and whip you with a belt strikes me as morbid. Especially when the person seems as desperate as this man. It is a rare instance of a submissive male fantasy that makes me feel the person needs counseling.

Do you think that I’m being unfair?

Originally posted 2007-12-17 13:52:00.

How do you feel about it, what do you think?


  1. subservire says

    I agree. There seem to be a lot of blogs which are more fantasy than reality. I’ve often come across people who leave comments on blogs – generally anonymous – which are quite out there. On the other hand, while they are probably untrue, some of them provide good fantasy material for me and likeminded subs. So they do serve a purpose.

  2. roo-roo says

    Even though it’s not directly sexual, it still strikes me as incest.

    Being teamed up on by a mother and daughter(s) is a hot idea to me, but not one’s *own* daughter.

  3. nathanyl says

    I agree, in fantasy maybe its ok. To me though I’ve never been into mixing family with pleasure as such. It’s just odd to me. I have read plenty of posts about BDSM/Femdom and CFNM in family settings, just not my thing. If any of it is true I agree that it would have to be classed as incest as even if no sexual intercourse is taking place BDSM is still a sexual act.

  4. Chris says

    This is fantasy stuff. However, I see nothing wrong with a FLR, where the daughter needs her hair done, and the mother tells the father to do her hair, and simply tells her daughter that her father’s job is to do her hair when it needs to be done, instead of the mother’s job, so to just ask her father to fix her hair all the time, when the daughter can’t do it herself.

    I don’t see anything wrong with that, nor with a mother telling the daughter that it’s the father’s job to cook, so if the daughter wants something to eat, to ask her father to fix it, if it’s not something the daughter can do for herself.

    It’s up to the parents to decide their own family roles, irrespective of gender.In a FLR, it’s up to the wife to apportion these roles.

    • bootlicker says

      In our society (like it or not), the father has a certain sort of relationship to his children (Tim Russert’s “Wisdom of Our Fathers” details this beautifully). Chris’s response here suggests the kind of thing that can be done to begin training daughters to accept dominance as their natural right: nothing overtly sexual (stay away from that jail-trap!) but just part of life. Dad fixes your bike, dear, and repairs your dolls; he also does your hair for you, shines your shoes every day, and buys you presents. That will do fine until the girls have matured to perhaps 16 or 18 and become women.

      Somewhere in there, they can be exposed to the sight of their fathers submitting to their mothers — innocently at first, again without sexual overtones. When mother-daughter conversations reveal the wisdom of moving further, Mother will know when and how to proceed; She can introduce rituals of dominance and submission, eventually revealing Female-Led punishments. At some point, it will become appropriate for the daughters to participate directly (Wise Mother will know when). After They have watched father kissing Mother’s feet, accepting a caning with submissive gratitude, They will be ready to take the whip Themselves and graciously accept the appreciation due Them.

      If there are boys in the family, a similar sort of graduated program will groom them for a life of accepting their place at the feet of their Mather, their Sisters, and in due course, other Dominant Women.

      The key to all this is gradually acclimating the
      participants so that there will be no embarrassment or confusion for anyone involved, including school friends and acquaintances. As more families follow this path and pass it along to future generations, the eventual peace of the Goddess will seep into our racial consciousness and all humans will be better for it.

  5. Ardor says

    I would have to agree with you. To actually have that kind of realationship with your own children would be harmful to everyone involved. Fantacy is one thing, although, honestly I wonder how healthy it is to even fantasize about it, but as long as you can TRUELY keep it inside your own head… In real life it’s a form of child abuse even if you’re the one being physically abused.

    Funny that someone mentioned CFNM. I did just come up with a story idea that would involve a small scene where an adult nude male would be exposed to his mother. However this would be a very non sexual scene and more about vulnerability and humiliation rather then sex.

    CFNM does usually have elements of humiliation to it. Although it is very subtle and not nearly as female dominate as BDSM. A good CFNM scene usually has the women in charge but not really dominant.

  6. Michele Foley says

    Even though it’s not directly sexual, it still strikes me as incest. Being teamed up on by a mother and daughter(s) is a hot idea to me, but not one’s *own* daughter.

  7. says

    Yes you are right. The man in question needs help as this is simply unhealthy. For himself mostly if it is a fantasy (which I hope it is) but if it is even remotely real it is also very damaging to his children

  8. says

    Although I understand the sensitivity of the situation, for me the reality is this. Son’s and daughters rebel, push limits, and learn things we try to hide. Creating a false relationship with the wife to make it ‘appear’ standard, is showing your children that is the accepted standard. Hiding my submission to my wife, would I also tell my children not to tell their friend and teachers whatever that accidently happened upon? When a friend finds out, then this all goes to ????.

    Parenting around alternative lifestyle is only awkward if we think the alternative is abnormal. Submitting to my wife is obvious, to friends, family etc, and though we don’t parade our sexual exploits out, we don’t hide our desires from each others friends, should we hide it from or children?

    My concern about this line of upset I’ve read is this, daughters test their limits, do I tell her it’s not ok to be dominant? I know she wont have dominion over me as my wife has, but when she tests her strengths and ideas, do you really want me to tell her thats wrong to do? Again, I feel if we are open about who we are, she should be comfortable demanding things from me like her mother does. There’s always a line not to cross, but I think letting her aware of her options includes some submission on my part.

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