Female-Led-Husband Spanking

F/m spanking comment left on one of my other sites:

Female Led Husband Spanking

Shelly: My wife’s the “take charge” type and I soon found out;after we were married, just what that really means!? After we had reurned from the beach,Anne informed me that she didn’t appreciate how I starred at all the female bodies. I replied that with all the jiggling & bouncing these nearly naked girls did, how could I not stare? Annie said I needed a lesson in showing women the proper respect and she was just the person to give me one!

Anyway after being reminded that I would be wise to obey my wife; if I expected to continue to enjoy her considerable charms, she said a good,sound spanking was in order! My trunks came down & off, I was turned over her waiting knees and she picked up a solid,wooden hairbrush and began to paddle my bare-ass!

That terrible brush did its duty well; in Anne’s talented hands and I begged her to stop & swore that I would never let my eyes wander again- to no avail!

Annie put that brush to my blistered buttocks until I was crying like a little boy.

But still the spanking went on; my wife said that she intended to teach me a lesson that I wouldn’t soon forget- and believe me- I didn’t!

That started our life of Annie being in charge of my discipline and she doesn’t shy away from her duty. I am well-spanked with that dreaded brush whenever she thinks that I need it and afterwards I must apologize for my misbehavior and thank her for paddling me good!

Woman Spanks Her Husband- for Fun

We are closer than ever, loving each other deeply and I know that spanking me turns her on and amuses her;as well?

I now am a much more considerate and respectful husband,thanks to Annie’s T.L.C.(although the only thing that is “tender” is my burning asscheeks) I do my best to keep these sessions to a minimum.

The idea of spousal spanking turns me on,too; but the sting of that brush is another matter, I’m not exactly cheering her on when my wife is reddening my ass good, over her knees!

Originally posted 2010-04-13 14:48:25.

How do you feel about it, what do you think?


  1. azjj says

    The idea of my wife spanking me has turned me on for a long time. One time I asked her for a spanking. She put me over her lap and spanked me with a brush. At first I was very erect, and the feeling of being so close to her thighs was erotic. As the spanking got harder I lost whatever sexual excitement there was. All I could think about was how my ass was burning, and how silly I would look if somebody saw this happening. Soon I was pleading with her to stop but she enjoyed it so much she told me that the spanking will end when she feels I have had enough.

    I am shocked a wife can be so cruel. Now I feel in conflict because I am craving it again, but I know I will dread it if it happens.

  2. tessa says

    I can relate to both stories, my Mistress Wife was fantastic She took to FLR
    like a fish takes to water, She was a natrural. It took Her some twenty years to put a foot down and demand my submission her favorite tool was the cane and next was this thick heavy strap. I became the best
    house husband, the best love slave, the best toilet slave. She cannot be the Mistress anymore because She is bed ridden a/c of a car accident.

  3. susan9316 says

    i believe that female spanking of the husband is an important way to establish her supremacy at the core of the relationship. It does not have to be all the time but it should be accepted without question by the male as her right. As a feminized husband i naturally accept her authority. It is erotic for the submissive male to desire and experience but the spanking should be severe enough so that it truly moves beyond his sexual wants and establishes the fact of his submission. The male needs to know that she is in control of the spanking, not him. And he must learn to be both grateful for it to start and grateful when it stops. Kissing her feet at that point is both natural and appropriate. The pain will persist for awhile, along with the knowledge that the spanking was real. Soon enough he will be both apprehensive of and excited by thoughts of when the next spanking might occur. Meantime the essential truth of what has transpired will be ingrained and progressively appreciated.

  4. allan says

    I agree woth susan9316. My Mistress and I were legally married in a civil ceremony. Our actual wedding took place in Mistress Honey’s Le Scene Female Domination Club. For this ceremony I wore a garter belt, nylons, high heels, and a wedding dress. Mistress Honey officiated. Instead of a wedding ring, I was locked in chastity. When we were pronounced Woman and wife, the usual “You may kiss your bride” was replaced with “You may spank your bride. Later my Mistress strapped on a dildo and consumated our marriage in public.

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