Female Sadists

Pushing aside lofty talk and pompous sentiments: there are women who enjoy hurting men.

They like to give pain to men who want pain. Even if they enjoy giving the man pain he cannot (at the time) take pleasure in.

Do you relish women who are sadists? Does their consensual cruelty excite you? Keep you awake at night with a lust for torment?

Or do you find consensual sadomasochism distasteful?

Originally posted 2008-03-10 16:00:31.

How do you feel about it, what do you think?


  1. says

    Relish is putting it lightly.

    I know I’m a masochist. It would certainly be easier if I wasn’t. Many would be open to someone who wasn’t. At the same time I can’t imagine being with someone who would just beat me for me and not because it pleased her.
    Tricky situation.

  2. roo-roo says

    Yum. I adore the look in a woman’s eyes as she inflicts pain………..that predatory smile, that fire. Just plain sexylicious.

  3. says

    Yay sadism :-)

    There’s no obvious opening for me to respond here – you addressed this post to men – but, despite how it’s obviously wrong and stuff, I do love being a sadist. It’s a real high.

  4. ron says

    I know and have only known only one woman, who us her friends, always described as dark because she is pretty well open about how she enjoyed making people suffer at her hands. This is both sexual and non sexual, she says.

    As a submissive male I always find her totally fascinating and inordinately attractive. Unfortunately she is my wife’s best friend therefore there is no opportunity for me to taste her personality.

    I also get a morbid fascination when I read or hear of a woman who’s sadistic behaviour gets them into the headlines. So my answer to your question is an unequivocal “yes, I am excited by sadistic women”.

  5. Linda says

    When I plan to hurt a guy I get butterflies in my belly and my cunt wets up instantly. And I mean properly hurt him, see his face crease with pain and his eyes get scared. I’m always “nice ” to him, little kisses and strokes, sympathising with the pain even though its me thats causing it.
    O poor boy, Oh dear! Look! I’m going to do it it again; whats that”please Miss”? dont worry, there’s plenty more for you.
    I like to be in close and demand eye contact; I never feel so close to them as when I’m doing it.
    A cigarette is a favourite, as it brushes his fat swolen nipples or kisses his cringing cock; little kiss after little kiss. But its natural to want to go further so sometimes I have him get the candle from the cupboard. Now he has to prove it to me, prove his devotion and stick his cock into the yellow flickering flame; Oh really thats not so hard, come on, be a man for heavens sake, thats it! – No, again, again, DONT be such a babY!! Its making me cross; anybody would think I was cutting it off, its just a little heat, go on, again!
    O my goodness what a state he’s in now, shaking his head and crying like a child, He;s such a weak and foolish boy I’ll have to hold him tight, Ah! now its getting warm, come on more, more!! dear O dear, what a fuss over a couple of blisters – hand me my table tennis bat and maybe a few smart smacks will numb the burning pain? No? O well I’m trying.

    Even better is when I text him during the day to let him know I’m in the mood for it so will he buy a lighter on his way home.? And he does of course, already near tears as I flick it on and off; “nips or willy? you decide”; but he doesnt or he cant so Hey Ho, looks like both! The flesh of even a devoted boy is sometimes weak; not feeling so good? not really up to it? Never mind lets tie your wrists to your throat and stuff the sheet in your mouth and Oh where did I put it? Ah! there it is, not lost at all; that bright red plastic lighter. Good Lord, no wonder your nipples are so big, so pink, so so sore and OK if you’re going to wriggle like that, well see how you like it when I hold you to it with all my stength and watch the flame lick those riduclous nipples that are bigger than most girls.
    My knee grinds into the groin and with my arm across his throat his face is darkening and I stare deep into his eyes and Yes he knowswhat I mean. And afterwards his licks and kisses me, telling me how he worships me and I tell him what that could mean. Its a divine moment because we both understand and mean it. I have total control over him, all the way.

    Sadism as I understand it is the pleasure of inflicting pain and if thats the case then I;m one for sure. And its great! Just ask Bob

    • Sky.j says

      Linda, Linda, Linda, Linda, want to feel close to YOU. It’s great to think of butterflies in YOUR stomach and YOUR Cunt becoming wet, as YOU punish! Thanks!

  6. femsup says

    So very erotic Linda with your torments adn taunts to take what he is obviously very scared to take.Yes blisters do heal so he should not really make such a fuss.

  7. Frank A says

    This is a topic I wish to see further explored. I’m always afraid that a female sadist will lose control of herself. Others must be too. What about the sadists themselves, aren’t they afraid of losing control and doing permanent damage, if only for the legal consequences. I’d like to read some discussion. One of my fantasies is to have a domme really lose .it on my slaveballs and then feel guily about it. I’ll bet this is common.

  8. Jake Golden says

    I have been with two female sadists, the first one I contacted from a flyer in a BART Station, I contacted her, made an appointment and ended up getting tightly tied and my ass whipped till I was begging and crying. The second lady I had a long term relationship with and she had complete control over me, this lady had various forms of punishment for almost anything. She would give me a huge enema, stick a butt plug up my ass and whip my ass as I was made to dance. After an extended period and much begging she would finally let me relieve myself.

  9. dawgster says

    I do find the genuinely sadistic woman both fascinating and a bit rare. I have both sadistic and masochistic tendencies. I am in a long term relationship (married 23 years) and we have always been a ‘switch’ couple, although admittedly till recently I have usually been the dom and she the sub. We are trying to explore her dominant side more as of late, and it does seem to be a bit more of a challenge for her than it is to me. Still, she does seem to be acquiring more of a taste for it…..

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