Husband Leaves Wife, Becomes Slave

If you have a vanilla, kinkless marriage or relationship would you leave your girlfriend or wife for a woman who could offer you this?

By day Mistress Louise – who whips men for £100 an hour – has him scrubbing the floors, slaving away at a hot stove and tirelessly doing all her laundry, while by night he’s fed Cornish pasties from a dog bowl, sleeps in a 4ft-wide cage and endures 100 lashes… just to keep him in check.

I divorced my wife to become a sex slave

Originally posted 2009-01-24 11:11:25.

How do you feel about it, what do you think?


  1. bootlicker says

    In the full article, published in 2009,

    They hope to conduct the marriage ceremony in full fetish gear, surrounded by friends from the S&M scene – and with George being ushered in on a dog lead.

    Has there been any follow-up to this idyllic and exciting development? Did they get married, and what is life like now? Any photos?? George sounds like he may be the luckiest man in all Wales!

  2. says

    I tend to be very skeptical about stories like this; just like all the female superiority fantasies you can find online, I highly doubt that it is an accurate description of reality.

    That said, as for your question – I’m not into 24/7 bdsm, and I hardly think it works out the way the erotic fantasy scenarios would suggest; imagining that it were indeed my kink I guess the answer depends on how much I love said wife.

    I have always been of the conviction that kink should never trump love. There’s sooo much more going on in a healthy relationship than what happens under the sheets. So, if we’re not totally incompatible (which, of course, does happen and is a good enough reason for breaking up), I’d try to make the relationship work, rather than jump at the chance of some kinky sex at the cost of said relationship.

  3. Andrew Cole says

    My wife is dominant and that is how we met, so I wouldn’t leave her, but I don’t think I would leave a vanilla woman either. If you can’t handle the commitment, then don’t get married. If you really think women are something special, why put your wife through that? Just because you aren’t getting what you want.

    I think it’s ok to make it clear that you want to see a professional on occasion to get it out of your system, and that if she can’t accept that then maybe they should agree to separate, but cheating on her behind her back is just wrong.

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