Male Slave Names

By Herbootlicker

One approach could be to form a name as a pun: if the sub’s name is Doug, then his pet name is “dog” or if his name is Warren,” he becomes “worm.”

If Mistress knows a nickname that Her sub simply hates, then that’s the name to use — of course!

Addressing him by that name becomes a cue to drop instantly into sub-space, or at least to “assume the position” and be ready to perform as Her slave. The real advantage of this is that it gives Mistress — and only Her — the option to initiate slave-play. If he wants to but She does not, too bad. There is no way for him to initiate, and that’s part of his humiliation, his training, his submission.

In fact, She may decide that if he makes himself obnoxious about hinting when She’s not in the mood, he will simply undergo a severe punishment the next She does decide to play. And Goddess help the guy if his response to Her cue is to say he’s not in the mood or has a headache: you don’t want to know what that little moment of disobedience will cost him!

In response to Nickname? Pet Name?.

Originally posted 2009-11-08 10:40:16.

How do you feel about it, what do you think?


    • bootlicker says

      Sorry it’s late, Mistress Rose, but You might refer to my humble post about alternative slave names to evoke different personalities, and some ideas. If Steve has (or You want him to have) a girly-frilly persona, then “eve” is the obvious choice. On the other hand, “slave reeve” could indicate a Superman-type individual, with all his mighty power submissive to Your will.
      Have You explored with Steve what names he really *hates*? Or perhaps You, Yourself, have a memory of a particularly rotten guy You once knew — some jerk You despise to this day. Give that name to Your slave and Steve will never know why You whip him with such angry fervor when he is ordered to the role of Your slave with that handle (don’t explain it to Steve, either!).
      This worthless bootlicker wishes You well in Your D/s life with Steve or whomever You choose to honour with the privilege of servitude to the divine Mistress Rose…………

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